Conan Exile Interactive Map: Download and install

Conan Exile Interactive Map

Conan Exile is a new open-world game for both PC and PS4. This game offers realistic graphics and flexibility to create your character in the game. It is an open-world game that takes on an adventure in the world of Conan. Where you will fight bosses, retrieve supplies, gather rations and ammo. Moreover, the new addition is the Conan Exile interactive Map on the isle of Siptah.

The game sets you up as Conan, the barbarian who is ruthless and has no mercy. You start as a simple character who is in love and turn into a brutal barbarian. Anyone who is a fan of open-world RPG games knows what we are saying.

Conan Exile is for a single player and the new Conan Exile interactive map; the game is played by thousands of players worldwide.

About the Gameplay

The game is very compelling and fun to play as you take a journey through the life of a barbarian. It will start with you wholly naked and ripped, male or female, whichever character you pick. At the start, when you hit arcade mode, you will be prompted to design your character. It is up to what you want to play with throughout the game.

Well, let us get back; you start tied to a cross, naked, and left to die for some unknown crime you do not know. Then the misogynist Conan comes and saves you as you he is a good guy. It is where you start playing, and your first mission is to find some clothes. After that, you will search for food and weapons.

All of this sounds awesome, but it is trickier than you think. If you are new to the survival scene, you will find it difficult as there is no tutorial for anything other than “press square to pick it up.”

Conan Exile Interactive Map

The game gives a fantastic experience as you craft your weapons, clothes, fight enemies, gather supplies and rations, find shelter, search for water in the desert, fight starvation. Moreover, it gives two choices in almost every situation. For example – should you pick up this item or not, the decision is on you. As what you do impacts your further gameplay, make choices based on your needs, what you already have, and what you intend to do next.

In the opening of your gameplay, you will be in the desert trying to find water, shelter, and starvations. Then, slowly you will find out how to craft weapons, make shelter, cook food, make clothes with leaves.

Conan Exiles gives you the real-life experience that every gamer wants. Such as – raw food can make you very sick and even poison you, which eventually kills you. After all of these, you will get the hang of it, and when you have played few hours, you will see that you have a house, a well-crafted sword, a leather armour; moreover, you might even have crafted a bed and some furniture in your home. Eventually, you will start fighting monsters as you explore the map. When you discover a new area, there are bound to be many rewards, goals you have to complete, and boss controlling a particular zone. You fight with the monsters in various parts of the map.


About the Conan Exile’s Interactive Map

Conan Exile’s map has so much to do and so many elements such as – volcano, swamps, monsters, and so much more. The Exiled land is you start your journey. It is full of camps, dungeons, caves, fast travel obelisks, bosses, etc. However, Conan Exile interactive map is an online gaming server. You have to join the game to play with others. The interactive map also gives single-player mood features. The map is full of resources, lores, pets, points of interest, emotes, etc. There are icons for each element in the map you need to know before playing with others.

  1. Points of interest are –
  • Mounds of death
  • New Asagrath
  • Forgotten City of Xel-ha
  • City of relic hunters, Sepermeur
  • Black Galleon
  • The Den
  • The unnamed city
  • Temple of forest
  • Summoning place
  1. NPC’s –
  • Braga
  • Conan
  • Enis the gobbler
  • Syed secretkeeper
  • Arcos, the wanderer
  • Jamila, the pirate queen
  • Nunu, the cannibal
  • Risa the brutal
  • The outcast
  • Warmaker klael
  1. Emotes –
  • Belly dance
  • Blow kiss
  • Cross arms
  • Comb hair
  • Show off
  • Sigh
  • Slit throat
  • War dance
  • Spit
  • Yawn
  1. Bosses –
  • Crocodile
  • Dragon
  • Rhino
  • Rocknose
  • Rotbranch
  • Sand reaper hive queen
  • Scorpion
  • Spider
  • Tiger
  1. Recipes –
  • Buccaneer
  • Dogs of the desert banners
  • Black hand banners
  • Relic hunter banners
  • Specialist brewing i
  • And Specialist brewing ii
  • Specialist cooking i+iv
  • Specialist cooking ii, iii, iv, ix, v, vii, viii, x
  • Vanquisher of the king beneath
  • Totems
  1. Darfuri cannibal camps –
  • Carver’s chest
  • Cannibal’s rest
  • Bondbreaker’s bend
  • Death’s shadow camp
  • Dustdevil ridge
  • Gallaman’s overlook
  • Howling plateau
  • Heartsblood rise
  • Riverwatch camp
  • Raider’s ridge
  • Ravenger’s cleft
  • The dryfalls
  • The corner of bones
  • Witness camp
  1. Forest giant camp

