How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML And CSS


How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML And CSS
How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML And CSS

Coding is the most used word in
our society. It is very popular with many young people and they are eager to
learn web design. So a new programmer will often ask where to start and how
long it takes to learn?

Most of the programmers suggest
starting learning HTML then CSS. These two are basic and very easy codes to
learn for a beginner. Here I will try to give a small brief about HTML and CSS and
how long it takes to learn.

What HTML And CSS Describe?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup
Language. It is a standard language for web pages. It helps to build headings,
paragraphs, links, and blockquotes for web pages and applications.

It is not a programming language.
For that reason, it is not able to make any dynamic functionality. It helps
users make structure and format documents similar to Microsoft word. HTML elements
are represented by <> tags.

It is not that complex to learn
HTML. Anyone can start and learn this language. You just have to practice its
tags and attributes daily.

As you started HTML, your next
destination should be CSS. Because HTML is used for structure and CSS is used
for design mostly to present beautifully. CSS stands for cascading style
sheets. It helps how HTML code would be displayed.

CSS helps to give the light and
inner feel on your website. Its layout helps control the whole website like the
color, background, space between paragraphs, and its layout. Moreover, it also
helps to control the display variations of how it looks on different devices.

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CSS works combinedly with markup
languages and like HTML, it is also very easy to use and learn. You just have
to learn the use of its selectors and declarations.

How Long It Takes To Learn

We already know how important it
is to learn HTML and CSS and Why we learn these languages. Here the
is the ultimate solution for your website. This lets you know the exact time to
understand codes.

Many web developers insist that
it will not take one month to learn HTML and CSS. But knowing the basics will
take only a week or two. Most of them emphasize practicing a lot and notably
2-4 hours daily.

Learning any coding language is a
daunting task, and for that, most expert advice is to write their own code. As
a human, we all know better if we practice and do it yourself. It is so
important to put your new skills into practice.

Learning HTML is an ongoing
process, but you will learn workable knowledge within one to two weeks if you
follow and practice. So practice will determine the time to learn HTML.

Before starting CSS, again, most
of the expert-recommended acquiring proper HTML knowledge. HTML can help you to
get a feel for basic syntax, which will come in handy when learning CSS.Css is
a bit complex compared to HTML, but it will not take a month to know if you
practice and have good depth in HTML.


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