How To Delete Kik Account? Step By Step

    How To Delete Kik Account


    Imagine you have some very personal texts that you don’t want leaking out. So it would be best if you did something. Something swift. You may be thinking about how to delete Kik account, so you can do two things with your Kik account, delete it or deactivate it. You can delete the account anytime from your computer or your smartphone. Go to the website and find the option delete account. You can find the same option by opening the app and searching delete account.

    Most importantly, permanently deleting your account means there will be no data of you on their server. It will completely erase your information. No one will find you by searching. The conversation and other kinds of stuff will erase. They let customers let their account go also. If you delete the app on your phone will not completely erase everything. You have to apply for it, and they will confirm it. Kik has the reputation of keeping the data of their users secret with full security.

    What is Kik?

    Well, Kik is a  messaging app that lets you connect with other people who are using Kik account or app. Kik is a top-rated app because it gives you complete security for texting with encrypted texts. They are providing actual protection to your texts and lets you connect speedily and easy way. You can use many other apps, but they will not give you the guarantee of safe texting. It is a better and lightweight application than other competitors. You can find out about its service all over the internet. It has excellent features and an easy interface.

    You can use Kik account for your office communication and your day to day conversation. Kik has some fun features that will not let you leave it. You can ask how to delete Kik account as it gives you full security it will allow you to clean your data from their server. This app and account have a particular fanbase. Not every people are using a Kik account.


    Deleting Kik account

    Search in google how to delete my Kik account. You will find kiks official website named “deactivate my Kik account.” Enter the webpage, and you will discover the “how to delete Kik account” title and, under that, a written statement of Kik.

    You will find a form, fill that up, and you will receive a review form. Select those, and you are good to go. Remember, once you have deleted your account. You can not reaccess it. You will not get any emails from Kik or any notification. Your username and profile will remove, and no one will ever find you searching.

    Things you need to note while doing the process:

    1. Username
    2. Email
    3. Why you want to leave
    4. Additional information
    5. Lastly, agreeing with the policy

    Suppose you want to make an account again. You have to sign up and start from the beginning. No previous texts will show, and even if you set your old username, it will not show your history.

    Parents can delete Kik account

    Deleting a teen’s record implies it will not, at this point, be accessible inside Kik, and the information will erase from the Kik contacts arrangements of all the youngster’s visit mates. Guardians need to realize their kid’s client name and the email address they used to enrol for the record. Here are how to locate a youngster’s client name.


    • A teen’s client name is accessible from their cell phone by dispatching Kik, which opens the application to the total visits list.
    • Tap the symbol at the highest point of the screen to open the settings, where you can see both the teen’s username and flagrant presentation name.
    • If you visit with your high schooler from your gadget, it’s anything but difficult to see their username from the talk.
    • Kik client names don’t have spaces and can blend upper and lower case letters, numbers, and exceptional characters.
    • If the teenager has reset their Kik account, guardians might have the option to discover their username on the login screen.
    • Kik prescribes guardians utilize their youngster’s gadget to discover data about their Kik correspondences and ought not to anticipate perusing the teenager’s talks from their device — fundamentally an outsider gadget.
    • That is because Kik’s protection highlights will consequently clear their visit history. Kik doesn’t see or store talks between clients.
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    Sometimes guardians are so relieved that they can see what their children are doing and find what if they are sharing inappropriate items. So, When a parent is tired of thinking about what they need to do. Just google how to delete Kik account. You will find the website, Click there, follow the steps, and remove the account.

    Tips for parents about Kik account

    Kik client names don’t have spaces and can blend upper and lower case letters, numbers, and unique characters.  If the high schooler has reset their Kik account, guardians might have the option to discover their username on the login screen. Kik prescribes guardians utilize their teenagers’ gadgets to find data about their Kik correspondences and should not anticipate perusing the youngster’s visits from their device — fundamentally an outsider device. That is because Kik’s protection highlights will naturally clear their talk history. Kik doesn’t see or store visits between clients. You can follow the tips to stop stressing about how to delete a Kik account.

    Guardians can ask Kik to deactivate their teenager’s record for them. To do that, they should present a deactivation request to Kik through email at with Parent Inquiry in the headline. The solicitation should incorporate the youngster’s Kik username and age.


