Google Do A Barrel Roll A Amazing Tricks Of Google

Google do a barrel roll

Do a barrel roll is a pretty exciting thing if you search. Whenever you type “do a barrel roll” on google, an exciting something happens. The entire screen gives a barrel roll. It is a 360-degree roll of your screen or the page of the browser. Google has many funny tricks on its sleeves, and it is one of them. Usually, when you write anything else, it searches as usual, but when you write “do a barrel roll,” the search engine takes it as an initial command and gives a barrel roll. It means the screen tilts and rolls right side. It is hilarious.

What is a barrel roll?

The barrel roll is a term that came from flight maneuvering. It means helical registration on a straight flight path. It can be instrumental on the battlefield as a defender. When an attacker shoots from behind, it is an essential maneuver to see the blind spot easily. People who love aircraft use it as a stunt

What it shows when you search “do a barrel roll” on google?

This is a hilarious thing made and discovered long ago but still not very much known to all. When you write barrel roll, nothing happens on the internet, but when you register to do a barrel roll, the entire screen gives a barrel roll. It is such a funny thing, and it mimics the idea of the barrel roll of an aircraft. The whole screen shrinks and moves on the left side. When you click the screen, it changes into different things. It is very amusing at first and kind of gets addictive. When you hit the search button, it does it twice. You can do it ten times also.

Besides, it is better to see your screen do a barrel roll than being bored. No matter what age you have, you will find it pleasing for your eyes. It is different, and there are many other funny, quirky things you can do on google. It is just you have to find it yourself.

How to see Google do a barrel roll?

It is a straightforward task. You just have to write the sentence, which is Do a barrel roll. And hit the search button. It will immediately start doing a barrel roll. We can already do a barrel roll. What can we do more? Yes, of course, you can do more. Anyone can make google do it more than twice. You have to write, “Do a barrel roll 20 times,” and then hit the search button. You will see a search result on the first line. Click on that, and you will see a 20 barrel roll of the webpage/ your screen instantly.

It is a pretty fun trick to make your friends feel surprised. No, don’t worry about the thing that everyone knows about it. People rarely know these things. You can call it an Easter egg. Google is a thing where the more you will search, the more you will learn.

“Do a barrel roll” is a catchphrase from before!!

Do a barrel roll” is a catchphrase. The web utilizes it in many places. You are starting from the battlefield to games at your home. It was first invented for aircraft wars. Most probably for avoiding and making your opponent move forward so you can make room for you to attack again. But this catchphrase is used worldwide in various games to do the same, and for the internet, google introduced a wonderful thing called google mirror where these fun kinds of stuff are kept. When you write the catchphrase “Do a barrel roll,” the entire screen takes a 360-degree rotation and rushes twice. You can make it happen ten times 20 times even 100 times. This catchphrase came from a popular meme, and it was used on popular games and shows.

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Actually, it was first introduced long ago in 2011 when the world had a revolutionary step on social media and YouTube getting better day by day. It is such an exciting thing that very few people know of. It might become more attractive in the coming days in the future.

 Some might know the catchphrase earlier than you but trust me, it is not that well know, and you can make your friends surprised by showing this trick. Google mirror has more fun games and tricks also. After the infinity war, google has also added Thanos’s snap phrase word. If you search it, many results will appear but will not work as if the snap has erased everything. There are more fun parts there, which you can also search through google mirror. But I guess nothing beats the trick, which is barrel roll.

Misconceptions of “do a barrel roll.”

There was a misconception that writing the catchphrase might end up with malware on your computer, which is entirely wrong. Prominent YouTubers like MKBHD also made videos on the “do a barrel roll” catchphrase and other tricks of google, so it is pretty safe to do. Never mentioned anywhere, though. There was news coverage of online news of NBC news where it was published. You can also search “Z or R twice” it will do the same trick.


It was built on HTML5, so all browsers did not support it before but now pretty much every browser supports it. Actually, there is no direct information on when did they even added this easter egg, but they did it long before we knew. Who knows, they have countless more.