  • Crystalline chasm
  • Flamemist camp
  • Icekeeper hollow
  • The outcast camp
  • Ymir’s Delusion
  • Bizzard’s overwatch
  1. Vanir camp –
  • Coldfish camp
  • Freya’s hovel
  • Desertwatch
  • Ghostward tower
  • Godsward tower
  • Lian’s watch
  • Strom watch
  • Nordhof
  • Sandward tower
  • Meltwater crag
  • The wardtower
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These are some of the icons on the Conan Exiles interactive map that resemble those listed under each category. However, there are many more places, such as dungeons, caves, vistas, camps, ruins, and so much more. The game’s interactive map is so vast and full of exciting things that it will be hard for you to quit an ongoing match for a break.

What I Like About the Game

Conan Exiles is a fantastic RPG game with so many features and exciting quests. The thing that attracted my attention recently is that Funcom added new and challenging monsters to the interactive map mode. As you can train these monsters or animals, the game became more interesting. Exile land has a lot of storms and lightning, which shoots out random monsters. It helps a lot when you are mismatched, and you cannot train that monster or animal.

Another thing is that the land has so much room to build; moreover, the new model pieces of the buildings are just excellent. Overall, Conan Exile interactive map and single player map are something to play on.

What I do not like About the Game

Few things on this game are a big no for me. One of them is when you try to find and train trolls. It is challenging as the trolls or monsters stay hidden, and when you have many people on the server. Too many people in the server make it difficult especially when the server is not programmed to multiply trolls as they get captured, killed, or trained.

Resources on larger dumps are not visible, which makes it harder to find them. Another thing is that food in the interactive map does not heal you as much as it heals in the single-player maps. You have craft bandages and healing equipment. But as the resources are harder to locate, this makes making any healing equipment very difficult.

Downloading and installing Conan Exile

The process of downloading and installing Conan Exile on your device is very straightforward, and here it is how –

  • In any browser, search Conan Exile, and you will find the game file.
  • If you are a steam user, then you can buy the game. When you purchase it, you get some additional features such as – guides, mood packs, Conan Exile interactive map.
  • When you have downloaded it, unzip the game where you want it.
  • Then go to the unzipped folder and find the exe file.
  • When you have launched the exe file, it automatically starts a window.
  • In that window, you can choose where to install it and if you want a desktop shortcut.
  • Then hit next and lastly install, and your game will start to install on your device.
  • After the installation, if you have a crack version, copy the crack and paste it where you have installed Conan Exile. But if you do not have a crack file, then directly launch the game from the shortcut icon on your desktop.
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However, if you download it from Steam, you need to go through this process. Conan Exile will automatically install itself on your computer after download.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Conan exiles free to play?

Conan Exile is an RPG based open-world game with a unique back story and graphics. It was free to play on Steam for a while, but now it is not. However, you can always download the crack version of the game from any free game site, but will it work properly? There is no saying on it.


  1. What is the purpose of Conan exiles?

This game gives a fantastic experience with a goal at each step of the barbarian’s life. The goal is to find a way off the Exile land and survive while you are on it, including gathering resources, making necessary equipment, and crafting accessories. However, the online multiplayer mode is not about leaving the land; instead, you have to be the last man standing.

  1. Is Conan exiles better than ark?

Conan Exile is not lacking, but ARK is far better. ARK gives a better experience and better storyline with lagging in-game. Although Conan Exile is unique, ARK is the winner of the PVE battle.

  1. Is Conan exiles fun single player?

Conan Exile interactive map is the multiplayer playground, but most gamers prefer the single-player mode. As in the single-player mode, you get so much to do. You get So much to discover, capture, train, and so on. On the other hand, multiplayer is just about being the last one to be alive.

  1. What is the strongest weapon in Conan exiles?

Conan Exile allows you to craft your weapon, and also, you can search the land to get some great and robust swords. However, the weapon that caught my eye is the Telith’s sword. You can craft this weapon with the necessary resources, which you will find later in the game.

The final word for Conan Exile Interactive Map

The name Conan exile refers to that the game is more likely an adventure; so, you must play it if you want to explore the Barbarian era. However, the Conan exile interactive map will lead you to the game’s essential locations and let you know about the upcoming challenges.

It may be challenging to play this game because the oldest versions may not run on your PS4 or PC. Moreover, your device may not be suitable for the gameplay; you can still choose it.

Some people may not find it exciting because they find some other games better for the graphics & functions. I hope the developers will work more on this game to make the necessary updates & playable on PS5.

You can watch YouTube videos to get a better idea of the gameplay, including the interactive map. Maybe watching them will help you to find the options & increase your pace in the game.


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