How to Choose the Appliances you need for your kitchen


 If we have very old appliances, or they have been damaged, or you are going to renovate the kitchen completely, you will face many purchase decisions that are not a joke: oven, refrigerator, dishwasher … We will help you so that you can clear your purchase what best suits your needs and budget, teaching you how to choose the electrical appliances for your kitchen.

With each one of them you should stop to think about your needs, because a large family and a couple do not need the same dishwasher or the same number of stoves to cook. 

How to choose kitchen appliances

A decision that goes far beyond price, because the most expensive is not always the best or what is best for us, but the cheap can go wrong. That is why we are going to see the different details that must be contemplated before opting for one appliance or another.  Mydeal Review

What kitchen hood to buy

An essential appliance to fill the kitchen and home with odors, grease and fumes. At first glance, it may seem that all kitchen hoods are the same and there are only aesthetic differences between them, but they are not.

It is necessary to take into account what will be the size of the fires so that the hood is at least as wide as this surface. Also if we have an open-plan or closed kitchen because the capacity when aspirating fumes varies; and where we want to place it because there are models that do not need to be connected to the smoke extraction tube. 

To find out how much smoke extraction power your kitchen needs , you must multiply the square meters that your kitchen measures by the meters in height. The figure you get must be multiplied by 12.

That 12 are the complete air renewals that must be carried out in one hour, and the result will give you the cubic meters per suction hour (m3 / h) that the motor must extract. The model you need must fit that figure or even exceed it. This is probably the most important detail when buying a kitchen hood  and the most unknown. 

How to choose a dishwasher

Many times the dishwasher is considered a luxury appliance or a whim, since we can carry out its function ourselves by washing dishes by hand, but the truth is that it allows us a great saving of time, water and energy. 

When buying a dishwasher , we must observe details such as its size and capacity; where we will place it in the kitchen; its programs and functions; and opt for an appliance that is energy efficient (although we can tell you that there are no big differences between an A-rated dishwasher and an A ++). 

Which fridge is better?

The size of our family and the size of the grocery basket will determine what type of refrigerator we need. We will find refrigerators with one or two doors, with functions such as no-frost or without it, other silent ones and of various materials and finishes.  How to choose a dishwasher

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How to buy the best microwave

To know which is the microwave that best suits those we need, we must first think about where we want to place it , the capacity that covers our needs (they usually go from 17 to 30 liters), the material and the use that you are going to use. to give, since if you are only going to heat some dishes it is better that you look for a simple model but if you are going to cook with it or want to get more out of it, you should pay attention to its different functions. 

Thus, you will find microwaves with and without grill and convection, in which the heat is distributed much better and evenly thanks to a fan inside.

Which oven should i choose?

The classification that we can make of the ovens varies depending on their installation, their functions, their cleaning system and even their opening. 

But buying an oven is not an impossible mission if we pay attention to the space available for it in our kitchen; the size of our family and how many are we going to cook for; also if we will use it frequently or not; and what is your energy expenditure. If we know what we need, we will find the perfect oven.

Gas cooker, electric hob or induction?

It is a matter of tastes, hobbies and how it is easier for us to cook but it does not hurt to rethink what type of cuisine is best for us. If we are looking to reduce our electricity bill, perhaps it is time to switch to a modern gas hob , which combines the comfort of a hob with the savings of using gas, or try induction cookers , which are easy to clean and heat waves and pans with great speed. 

What grill plate do I buy

When you don’t have a garden to barbecue or you simply love food cooked this way, getting an electric grill is a great option. You can prepare food in the kitchen or directly on the table, enjoying cooking. 

They are very easy to use, clean and are durable, in addition to how healthy it is to cook with them. A good buy if we choose well. 

How to get right when buying a deep fryer

Cooking fried is not the healthiest thing but it never hurts to have a deep fryer at home for those days when we crave chips, croquettes, fish, etc. Because it is a clean, safe and very fast solution, since depending on its size we can prepare a large amount of food in a few minutes. 

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When choosing a deep fryer you should think about the size you need, make sure that it has enough power to fry quickly but evenly or that it can be cleaned easily. 

In addition, the classic oil fryer models have been joined by hot air or oil-free fryers, which prepare food without oil or with a small amount, as their name tells us. 

How to choose a mixer

There are simple arm mixers and arm mixers with accessories such as the mincer, which are the most common in homes when preparing different preparations; glass blenders, ideal for handling large amounts of juices or shakes especially; rod mixers, suitable for confectionery; and the mixer mixers, which in addition to performing the functions of a mixer also knead and mix ingredients. 

To know which blender is best for your needs, we recommend that you first consider how much you cook and how often you need this small appliance to prepare your recipes. If the investment is really worth it, study which mixer is best for you, but if you only need it for the occasional mayonnaise and a couple of salmorejos in summer, a simple mixer is for you. 

Which coffee maker to buy

We each like coffee in a way. In a cup, in a glass, long of milk, with a teaspoon of sugar, colder or hotter. So when we prepare it at home we need to have the best coffee maker to have the coffee to our liking. That includes espresso coffee machines , those in which the device takes care of everything and you only have to put the capsule or ground coffee, and Italian coffee machines , those more classic with which to prepare coffee on the fire. 

Which one you buy will depend a lot on your tastes in terms of coffee, the time you have in the morning to prepare it and, of course, the budget you have.

Which kitchen robot is better?

A kitchen robot is not the cheapest appliances, so it is important to think about what we want and what we need. If we are going to use it a lot or not. How many do we need to cook for? The functions we want it to include. 

The two big kitchen robots right now are the latest Thermomix model , the TM6 , and Lidl’s robot, Monsier Cuisine Connect . 

Both have a screen that will guide you during cooking, they have very similar functions, similar capacity … but their price is different, being the cheapest Lidl robot. You have to assess both options well before making the purchase, although both are very good. 

As you can see, choosing the appliances that we will use in the kitchen requires a few minutes of reflection, comparing different options and looking at the details.  


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