Paid Social Media Platform Which Directly Boosts Your Website Traffic


Paid Social Media Platform Which Directly Boosts Your Website Traffic
Paid Social Media Platform Which Directly Boosts Your Website Traffic

Nowadays, social media marketing
has become a boon for marketers. It helps them find new consumers, engage with
the target audience, and also spread brand awareness. Many brands create
authentic and genuine content and post it on social media platforms to attract
their target market. Though you create more interactive content, there are many
chances that it may not reach the right target audience. It is due to the
continually changing algorithm of social media platforms. Unfortunately, the
organic posts that you create may not reach your target audience. It is why
many brands lack engagement even after creating more interactive and authentic

Are you worried since your
creativity is not paying off on social media platforms? Don’t worry! Have you
heard of paid social media? These days, it is one of the best techniques that
helps the brands in maximizing their visibility. In today’s social media world,
everything has become a pay-to-play game. No matter what type of content you
create, you can skyrocket success on social media only if you leverage paid
advertising or targeting techniques. Paid social media helps you reach your
audience, whom you may not be able to reach organically. You can also leverage
various services at Trollishly to enhance
your visibility in an instant

Some brands are still utilizing
traditional marketing techniques to reach their audience. To help them out, we
have highlighted some of the statistics that help the brands make a wiser
decision. The below statistics show how it is essential for the brands to make
an online presence to stay ahead of the competitors. Here let’s take a look at
some of the statistics on why we need to leverage social media platforms.

  • According to a survey, only 20%
    of followers get to know what you post due to the changing algorithm of social
    media platforms.
  • By a study, 70% of users expect
    brands to maintain their social media presence.
  • According to research conducted,
    93% of pinners use Pinterest to decide for their future purchase.
  • By another study, 74% of users on
    Twitter follow small businesses to get product updates.

Though you have a social media
profile, it is essential to have an active online presence to advance your
website traffic. For that, you will need to leverage paid social media. In this
article, let’s check out the various paid media platforms that boost your
website traffic.

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1. Facebook

Facebook is the social media
platform that has a substantial engaging audience. According to a study, 70
million companies leverage Facebook. This stat shows how the platform is
proving as the best source for the company to generate high-quality leads.
However, though you create authentically, your post reaches only 12% of the
followers. It is because of the changing algorithm of the Facebook platform. On
leveraging Facebook paid ads, you can reach new audiences. It also provides you
with targeting features that help you in targeting specific niche audiences. By
a study, 93% percent of marketers leverage Facebook ads consistently. It shows
how the paid ads on the Facebook platform is vital for brands to enhance their
online presence. There are different ad types, and some of them may include a
carousel, slideshow, video, image, and GIF. You can also leverage boost posts
features on Facebook to advance your content’s visibility among the target
market. It also helps you increase your engagement and boosts
your business revenue

2. Instagram

Currently, Instagram is becoming
more popular among Millennials. It is becoming a popular tool for B2C leads.
The ads on the Instagram platform blend in the user feed. This platform is an
excellent place for increasing brand awareness, enhancing interaction, and
driving website traffic. Facebook Ads Manager takes care of Instagram
advertising. These ads have minor differences as that of Facebook ads. There
are various types of ads, and some of them include photos, carousels, videos,
and stories. Similar to Facebook, you can also boost your content that is
active on the Instagram page. In doing so, you can increase your content’s
reach among the target market.

3. Twitter

If you want to connect your
audience with announcements or essential information, then Twitter is the go-to
platform. According to a survey, most Twitter users are under the age of 50.
The how-to articles, quotations, and textual content work well on the platform.
In Twitter, the advertising techniques for connecting your audience. You can
also embed your website’s link to drive more traffic. It is an excellent
platform for engaging with your consumers. Media, marketing industries, and
entertainment-related brands leverage Twitter. There are various ad types on
the Twitter platform, and some of them include Promoted tweets, accounts, and
trends. You can enhance your business’s reach on leveraging the Twitter

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4. Youtube

YouTube is a well-known platform
for video-sharing. If you are leveraging paid media on the YouTube platform,
you can target B2B and B2C companies. The YouTube ads help you in increasing
your product sales and conversion rate. If your brand is excellent at video
marketing, then YouTube is a great place to advertise. There are many ads on
YouTube, and some of them may include Skippable ads, In-stream ads, Unskippable
ads, and Discovery ads. Through these ads, you can boost new audiences and
encourage them to take action.

5. Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most significant
platform that is suitable for professionals. It is a platform that is ideal for
B2B businesses. On leveraging LinkedIn, you can target qualified professionals.
According to a study, the best platform for B2B lead generation is Twitter. On
utilizing Twitter paid media, you can gain more qualified leads. There are
various types of ads, and some of them may include text, dynamic ads, and
sponsored content. By another survey, Twitter brings in 64% of clicks and
engagement rates to websites.

Bottom Line

Paid media is a powerful tool for
driving traffic to your website. If you leverage the platforms in the right
way, you can accelerate your business growth and ROI. But, you will need to
make sure to pick the right platform and target the right audience. It is
essential to choose the right paid social media platform. If not, you may end
up losing your brand’s reputation among your target market. We hope you got an
idea of some of the paid social media platforms for advertising your business.

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