Best of Rovinj – The Jewel of Istria


Rovinj located on the west coast of Istria is a remarkable and delightful city of Croatia. The most romantic and the picture-perfect city is built on the island that makes this place dreamy and classy.

Through this article we have managed to bring forward the complete guide to visit this place, we have bought forward all the best things that you can do at this site. Rovinj, Croatia is an astonishing place that has managed to keep its phenomenal traditions alive while blending into modern society. 

With the sweet climate, sparkling water of the sea, shiny and warm sun, and romance in the air, this place is perfect to fall in love. So, plan your getaway for this upcoming holiday and get your flight’s booking done through delta airlines official site and get an instant booking to Roving, Croatia at very affordable rates. book now and start exploring the best of Rovinj.

How do you get to Rovinj?

The stunning city of Rovinj Croatia is located on a fishing island. The city is amazingly beautiful from all perspectives. Decorated with 22 islands and islets, lifted by the warm and soothing climate, ornamented by eye-catchy parks, beautifying streets, friendly locals, and varied town events this place is bliss. To reach here from any part of Europe is absolute ease. Rovinj is served by Pula airport and the ferries from the North Adriatic, this place is welcoming the travellers from the globe.

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What can you do in Rovinj?

The beautifying sea and the crystal-clear sky with the incredible romantic breeze blowing through the city, the place is a dreamland. With so many things to explore and startling locations, Rovinj Croatia is just a perfect destination. The best places to visit are:

  • Go for a stroll around the harbor

  • Explore the old town

  • Buy something from a farmers’ market

  • Visit the St. Euphemia Church and adore its bell tower

  • Dine at the waterfront

  • Meet the aqua life at Rovinj Aquarium

  • Go for cycling around

  • Know more at the awe-interesting museum

  • Take a bite of lip-smacking ice-cream

  • Go to the Rovinj beach

Where to stay in Rovinj?

From luxurious to budget-friendly, the sparkling city of Rovinj Croatia is ready to amaze you with so many hotels. The comfortable and friendly stay blended with the mouth-watering seafood servings will make your time memorable and jawdropping. Some of the best and friendly hotels that will make your stay happening and comfortable at Rovinj are:

  • Hotel Monte Mulini: The 5 Star Boutique Hotel that combines natural beauty and elegant design, offering modern amenities, this hotel is perfect to book the luxurious stay.

  • Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico Hotel: With the luxurious stay and the amazing view of the sunset from the window, this hotel is a mid-budget hotel that serves the lip-smacking food. 

  • La Fondiaria: A 6-minute walk of Sveti Andrija Beach and an amazing terrace view, this luxurious accommodation is classic and astonishing.

  • Hotel Grand Park: The most luxurious hotel with the amazing cascading structure that blends with nature perfectly creating the environment of perfect stay with delicious food, this is awe-interesting.

  • Apartments Knezovic: The self-catered apartments with free WiFi on the vivid Carera Street lined with shops, bars, and restaurants and that too 5-minute walk away makes this place fun to stay.

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What is the best time to travel to Rovinj?

With the cool and dry during the summer months from June through September, the place turns to be absolute bliss. With the wind blowing swiftly and the ferry ride in the calm sea during the period will make you go crazy. The beauty spread across the city of Rovinj will make you speechless.

What is Rovinj famous for?

The breathtaking city of Rovinj is the land of fishermen, farmers, artisans, merchants, and sailors. With such a remarkable base of people and a friendly atmosphere, the city of Rovinj Croatia is a hotspot for tourism. With so much history of Romans, the ones that occupied the city in the past, and the glorious harbor, this place is a true epitome of beauty.

Last words

The dreamland near the calming blue sea and the romantic climate makes the city of Rovinj a place to fall in love. So book your delta airlines reservations to Rovinj now and get all the itinerary to the romantic city of Rovinj Croatia today!


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