10 Ways To Draw Differently



drawing transposes the expressive needs of the child, and constitutes a key
stage on the voice of learning to write. To help him invent, express himself,
or even to get used to writing and because drawing is not just a sheet and a
pencil, we offer in this article 10 ways to draw differently.

Draw in the sand

Drawing in the sand brings new sensations to the child and allows
him to become aware of his body.

The sandbox

A box for drawing in the sand with his finger or with accessories,
by reproducing a model or leaving the child free to draw as he wishes. In
addition to bringing a sensory side to the drawing, this baccalaureate allows
to work the liberality as well as the graphic design skills of the child.

Discovery tray: A tray
for learning while experimenting! In free play, we do finger drawings, sift the
sand or hide objects … In a guided activity, we work on laterality, graphics.

Sand pen

A different pen that allows you to release a net of sand in order
to create drawings in the sand.

Sand Pen: Fill
this tube with ultra-fine sand from the discovery box. It then flows gently at
one end in a thin stream. Use the sand pen to leave traces, write, and create
figures on the tray. Let the sand run on the back of the hand: it tickles!

Draw on a desk

The sheet is not the only medium that allows the child to draw.
Indeed, the fact of using a desk vertically brings a new meaning to the drawing
and new possibilities for the child. The child has freedom and space, he does
not have to bend down to draw and therefore adopts an adequate and more
comfortable posture.

The Buddha board

An ideal board for drawing ad infinitum, in fact, with this board
the drawing dries and is erased to allow the child to start over again and

The Buddha board: This
desk allows you to make ephemeral drawings thanks to a unique process: water
painting. Just dip the brush (supplied) in water and draw on the board! The
drawing will disappear after half an hour. The Buddha board is a great gift for
people who have enjoyed drawing and painting in the past.

Magic Light easel

More than creativity, a moment of sharing.

Develops motor skills and strengthens the perception of space and

Allows you to work on linguistic expression

Through the process of creation, the child expands and stimulates
his cognitive system

This Magic Light easel will light up all your designs! You can
create a different feel of your work of art only by changing the lighting of
the easel (16 colors available). You can use both sides, so kids can create
fabulous team murals. Materials to use: finger paint, washable markers and

Draw with a robot

This different robot allows the child to develop both coding and
drawing skills.

Artie 3000

Artie 3000: This
programmable robot draws everything you code on a sheet of paper! Easy to use
and great for creating, Artie 3000 is also ready to draw with per-programmed
designs, shapes and games. This funny robot introduces the basics of coding
while feeding the creativity and imagination of children books illustrator and
adults alike! Includes WiFi-enabled drawing robot, visual drag-and-drop
programming software, 4 colored markers, and a getting started guide.

Draw with marbles


Magpad: This
graphic board helps develop children’s spatial interpretation and imagination
in a simple and fun way. A magnetic tip attracts the metal beads and allows you
to create different designs, geometric shapes, letters, and numbers or to reproduce
one of the 10 models included in the pack.

Draw in paint

Spongy: A 2 in 1
product! Gouache applicator provided with a sponge pad, it does not run. So no
smearing! Easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic shape. Water based. 6 bottles of
70 ml in assorted colors (yellow, red, blue, green, brown and black).

Draw with your fingers

Finger pencils: To draw
with the child, you just have to slide your finger in and color on the sheet,
small pencils perfect for the little ones who cannot quite hold their pencil.

Different tools for drawing differently

With stamps, balls or brushes everything is possible in drawing,
just let your imagination run free.

Buffer balls per 

We love these ball-shaped stamps. With different patterns, all you
have to do is roll these balls on your Plasticine to make magnificent
creations! Very ergonomic and easy to use.

Duster to paint

These feather dusters each have a different tip that, when dipped
in paint, creates a distinctive pattern on the paper. Each feather duster can
also be used as part of massage protocols, the textures providing unique
tactile sensations.


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