New Zealand Badminton team name

New Zealand Badminton team name

Badminton has started its journey in ancient Greece, China, and India. At that time, the game was known as the old children’s game. Nowadays, Badminton is the most well-known game in Asian countries. The game is the latest version of battledore and shuttleCocks reformed in British India. Badminton is the swiftest racket sport in the world. New Zealand Badminton team name adds a unique dimension to the association of Badminton New Zealand. The country named their Badminton team Black Cocks like the nickname of their other national sports.

It is a game that is played in a rectangular court divided by a net. The instruments of the game are a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock by a single or double person. The player stricks the shuttleCocks over the net and scores the point. There are five sets of rules and some defined scoring system of Badminton.

It makes the player run more than 300 kilometres per hour. Summer Olympic sports include Badminton in the year 1992 with four categories.

The Badminton championship follows the pattern of lawn tennis. The types are Men’s and women’s, singles or doubles, and mixed double. Here we are going to know the details of the New Zealand Badminton team and its name.

History of New Zealand Badminton team:

During the 1860s, a British army officer stayed in India and played Poona. Badminton is originated directly from that game. The name Badminton emerged from the name of Badminton house of Gloucestershire. It was the living place of the duke of Beaufort.

The name of the Badminton organization of New Zealand is Badminton New Zealand. It was founded in 1927 by Archdeacon Ralph Greed Meredith. He was the champion belong to Whanganui. In the year 1934, he has got the founding member of the Badminton World Federation.

New Zealand has learned Badminton in the mid-19th century from England or India. Before The Auckland Badminton club starts its journey, in 1874, a Badminton racket, shuttleCocks, and net are sold in Wellington. In 1900, Badminton embarked on its official step status in New Zealand with The Auckland Badminton club’s help.

Badminton New Zealand comes from the collaboration of The Auckland, Whanganui, and Napier club in 1925. This new Badminton association is the combination of 27 regional associations of the country. It aims to arrange the internal tournaments of the country.

The name of their internal Badminton tournament is the New Zealand Open Badminton tournament. In 1927 the first Badminton national championship took place in Whanganui.

The International Badminton tournament formed in 1934 with nine-nations of the world and New Zealand was one. New Zealand and Australia arranged the “Whyte Trophy” from 1938, the oldest Badminton tournament of inter-country.

New Zealand takes part in the International Tournament “The Thomas Cup” for men and women’s Uber Cup. Badminton got its Commonwealth Games status in 1966 and Olympic Sports status in 1992.

New Zealand Badminton team name:

New Zealand follows their traditional nomenclature, to name the game. The Badminton team of New Zealand is represented by the name of the Black Cocks. They choose the name in the year 2004. Badminton New Zealand’s nickname derives from the combination of the shuttle Cocks used in sports. The shuttlecock of Badminton is also known as The birdie. It is a unique cone-shaped ball. It is made of feathers or synthetic material and attached to a cork or rubber base.

Again, the name holds the tagline “All black” of their national game rugby.


The national sports team of New Zealand always adopt such types of the moniker. The country named their basketball team “The Tall Blacks” and football team “The all-whites.” though the names are self-explanatory, they can draw followers’ attention.

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Black Cocks denotes the speed, enthusiasm, and excitement of the game. The team chooses the Black Cocks as the symbol of their national Badminton team so that it can attract people’s attention and the supports of the fans.


Moreover, it helps to increase publicity. It makes the partons more enthusiastic about investing more. The unique name enlarges the sponsorship from different companies for the game. Thus, payers become more interested in playing Badminton.

Cause of dropping the name:

The name Black Cocks has to face much criticism because of its controversial influence. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) has a significant impact in dropping the exciting name of Badminton New Zealand. By ignoring the funny side of the team name, IBF marked it as a ridiculous term. According to them, the name is belittling the significance of the game. They impose New Zealand to rethink Black Cocks.

