Online dance classes how to learn to dance for free


 Do you love to dance, but would you like to progress to develop your skills as a dancer?

Obviously, the best solution is still to walk through the doors of a dance academy or take private lessons.

It is not always easy to have the budget and the time necessary to dedicate it to your passion for dance: Cuban

salsa, rock, mambo, bachata, waltz, Argentine tango…

How to learn to dance for free?

Where can tips, tricks, and choreography be done on the Internet?

We analyze here the situations that are offered to you related to learning to dance on your own or the options regarding free dance classes.

Online dance classes: learn to dance by yourself

Whatever the type of dance and the way you are going to learn, it is important to practice regularly in order to progress quickly. 

Start by asking yourself:

• When do you have time to dedicate to dance? (At night, on weekends, during the day …),

• How often would you like to plan your dance classes?

You will have to figure it out on your own to learn to dance on your own. In the same way, think about preparing a space large enough to move freely.

In the living room of your house? In your office?

Do not forget to take into account the material you need:

Sound equipment and screen to view online dance classes,

Mirror to be able to observe the movements,

Camera to record you,

If you are interested in the subject, learn more about the benefits of learning to dance.

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Finally, before launching into the search for online dance classes, you will need to answer another essential question: what type of dance do you want to learn? For more information visit online dance classes.

• Do you like music and dance moves?

Rock, salsa, Zumba, African dance, country, hip-hop, acrobatic dance…

• Do you prefer to learn a more sensual type of dance?

Oriental dance, Argentine tango, belly dance, Latin and tropical dances, zouk…

• And for the most classic…

Classical dance, modern dance, contemporary dance, waltz, flamenco, tap, Charleston… The possibilities are endless. You will have to decide on one or more of them!

Ask yourself what style of music suits you the most. Some types of dance are more difficult to learn as a beginner. If your goal is to learn to dance quickly, you will have to choose a suitable style for any level.

If what you want is to learn to dance as a couple to be able to open the dance during your wedding celebration or simply to enjoy together, then you will have to agree with your future dance partner.

Online dance classes: contemporary dance, easy folk dances,

If you want to go further or learn to dance in a different way, you can also consult the specialized Internet pages.


This page dedicated to online dance also offers multiple resources to learn to dance by yourself at home and for free. Videos, tricks, tips, classes … You will have all the necessary resources to learn to dance online.

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You can choose the material according to the style, for example, if you write jazz dance, a list with 24 available videos and a brief description of each one of them will appear so that you can orient yourself before starting.

Oriental Dance online

This free site is dedicated to those who are passionate about oriental dance and specifically belly dance.

Register for free and so you can have access to the material on the website, videos, and tutorials that will help you better understand the movements so characteristic of this dance style. From beginner to advanced level. In addition, if your passion could turn you into your profession, the page provides you with Online Professional Training.

This list is not exhaustive. It just shows that depending on the style of dance you want to learn, you can find specialized sites without any problem.

Searching the Internet, you will find more pages to learn to dance online, depending on your priorities and your style.


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