How Much Hulu live Costs Is It Worth?

how much hulu live

Hulu Live is one of the biggest competitors to Netflix and amazon prime. Most importantly, Hulu live offers its customers  local networks such as ABC, NBC, CBC, FOX, and many other cable channels. It is a good service. Because it comes with an ad-free option, but you have to pay a few bucks more, but it’s worth it.

You may be thinking of how much Hulu live costs. It costs only 54.99$ per month and gives a great selection of channels. the package offers 65 channels with significant cable channels that we don’t want to miss. It offers an ad-free option. Costs a little more, like 60.99$ per month. From the perspective of a customer/consumer, I assure you. That is the best package deal. It is 60.99$, which means it is 6$ more expensive than average packages. But the central part is it removes the ads and can record the show are watch it later anytime.


What is Hulu Live?


Hulu Live is a service provider plan that helps you enjoy your desired content easily with your TV. Moreover, It is one of the most demanding service providers among the other providers. It includes packages that are great for starting, and it does not force you to watch any content you don’t want to enjoy. You can customize Hulu Live at your will by contracting with the service provider. Service providers are always ready because of the competition, and Hulu is trying to live up to consumers’ expectations.

As we know very well that all these service providers for contents are doing business for their profit. Anyone can think about how much Hulu live can offer. Hulu Live has some unique features and content that push it up from service providers. Hulu is very popular for a service of its which is Hulu live (ads free). You can also record the content for later, and it is up to 200 hours if you select a few add-ons.

How much Hulu live costs and different packages


Hulu live offers different packages for its customers/consumers. You can customize the channels on your need and can also add or remove additional services. As a customer/consumer, you need full flexibility. The package you choose depends on you. But for your most desired content, you should choose carefully. There are a few exceptional services. So it is not a smart idea to leave the services. Here are a few packages that show how much Hulu live offers, which you may like:

  1. Hulu + live tv for only 59.99$ monthly
  2. Hulu + live tv (ad-free) 60.99$ monthly

If you don’t want to live tv, you can select only Hulu and Hulu (no ad). Due to some reasons, Hulu is thinking to upgrade their price, and the new packages will be:

  1. Hulu + live tv for only 64.99$ monthly
  2. Hulu + live tv (ads free) 70.99$ monthly

The price difference is the same, but they are a little expensive than before. Therefore, 4 $ will be increased on 20th December 2020. Sometimes a few dollars here and there doesn’t matter. But it matters when you will count it yearly.

How much Hulu live Add-ons with regular packages costs

You can add different add-ons with regular packages. These add-ons will give you get a premium experience. Some of the add-ons are very effective and useful for your daily adventure. It will brighten your experience of enjoying content very well. That is the place where Hulu is different from others. How much Hulu live is giving within the price might surprise you. They are providing exceptional services that others don’t offer. You need the utmost pleasant experience to enjoy your content. Make sure you do not overdo your services but select them in the smartest ways.

  1. An enhanced cloud DVR at an extra 9.99$ per month.
  2. You can get unlimited screens at an extra 9.99$ per month.
  3. Get entertainment networks at an extra 7.99$ per month.
  4. Espanol networks at an extra cost of 4.99$ per month.
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You can also select a bundle that includes enhanced cloud DVR and unlimited screens at 14.98$ per month. I think it is better for us as a content enjoyer. Moreover, you can save 2$ per month and 24$ a year by using this bundle. Sometimes these smart choices give great flexibility.


Features of Hulu live


If you want to have a service or you want something to enjoy. You must need to look at the features of that particular service. Differentiating features allows you to find the most suitable service for you. Some features might deceive you as the company owners and marketing executives are always ready to sell their products to their customers. But comparing the characteristics of different services and choosing one is the smartest thing you might do.


How much Hulu live features offer to its consumers. They are not new to the business, so they know what the consumers want. Some of those features are useful as it enhances the fun of enjoying the content.


One of the main features of Hulu live is Cloud DVR, and the other one is a live guide.


Cloud DVR


Cloud DVR allows you to record the content live on TV. It will enable you to enjoy the content you have missed. Every day in our life, we want to enjoy the content but miss it because of our work or emergency.

The cloud DVR of Hulu live lets you record content for 50 hours. For sure, it is an enjoyable thing, and 50 hours is not a small amount. But if you want more, they have an enhanced cloud DVR, which allows you to record more. It will let you register for more than 200 hours. So that you don’t miss any content you love.