    Find it easy to delete Kik account

    People often ask how to delete Kik account. There are no other websites that offer this much flexibility. They will let you choose what you want to do. It is strange but true that we sometimes need to remove our information from the web. Anyone can seek their security from the internet, and Kik allows that.

    • Be sure you realize the email address you used to open the account.
    • Enter the correct date on Kik’s site for removing information.
    • After that, Kik will send you an email with a connection to forever deactivate your record.
    • On the off chance that you or somebody you know has looked for or sent messages to your record,
    • However, They will reserve your profile on their device, so it might take a couple of days to vanish off their gadget.
    • Any other person looking for your client name won’t discover you.
    • Moreover, Eliminate or uninstall the application from your telephone, similarly as you would some other application.


    Frequently asked question

    Here is some frequently asked question what people are searching:

    1. How do I permanently delete my account?

    = As mentioned before. Go to the Google search bar and type how to delete Kik account. You will find Kik’s website. Please open it and do the following as they say. You can deactivate your account and also can delete your account.

    1. How do I delete my Kik account using my smartphone?

    = It is as simple as mention above. Just search and go to the website of Kik. Search delete account. You will see the steps there. It is the same for Android and iPhone. Just, You have to give accurate information, and you are good to go.

    1. What will happen if you deactivate Kik account?
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    = Permanent deactivation implies erasing a Kik account until the end of time. Once erased, you cannot open it anymore. Besides, You will not receive any notifications or emails from them. Total connectivity will erase. After that, You will have to register again if you want to use the service.

    1. How to delete Kik account without email?

    = Without email, you can not delete Kik account. It is the way to confirm your identity. For starters, you can email Kik for further information. But you can not delete an account without email.

    1. How to delete a conversation on both ends?

    = You can not delete a conversation on both ends. You can delete your text, but the other text will be the same. No changes will appear. Best if you can avoid those circumstances.

    Is deleting a Kik account worth it?

    Well, you know better. A Kik account is just a communication media. It is not a place to share bank accounts or credit information. It is just simple plain messenger to text with the person you want. Suppose you share something that you don’t want people to see. So you are thinking about how to delete a Kik account. Then I guess you should delete it.

    Unless you are a criminal and trafficking drugs, you will not face any issues. But sometimes, we all have some critical texts that only we can see or the person you talk with can see. Remember, you can not make the same profile again. So you have to think if you want to delete the account. Most of the time, people take down their Kik account for their texts.

    I guess it is worth it. As you know, we can make another account if we want, and there are no limits out there. So no worries. But you indeed have to find your friends from scratch. For parents, you can easily take down the accounts of your children. It is simple, and Kik sure you and your child’s safety.

    No one can delete your account

    Kik is known for its security and safety for their service. They are popular, and they do not play with this particular situation. When you send a text using Kik, your text gets encrypted, and you can not decrypt it. You don’t have to worry about your security.

    But for you, thinking how to delete Kik account. You can easily do it as mentioned. It is easy. Follow the steps to find the solution you need. No one can delete your account, and only you are capable of deleting it on your own. But for a teen account, their guardian can take control of it. They can delete their children’s accounts and have to follow some steps, and it will work. They have a different process for that.

    So, rest assure your account will be safe; no one can delete that. Usually, people can not even access your account; how can they delete it.



    You are thinking how to delete Kik account, but you are hesitating. It is just a simple account. Because Kik’s website has all the information you need. You can connect with them by clicking the help button. Especially, You will not find any other service giving this much flexibility with any account. Usually, people forget to deactivate their accounts. But it is a good thing to delete the account and removing ties with any service.

    Also, The best thing is you will not get any further notification. Kik will cut off all the ties just after you decide to leave their service. Besides, I have found it pleasing that they are letting guardians watching over their children. Kids these days get misguided very quickly.

    One more thing, if you want, you can deactivate your account for a specific time. However, That will not delete your account but will keep you switched off. Also, Imagining about the experiences that you can find here will not be the same. The security and safety of Kik are one of it’s kind. So here you have the answer to how to delete Kik account.


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