Cool Math Games Run 3: A Revolutionary Invention

Cool Math Games Run 3

The gaming industry is one of the most prosperous industries in the modern era. Our young generations are very much engaged with this industry and spend a reasonable amount of time in a day playing games, whether it is board games or computer and mobile-based online and offline games. So, gaming plays a vital role in building various personality traits in a person. From this perspective, there is an online game named Cool Math Games Run 3, which awakens people’s competitive streak. This article will provide brief details about Cool Math Games Run 3 to make the journey of searching challenges a bit easier.

What Is Cool Math Games?

Cool Math Games is mainly a popular Flash Game website and a mainstay of Generation Z culture. It is an online web portal that also hosts HTML web browser games besides Flash web browser games. The target audience of this portal is mainly children and young people. Cool Math LLC operates cool Math Games. This organization first went online in 1997 and only hosted non-violent and educational content.

From the name cool math itself, we can derive it as cool+math, and it is also a gaming website. So, the services Cool Math Games offer are-

  1. Cool It is the first website of this web portal. It is appropriate for 13+ aged people looking for math solutions on algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, etc.
  2. Cool Math4kids: It is for the below 13 aged people; moreover, it is for the kids. This website’s primary focus is to teach the kids math more enjoyably and easily and remove math fear.
  3. Cool Math Games: According to the founders, it is their brand-training site where logic and thinking meet fun and games. This organization believes in peace. So, the games on this site have a non-violence policy.



Acceptance of Cool Math Games Run 3:

From the data collected by our dedicated research team, in November 2019, Popular Mechanics listed Cool Math Games as one of its “50 most important websites”. According to The Daily Dot, this website’s library of content is impressive in a run-down of the best games online.

What is Cool Math Games Run3?

Cool math games Run3 is also known as Run Mobile, and it is the third game in the famous Run trilogy. Run3 was published on June 5, 2014, by Player 03, and it is still updating on a fixed schedule basis. In Run3, there are more than 20 playable side tunnels, 309 levels(367 including minigames) that are currently playable as they are published, and59 levels are unreleased but are in the process where 44 are in tunnels.

The gameplay of Cool Math Games Run 3:

To know this game better, we have personally tried to play Run3 and understand the gameplay. Like the previous two Run series, Run3 also takes place in a series of tunnels in space. But the addition in Run3 is mainly its plot and ten characters with their traits and abilities. Run3 also introduces some new mechanics such as crumbling tiles, ramps, darkness, and the ability to re-enter the tunnel after jumping out. It is more user friendly and challenging compared to the previous versions. There is an in-game currency system like TempleRun named Power cells that can buy new features and update the shop’s game mode. In Run3, gamers can push boxes using rings.

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Game Plot:

Run 3 is the first game in the Run trilogy that has a plot. The plot is somewhat like as given below-

The aliens leave the planet to explore tunnels, but unfortunately, they cannot locate the planet in its previous spot. Some of the aliens start to search a way back where Angel is the team leader. The remaining aliens look for a path to a strange distortion, with Runner leading this team. On their way of searching, they face some challenges, and that’s the theme of this game. Besides Angel and Runner, this game has some other characters that the gamer can unlock by completing assigned tasks. In this game, the name must run and jump nonstop to avoid holes and falling into the air. On the runway, the gamer can pick up items. In this game, the higher the level, the faster the game.

Characters of Cool math games Run 3:

We know that there are ten crucial characters in the game, and we already two of them- Angel and Runner. The rest of the characters are-

  • The Skater: This character enjoys challenging himself. He is not the smartest one, but he keeps trying to update himself. This character rarely stops to take a break from skating, and that’s why it is called the Skater.
  • The Duplicator: This character is suspicious of others but trusts alien technology. It lacks shadows.
  • The Child: This character is a confusing one. He is sometimes witty and sometimes immature. This character comes with a balloon that helps him float, but it sometimes splashes people with water. This character is averted when he sees any candy. This trait demonstrates him as a child.
  • The Pastafarian: You used The Pastafarian character to work as a priest on the planet. This character can come a bit strange at some point in the game. This character has a frying pan in its head that provides the complete Pastafarian look.
  • The Student: This character works like the brain. She is the gravity master of the alien group. She is known as a nerd in the alien group. Has no sense of humour, and she is a science hero, the main character that continually talks about science.
  • The Lizard: This character is green in colour and can jump high. When the gamer fails a level forty times with the Lizard, it will immediately go to sleep for a particular time.
  • The Bunny: This character only cares about bouncing. This character is hyperactive. It is only troublesome with Angel. Otherwise, this character is quite accommodating.