  • Select the recording button to set up the record.
  • Use my stuff to navigate through records to watch or delete.

There are some other features that you might like. Those are:

  • 1080p 60fps option, which is fantastic to watch movies.
  • 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surrounding sound ratio.
  • You can use two screens to stream through different channels at a time.
  • You can create six profiles for your family to enjoy their favorite content.
  • Special personalization feature.


These features will not only let you enjoy the content, but your experience will be great. Average consumers of Hulu Live use most of these features. You can also contact them for further flexibility.


Contents of Hulu live

Contents are the main features of these services. No one will use these services if the content is terrible. You need to compare many services and choose one. If you decide to live in Hulu, you won’t be disappointed because it has a great collection of contents, which are indeed excellent and enjoyable to watch.

As a Live Tv subscriber, you can watch different channels. You can choose any because there are lots of choices. People can watch live TV shows, News, Sports, Award shows, Primetime dramas, Day time soaps, and weather forecasts


News, Sports, and entertainment nationwide 


You can see over 65 channels that are on demand. And you can choose from:

  • Entertainment channels that are popular are Bravo E, Food network, Freedom, Lifetime, TBS, TNA, and the USA.
  • You can enjoy some family-friendly channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Universal kids, and Boomerang.
  • Specifically, There are educational channels like Discovery, History, NASA, and National Geographic channel.
  • You can find the most wanted sports channels like ESPN, FS1, SEC, BTN, and ACCN.
  • Lastly, the most important news channels are CNN, FOX News, ABC News, MSBNC, and CNBC.
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Regional channels and Local channels

so, You can now easily watch local content with Hulu live as it offers a fair amount of channels for your local and regional content. Such as ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, and Telemundo, which affiliates with the most cities.

You can use your zip code to customize your regional sports channel, as you need. You can also use the same feature for news channels and local channels as well.


On-Demand Network 

There are lots of on-demand videos in the library of Hulu, and you can enjoy them easily. But you have to keep in mind that network on-demand videos might include ads even if you are using ads free package/plan.


Frequently asked Questions


  1. Does Hulu come free with amazon prime?

= Not come free with amazon prime. As it is a different service provider, it does not include in amazon prime.

  1. Can I get Hulu and Hulu live for free?

= It is nearly impossible, but one easy thing you can do to use Hulu and Hulu live for free. You can use the trial option on the website. It does not include Hulu live.

  1. Is skipping ads possible in Hulu and Hulu live?

= You cannot skip ads on Hulu or Hulu live using the standard plan. You have to subscribe to the ads-free list for cutting ads. It might cost you some bucks, but it is worth it.

  1. Can I use Hulu and Hulu live in multiple homes?

= Yes, You can easily use it on multiple homes/Tv. You have to select an ad-on, an unlimited screen by 9.99$ extra per month with the standard plan.

  1. Can I watch Hulu live in my area?

= Yes, you have to choose the zip code, and the service provider will let you select different channels for you.

Is it worth how much Hulu live offers!!

For sure, Hulu live is worth it. Mostly the plan called Hulu + lives tv (ads free). It gives you the chance to watch your desired content and without the disturbance of ads. As a content watcher, you don’t want the disruption of ads. It is very frustrating, especially when you are at a crucial moment that we don’t want to miss.

It depends on you what you want to enjoy. But for me, both of the plans are worth it. But if I choose a project, I would go for ads free. When I can see how much Hulu live is giving me at an affordable price. For only 4$, I can watch any content without any disturbance, which is the best pleasure of having a service like this.

H. L. costs are somewhat similar to its competitors. But it never lacks behind on giving excellent content for us. Yes, Netflix is a huge name, but Hulu is a game-changer. For us, especially Hulu, it is one hell of a choice.




Yes, I recommend Hulu Live. As it is very promising and it has an excellent value for its deal. I would never miss out on a chance of Ads-free content if I were in the position. You can find how to use Hulu and H. L. on the internet and how much Hulu live costs. Besides that, the best part is you can use Hulu and Hulu live free for one month. You will see the difference then.




I must say that there are a lot of service providers and competitors out in the world. But it is a great deal of how much Hulu live offers. When you have to choose a service provider, all you need to do is compare the service providers and find a suitable one. Never know what you will find, but if I were to suggest to you, I would recommend H. L. without any hesitation. You will see that it gives the most reasonable service and the most excellent deal with its price. It would help if you saw does it match with your need.




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