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best router for gaming

The game, the word reminds me of the present generation. Because now almost a few people can be found who do not play the game. From children to adults, everyone likes games more or less. Once a time, people had played the game only on phones or laptops without any network connection or internet facility. Again, not all routers can give a reasonable rate for the network. So now I will know the Best Router For Gaming in the present time.

Kids or adults don’t play games to have fun now. Many people can also earn income through this Gaming online.

Now you need a network connection or the internet to play games online. They need good speed when playing online. Many people buy megabytes and play games. But in many places, games cannot be played well due to network problems due to lack of speed. That’s why the best is to play games at an excellent rate with a Wi-Fi connection through the router.


What is a router? And How does it work?

A router is a crucial device made up of a combination of hardware and software. Use it for building the network. A router is a networking device that determines how a data packet will go to its destination through different networks. Data packets are data blocks or aggregates of data. The router uses the shortest path to deliver the data packets to the destination.

The router does the work of “directing traffic” to the internet. Typically, a data packet is sent from one router to another through an inter-network consisting of multiple networks until it reaches the destination node.

A router connects two or more data lines on different networks. (The Router’s work is the opposite of the network switch, the switch connects other data lines through a network). When a data packet reaches one of these lines, the packet information is read to determine the router’s final destination.

Popular routers use in homes and small offices daily. These can only pass data, such as web pages, e-mail, IM, and video between the home computer and the internet.

What is a Gaming Router?

As the name suggests, the gaming router is specifically designed to provide low ping and low lag when playing online games. Also, they provide quick connections when playing games at a LAN party.


They have more features that make a difference when you play with them and without using them. The best gaming router will let you enjoy that experience and give you an incomparable and realistic gaming environment.


Is the router necessary for a Wi-Fi connection?

Need Not to use the router for the Wi-Fi connection. If the internet is operating on a single device, such as a phone or laptop, then the router’s progenitor does not fall. You can work with a modem or hotspot. The router can use for multiple devices. Because then it is a problem to use the internet on numerous devices with megabytes or modems. Besides, these are expensive too.

 What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology through which computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices (smartphones and wearables), and other devices (printers and video cameras) to interface with the internet. Internet connection occurs through a wireless router.

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Do you need a router and modem both?

The answer is no because when we use only one device for work or anything, we can use the modem.
But when you need an internet or network connection on more than one device in the same place, you can’t go through a modem. Then you need a Wi-Fi connection, and you need a router.

And when playing the game, the router must get good speed and a strong Wi-Fi connection. For this, there is no need to use the modem and router together. If you want, you can also use the router for one device if speed is much needed.

Do routers make a difference for Gaming?

Before the advent of routers or Wi-Fi, we usually used the internet through megabytes, gigabytes, or modems, hotspots. Wi-Fi benefits gradually began to grow, and now we can see that almost all people’s homes. They also find out that the router is the best none other network systems.

We can use megabytes or gigabytes to play games, and we can also use Wi-Fi for better speed by using a router. But when using megabytes, there can be a lot of buffering in Gaming because usually, the gigabyte or megabyte network connection is slow in some heavy games. And when using Wi-Fi, you can play the game at a much better speed. So you can get a reasonable rate by using any one of the router and modem. Because if you don’t want to use a router for only one device, use a modem.

The only difference is that when multiple people play games on various devices, they can’t play with one modem, so a Wi-Fi connection is the best tie.

Types of Router

Routers are the gateways of devices and networks responsible for keeping data flowing within the network and maintaining networks connected to the internet. Learn about the different types of routers in computer networking technology.

Wired Router

  1. Wired routers are box-shaped devices that connect directly to a computer via cable or wired connection.
  2. One connection port of the wired router is used to connect the modem to receive Internet data packs. In contrast, another set of ports allows a wired router to connect to the computer to deliver Internet data packets.
  3. Examples of wired routers are Ethernet broadband routers; These routers support Network Address Translation (NAT) technology that allows multiple computers to be connected to a wired router to share a single Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Wireless Router

  1. Like a wired network, a wireless router connects directly to a modem via cable to receive Internet data packets.
  2. However, instead of carrying data to the computer via cable, wireless routers distribute data packets using one or more antennas.
  3. Computers with wireless receivers can receive these radio signals and convert them back into binary code. Unlike a wired router because it establishes a wired local-area network(LAN), a wireless router establishes a wireless local area network(WAN).
  4. Secure the WLAN, and wireless routers typically involve wireless media access control (MAC) address filtering and secure Wi-Fi access (WPA) protection.