Catch Phrases of Google search engine

Just like do a barrel roll, google has many more catchphrases. Those goes something like this: “askew,” “slanted,” “Thanos snap.” Just open google chrome browser and go to google search engine. Write any of this catchphrase and search for them. You will see the magic. Sometimes it might suggest you enter google mirror at the 1st search result. Click on that the magic will happen. You will find it so amazing that these were here all along, but you never knew.

Catchphrases are not easy to catch but trust me, once you learn about them, you will be very curious to show them off to your friends as fast as you can. I thought it might not be the case for me, but younger ones must feel that way. Barrel roll phrase initially came from aviation terms. It is one of the most used stunning on the battlefield and stunts show by expert pilots. But mainly, the Nintendo game made it more popular, and the memes pushed it forward.

No matter how much Google was asked; why these catchphrases were actually made, they never gave any answer properly. Most probably, they kept it as an Easter egg. Usually, many big companies keep ester eggs for some consumers who are dedicated to them and want a wonderful surprise. It did give a lot of people a fun time searching these funny catchphrases. Curious mind searched most of these.

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Every catchphrase is related to something.

Yes, most of the catchphrases relate to something. Not only most but all. As you can see, “do a barrel roll” comes from a game of Nintendo 97; its name was star fox 64. “Thanos snap” came from Avengers by marvel comics. When you search “Thanos snap,” you will see lots of search results, but none of them will work, as the data of those results are empty. You might find Easter eggs in various search results. Such as if you search “answer to life, the universe, and everything,” you will find many search results. But the top search result will be “42”.There is also one which is called “google gravity.” Type google gravity at the search option and choose I am feeling lucky. The whole thing will be pulled down by gravity, as-in it is pulling the logo and other words from the page.

Maybe they added it for the nerds, or who else thought of searching “Do a barrel roll” in the first place. Moreover, do a barrel roll was one of the most popular jokes or memes in early 2008. It became an internet sensation by days and days.

Google mirror a search engine!

Google mirror or good is a website which was created by google just for fun on the old promising days of the internet. After some time, in 2002, it became popular on the mainstream internet as well. People who are fighting with boredom and want to see what fun google can offer end up on google mirror. It is actually google spell from backward. There are many catchphrases which lead can lead us to google mirror or good, and trust me it is fun to spend time over there.

Frequently asked questions about “Do a barrel roll.”

Can any browser act on the phrase “Do a barrel roll”?

= No, not every browser can do the catchphrase, but Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge can do the saying. It is not unusual for any browser not to perform some unique features of some search engine.

Will it harm my computer?

= No, It will not harm your computer in fact, it is a great way to remove your boredom. Sometimes we get bored to that extent where we don’t have anything to do or search on the internet. That perfect time to see the tricks google implanted for us.

Does it perform on windows 10?

= Yes, it works on Windows 10 and also on Mac. The browser what matters the most. All browsers are not compatible with the algorithm.

Do I need to stay logged into a Google account while searching for the catchphrase of barrel roll?

= No, It is not mandatory for anyone to log in to google. You just have to go to the google search engine and search for it.

Will it work on other search engines?

= No, Practically Google made it especially; thus, it only works for google, and you can find more tricks at google mirror. You just need to search for it, and you will see the magic.


I would highly recommend you, people, to search “do a barrel roll” as it is a hilarious situation. Also, go for 10 times 20 times, and up to 100 times. It will be worth your time and your boredom. Might not be the most but you will find a little bit of fun to see once a meme is still alive like an Easter egg at the largest search engine in the world.


It doesn’t matter if you are a geek or not. If you want a little bit of fun, you can search for these phrase words which might not take time to entertain you. Discovering catchphrases are a mystery. Google is keeping the Ester eggs and we must appreciate it. Because many years have gone and we do not see them on the mainstream internet.

 Do barrel roll was once an internet sensation and meme but now it is pretty much forgotten. I learned about it out of curiosity but many of my older generations knew about this. There is a reason why google kept this catchphrase, as it is one of the most known phrases of a particular time they want to keep it alive for the future as other generations younger than us, who can learn about what was once an internet sensation.


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