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Here is the Best Employee Benefits Management Software for Small Businesses

 If you are not familiar with some of the best software available in the market, understanding and managing the employees’ records can be challenging. There are numerous benefit management software available in the market, but at the same time, you need to be concerned about if it complies with the federal regulations or not. 


 Let’s dig in more and learn about employee benefits management software. 

 These software is made to automate most of the HRs work processes. It may include – keeping a detailed record of employees’ details, work processes, performance, personal details, medical insurance, joining date, leave account, promotion, etc.

 Many organizations in the current time rely on such software and use them to decide the employees’ increment or demotion. 

 Another the best factor about an employee benefits management software is it can be used standalone or can be integrated with any other third-party software to expand its service range. 

 Some of the best employee benefits management software – 


     Ease – If you want a static HR management software with some improved features, then go for Ease. It is a robust software that offers you the liberty to add on different features like PTO management at an additional cost. You may need to pay $ 2 to $4 a month to unlock an upgraded feature. 


       GoCo – This software is made for the smart entrepreneurs and businesses which prefer to use software to synchronize the workflow between teams, keep a check on the task progress, and employees’ involvement in the tasks. GoCo charges $5 per employee per month, and you can add as many as employees in the software for record-keeping purposes. 



       Employee Navigator – This software does not come with any additional costs, and here the broker is supposed to pay on the company’s behalf. If you are looking forward to having access to all the features of Employee Navigator, then we recommend going for the Elite package. 


       Bernie Portal – You can refer it to as the advanced blend of Employee Navigator and Ease. One of the best factors about Bernie Portal is you can get easy feature add-ons for – attendance, PTO tracking, time, employees’ work progress, etc. Here, you need to pay $5 per employee every month. 

 Payroll Integration Charges – 

All these four-employee benefit management software are open to integrating with payroll software to simplify the process for you, as an HR of the company. Where Ease can be integrated with the heartland, ADP, or Paylocity easily, on the other hand, Employee Navigator accepts third-party integration of software like – Kronos, ADP, Benefitmall, Paylocity, and much more. 

 The bottom line – 

It is a must that you adopt an employee benefits management software to let your business work in the right place. There are different factors and features to look for in an employee benefits management software. This can help you automate your work processes while encouraging 100% transparency in the organization. When going for such software, make sure you consult an expert, evaluate your business requirements, and then look for suitable software. 



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