Virtual Router

  1. The virtual router behaves like the default router for network sharing computers, unlike a wireless router.
  2. The Virtual Router performs router functions using the Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), which is activated when the primary, physical router fails or is otherwise disabled.

Core Routers and Edge Routers

  1. Core routers and edge routers is a wireless router that distributes data packets within its network
  2. or distributes data packets across multiple networks, wired or wireless.
  3. In contrast, an edge router is a wired or wireless router that distributes Internet data packets across one or more networks but does not distribute data packets between any networks.

Things to consider while buying the best router for Gaming?

Before you start searching for the best gaming router, you should consider all of the following:

  • How fast is your internet service connection?
  • What is the total number of devices connected at home?
  • What is the size of the router or cell you want to install?
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If you think you can compromise on an older version of the router and upgrade your internet connection speed, you may be disappointed later. Before you can read and understand the specifications of the router you have chosen, you should know the following terms:

  1. Processor capacity and RAM speed
  2. The speed of the Internet connection
  3. Wireless standards
  4. Network latency
  5. Multiple band WIFI connectivity
  6. Gigabit Ethernet

There are four ways you can prioritize your gaming router traffic:


Service-based: Is your gaming experience based on an app game or video-based game? Name the service here and give preference to your gaming router.

Network-Based: You can prioritize wireless connections over wired connections for a better gaming experience.

Based on the address: Here you have two opinion

  • IP Address: You can give your router priority to the fixed IP address of your gaming device.
  • MAC address: You can give your device’s MAC address priority to your gaming router.

Top 5 best router for Gaming

There are many types of routers; the details of the best five routers are given:

 TP-Link Archer C5400 v2( Best Router For Gaming)

The TP-Link Archer C5400 V2 is an upgraded version of the upcoming C5400 with a new (lower) price and many smart home features that will appeal to Amazon Echoes, Hugh Lightblobs, and other connected gadgets.
Even if you are not the type of person who likes barking orders in Alexa, the TP-Link Archer C5400 V2 comes with the quality and level of performance that we have come to expect from TP-Link.

So, at least on paper, the TP-Link Archer C5400 V2 is a router that should apply to enthusiasts, gamers, small businesses, and even casual users.


Asus RT-AC86U

Model: ASUS RT-AC86U Aimesh AC2900. Wired inter-router connections. Cancel Wi-Fi Dead Zones. Flexible network naming. Complete network security.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500

  • Minimize and maximize efficiency with four 1GB Ethernet ports for link free, a wired connection, and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor’s network efficiency.
  • Upgrade your Wi-Fi with an AC2600 dual-band router, which provides flash speeds up to 2.6 Gbps
  • Create every millisecond count using geo-filtering to connect to nearby servers and players so you can respond and dominate. Monitor your network and game ping in real-time so you can see who is hogging bandwidth with devices and apps
  • Protect your network identity by connecting to a secure gaming VPN server Optimized to give you minimal ping in Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Overwatch, Pubji, CS: Geo, and more.


Zyxel Armor Z2 AC2600(Best Router For Gaming)


  • 2nd generation AC2600 chipset for 2600 Mbps speed 802.11ac. Coverage area – 2,500 square feet
  • 4×4 MU-MIMO technology that enables quick transmission to wireless devices for more instant Wi-Fi speeds
  • Stream boost optimization to provide the best gaming and streaming experience
  • Antenna made of the beam for increased wireless coverage and stability
  • Easy setup with easy 123 and monitor user’s friendly usage


D-link DIR-885L/R.


  • Dual-band Wireless AC3150 (2 GHz 2.1667 Mbps + 1,000 Mbps at 2.4 GHz)
  • 11ac Wave 2 with MU-MIMO and Advanced AC Smartbeam
  • Smart connection devices connect with the best bands
  • Gigabit WAN and 4 x Gigabit LAN
  • 1 x USB 3.0 port for media sharing


Recommendation of the best router for Gaming

I would say the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is the Best Router For Gaming with this feature. Since it is powerful for Gaming and other tasks can be done quickly through it. There is no doubt that further work will not be a problem with this router. So, I recommend that as the best router for Gaming. Moreover, the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 router is the Best Router For Gaming and others.


The above information shows how important a network connection is for Gaming. It is also understood that even if the game is playing with all routers, there is speed. The higher the router speed, the easier it is to do all the work, including Gaming, without facing any problems.

There are many routers in which Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is the best for Gaming.

The Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is the Best Router For Gaming.




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