Game Mode:

Especially, Run3 has two game modes. Such as-

  1. Explore Mode: This mode is the main attraction of Run3. It contains the main plot. In this game, gamers can unlock several characters by playing this mode and winter and Halloween costumes and other features. In this mode, the Runner’s galaxy map acts as a level hub that displays all the tunnels and levels that need to play in this mode and that need exploring.
  2. Infinite Mode: Infinite mode consists of pre-made levels in random order. In this mode, there is no saving of the progress. The primary goal for this mode is to finish as many levels as possible. As a result, there is no way of winning, and this mode acts as a loop. When the gamer is low on power cells, they should try to play infinite mode as this is the only mode where the gamer can earn power cells without losing the plot.


As the name suggests, this section is mainly for purchasing features, characters, costumes, and updating the game mode. Like other shop sections in both real life and in-game life, buying it requires currency. Gamers can earn power cells by merely playing the game. Power cells are the currency for this game.

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Level Editor:

The level editor is my personal favourite in-game feature. Using this feature, one can easily design the levels as free will. We can use various tiles and perform a test run to see whether we have got the desired design for designing. While test running, the editor will show us more innovative ways to tweak the levels and make it more challenging.

Difficulty Level of Cool math games Run 3 :

The makers have set various difficulty levels to make the game more exciting and challenging. The difficulty levels are below-

  • Sandbox
  • Very easy
  • Easy
  • Not too easy
  • Almost medium
  • Medium
  • Over medium
  • Above medium
  • Fairly hard
  • Hard
  • Extra hard
  • Insanely hard as well as.
  • Hell

Besides that, the gamers can set their preferred level and play the game. If they want to make it more challenging for them, they can try switching various difficulty levels.


How to Play Run 3 Game:

The way of playing this game is straightforward. After downloading the game or opening the Cool Math Games website, we need to click the play button to start the gameplay. Then jump by clicking on the characters and controlling the directional keypad on the keyboard, we can seamlessly overcome the hurdles.


Limitations of Cool math games Run 3:

In this world, every invention has some limitations as human beings are prone to mistake. Despite all the efforts of the makers to make this game a challenging one, it has some rules that are-

  • We cannot play it on mobile and tablet. This game is only playable via computer.
  • The website is an old one. So, it can contain some malware and viruses, which can be harmful to the device.
  • The updating process is slow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Is a Cool math game safe?

Answer: The preferred solution will be no. Cool Math is an old website that fills with malware and spyware. In addition to a one-way ticket to DIIT, students will likely treat the site as a joke and retain very little mathematical content. So, I advised surfing this website carefully.

Question 2: Is cool math games shutting down?

Answer: After that, Adobe’s discontinuing Flash support, this website would shut down as the games on this website were Flash web browser friendly. According to the makers, most cool math games built-in based on HTML5, which means that these games are still playable. So, there is no possibility of the company’s shutting down.

Question 3: How much money does cool math make?

Answer: According to our net surfing, cool apparently makes $60000 every day off ads, and their net income per year is around $21.6 million as well as.

Question 4: How much do cool math games Run three cost?

Answer: Surprisingly enough, this game is entirely free of cost. It is a free online game that can play only using the computer. For updating and purchasing, the gamer can earn power cells by playing and completing various tasks.

Question 5: Is a cool math game educational?

Answer: Games are mostly entertaining. So, cool math games are also no different. They are very much fun and engaging. But there is a secret hidden in a cool math game. The games in cool math are entertaining as well as educating. These games help to enhance the brain. These educational games tend to disguise learning and skill improvement behind a playful atmosphere, and solving the tasks require brainstorming.


Final words for Cool math games Run 3

Jumping and running was never fun until cool math games Run 3. The Cool Math Games logo is styled with basic geometric shapes that make it quite appealing, and it attracts the attention of the young userbase. Cool Math Games come with the slogan, “Where logic and thinking meets fun and games.” The games in the cool math games satisfy its motto as while the games are fun to play, it also requires some thinking. So, we can say that Cool math games Run 3 is the perfect game that comes with a unique plot and requires proper logical reasoning to complete the level, and it is an ideal choice for the challenge seekers.


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