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Why Integrate Voice Technology Into Your Home

Why Integrate Voice Technology Into Your Home
Why Integrate Voice Technology Into Your Home

The smart home market has expanded its reach in recent years, In 2018 alone, over 34 million households across the globe have already adopted one or two smart home devices inside their properties.

As the smart home technology continues to develop, homeowners are becoming more into "integrating" compatible devices. Based on data, homebuilders are further embracing it to establish a firm foundation when it comes to smart home integration.

Over the years, consumers have remained keen to look for ways to integrate various smart home devices into their smart home networks. However, among all these items, voice-controlled devices have become the base of the network. Here are some points why you must integrate one into your home:

Control All Aspects Of Your Home Environment

With voice technology devices, every homeowner may now achieve full control over the environment of their home. Almost all home appliances today are now voice-activated, which makes them more accessible, anytime and anywhere.

Essential devices, like thermostats and security cameras, now all come with voice technology. Accordingly, owners can now have full authority over these aspects inside the house.

Aside from controlling security measures and room temperature ratings, homeowners may also control light systems, entertainment devices, and even door locks. So, this kind of feature allows homeowners to manage the overall environment of the property.

Secure Your Home

Security and safety are of the utmost importance, at all times. For homes with voice technology integrated into its network, homeowners may achieve a more secure and safe condition, especially if the devices in the security network offer state-of-the-art functions.

The integration of voice technology further adds to the overall security and safety. As it happens, you can control and have full autonomy of the devices, whether you are inside or outside the property.

One could say that it also impacts convenience, and the more convenient the system is, the more the homeowners can manage the overall twists and turns of the devices.

Create A More Energy-Efficient Home

Smart home devices do entail hefty price tags. But, automation has the potential to provide homeowners with savings in the long run.

Based on research and data, smart home devices, especially those with voice technology, create a more energy-efficient system inside the property. With the level and scope of authority the homeowner has, thanks to automation, the devices would only operate when activated.

Also, most of these devices now offer energy-saving functions. Not to mention, most of the materials and additional features typically entail "green" features that benefit not only the users but, also the environment.

Connect You To Real-Time Information And Services

Voice-activated home devices have continued to claim a "growing share" of the consumer market today. Reports said that most people see this kind of technology as much smarter, easier, and more convenient avenues in performing day-to-day activities.

It is worth noting that these devices are web-enabled, which means that they can collect and send data inside and outside of the property. Therefore, users can now do almost everything inside their homes. This is in consideration that most commercial franchises have now also integrated voice technology and smart devices in their systems.

With this at hand, "voice shopping" is now also possible for homeowners. Aside from this kind of real-time service, real-time information and data are also very accessible to the people inside the property.

Reduce Social Isolation

Voice technology also helps reduce social isolation. As the technology further develops its reach, more apps and platforms have continued to emerge in recent years. This then makes communication and engagements more convenient, easier, and faster than ever.

Publications noted that more and more assisted homes have now started to integrate voice-activated devices in their institution. Aside from helping the staff and all the residents in their day-to-day activities, these avenues have also seemingly continued to help them in their engagements, especially to their families and loved ones.

Voice-Activated Devices Today

In recent years, the number of smart home devices has further increased. Almost all aspects and equipment of a household now have smart and voice-activated counterparts.

Here are some of the most popular smart devices that you may check, especially when intending to start your very own smart and voice-activated system inside the property:

Safety And Security

For safety and security, some of the common smart devices include home security systems, which include cameras and recorders. There are now also smart smoke alarms and doorbells, which are helpful in managing the overall safety of the environment inside the property.


For the energy aspect, the smart home marker now offers devices like thermostats, lights, and alarm clocks, which all have smart features and even voice technology.


Almost all kitchen appliances today offer smart functions. These items include ovens, grills, and refrigerators. Aside from the smart devices, hubs that connect these items in one system may also offer assistance to the owners when it comes to ordering foods and groceries, and even place reservations on restaurants and pubs.


For wellness, items like fitness trackers, medical alert bracelets, health monitors, and exercise equipment now come with several smart features. Many of these devices also provide remote access and control via smartphones, laptops, and computers.

Final Thoughts

Integrating voice technology into your property may appear as a very expensive option today. While the devices themselves have expensive prices, the savings, in the long run, are what matters the most.

But, aside from the potential savings, a smart home that has a voice-activated integration also offers more benefits, including convenience, reliability, and efficiency.

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