Best Bay Window Treatments for a Contemporary Look


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Bay window treatments are particularly unique and different than most other styles of window treatments. This big difference in design largely has to do with window designs and styles themselves. Bay windows are known to have multiple panels where all other window styles have single or dual panels at most. Then there is the actual size and dimensions concern with bay window treatments too.

Bay windows are naturally used in large rooms where wall sizes support their different panels. Some rooms will have 3 panels and others can also go up to 4 or even 5 panels in some cases. The sheer size of bay windows and the rooms they are used in calls for suitable window treatments. Window coverings that might work on smaller window sets will not always look best as large bay window treatments. 

Cellular Shades for Bay Window Treatments

Cellular shades are some of the best window treatments on all windows. Their fitments and finishes for bay window treatments look particularly good. Also, their functionality suits bay window styles perfectly as well. These perfect bay window treatments can be in a blackout or light filtering styles as required.

Also, since bay windows are usually very shallow in their depth, cellular shades suit perfectly as well. The head-rail depth for cellular shades is usually about 1 7/8” with single-cell fabrics. These can be made thicker where window depths are more.

You can have them covering your bay windows perfectly at any time of the day or night. Their easy sliding mechanisms suit bay window treatments styles great as well. The accordion-pleated fabric only takes a few inches when folded making cellular shades essentially disappear when fully raised. 

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Filtered daylight is available for living room bay windows too. Cellular shades are also known for their great insulating capability. These can also be made from recycled plastic bottles making them particularly eco-friendly as well.

Wooden Window Blinds for Bay Window Treatments

When you have shallow bay windows, 1” wood blinds can be the perfect bay window treatments ideas. Wooden window blinds are available in many different colours, designs and finishes. These can be the perfect bay window treatments when done right.

Since they are fitted inside window frames, they can be the perfect blackout blinds for bay windows as well. When needed, you can easily turn their slats on angles keeping privacy and letting in daylight as well. Real wood feels with large window blinds types is the perfect combination for any modern home.

Also, you can get wood blinds for bay windows in any wooden color and finish option. These are also available in plain color finishes such as white as well. Create a contemporary look with these styles of bay window treatments and get a natural look for your home.

Roman Shades for Bay Windows

Roman shades are typically made from thick fabric materials. This makes their head-rails are typically thin that doesn’t need much space to fit. Roman shades are thus very easily fitted on shallow bay windows. When you consider their availability in any required designs, they become even more perfect.

Also, Roman shades for bay window treatments are perfect for giving windows beautiful textures. They will also not leave many light gaps in your bay windows making them great for blackout blinds. Materials for these Roman shades can be made thicker or thinner on preference.

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They are also one of the easiest bay window treatments when it comes to installation processes. Folding up section by section on windows, they create a unique look as well. Roman shades might have originated millennia ago but can still look very modern and contemporary when done right.

Faux Wood Blinds for Bay Window Treatments

Looking for a real wood look and feel while having to spend much less than what wooden window blinds cost? Roller window blinds are always an option for any kinds of windows but faux wood window treatments look much better on bay windows.

These will provide the look and feel of real wood while costing much less. At their core, faux window blinds are made from composite materials that are polished to look like real woods. You can get faux wood blinds in any wooden patterns and colors.

These bay window treatments are cost savers and perfect lookers at the same time. You can do much more with these in terms of design and finish. Even repairing any broken or damaged slats is an option when you have the right replacements. 

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood materials are unique and beautifully presented. These will provide a great mix of Roman shades styles with a variety of textured grass weaves or wood reed styles. Since they are manufactured from scratch, you can do many things when it comes to textures, colors and designs.

For bay window treatments, woven wood shades can be a perfect option. They typically fold slat by slat having larger slats than many windows blinds options. They also don’t leave many light gaps and can be great for blackout living rooms as well on bay windows.

Bay window treatments with woven wood shades are easy to maintain as well. You will find these easy to clean and maintain on the largest of bay windows. Have them in separated bay window treatments styles or joined together covering options, they will look great anytime.


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