As a result, Badminton New Zealand has arranged statistical feedback from its regional 27 associations. They try to have a survey on whether the name Black Cocks should stay or not. Unfortunately, the title ended after one year of its start. Though the name Black Cocks does not have longevity, it created a great response in the nation. Still, it is used as the unofficial name of the New Zealand Badminton team.

The president of Badminton New Zealand, Nigel Skelt, stated that IBF doesn’t want to make the game lose its honour for a gimmicky name. But the Badminton New Zeland team adopts the name Black Cocks wholeheartedly. Thus, The group is known as the Black Cocks still now.

Badminton players of New Zealand

Badminton has got especial respect in this country through the successor’s achievement. A recent survey shows that in 2012 more than 120000 citizens of New Zealand play Badminton. Surprisingly, above 12000 of them are regular players.


In the year 2014 Badminton New Zealand and New Zealand, the Olympic committee makes a Badminton team of eight-person travel to Glasgow to represent the country during the Commonwealth Games in July. Kereyn Smith was the Chief executive officer of the New Zealand Academy of Sport. Later she was appointed as the CEO of the New Zealand Olympic cup. She leads the team of young and expert players to play in Glasgow.


Badminton got its highest rank of honour in the Commonwealth game in 2014. During the commonwealth Game, Kereyn Smith urges all players to contribute a strong performance in Glasgow.

The list of top players of Glasgow are:

NameAgeHome TownCategoryRanking
Joe Wu28NorthlandMen’s Single96
Michael Fowke23WaikatoMen’s Single155
Michelle chan26AucklandWomen’s single67
Anna Rankint24SouthlandWomen’s single

Women’s Double




Oliver Laydon-davis23WaikatoMixed Doubles

Men’s Doubles



Susannah Leydon-Davis22WaikatoMixed Doubles50
Kevin Dennerly-Minturn23AucklandMen’s Doubles 
Madeleine Stapleton21WaikatoWomen’s Doubles51

The young team widely bring pride to the country in Oceania Championships during 2014. In the commonwealth, The team ranked 6. it also secured rank 22 in the world Badminton.

List of current Male Badminton players of Newzeland:

  1. Geoff Bellingham
  2. Chris Blair
  3. Chan Yun Lung
  4. Luke Charlesworth
  5. Craig Cooper
  6. Late Ralph Creed Meredith
  7. Kevin Dennerly-Minturn
  8. Dean Galt ( retired)
  9. Anton Gargiulo
  10. John Gordon

List of current Female Badminton players of Newzeland:

  1. Rhona Robertson( retired)
  2. Heather Robson( retired)
  3. Rebecca Bellingham
  4. Michelle Chan
  5. Vicki Copeland
  6. Late Sonia Cox

Contribution of the prominent Badminton players

The story of success comes after a lot of sacrifices. New Zealand players do their best to make a strong team and bring glory to their country. Some of the players have passed away, and some of them are retired. But Badminton New Zealand never forgets their immense contribution as they build the team and lead the team to success.

Joe HitchCocks, the CEO of Badminton new Zeland, admired the team’s expertise and their dedication to self-development. They also play by following the instructions of a new National Coach. The National Team Coach was reformed by the former Badminton New Zealand Director of Coaching and current National Centre Coach with Badminton Elite centre.

The player feels enthusiastic as they have passed six selection rounds before compiling the strong battalion’s team. One of the players, Oliver Laydon-Davis, acknowledges that they tried their level best to bring out the best output of them in Glasgow’s Team competition.

After getting the rank of top six, the team members feel proud to wear the silver fern. All of the team members have shared their personal experiences of their journey.

Michelle Chan overcomes the disappointment of losing the London Olympics by getting the chance of playing in the second commonwealth Games. To her, it was a significant turning back to the career.

Michael Fowke is the most prominent Badminton player of New Zealand player obtains an award in SKYCITY New Zealand Badminton Open.

According to Maddie Stapleton, the selection journey of two years was the period of qualification. Kevin Dennerly-Minturn and Leydon-Davis play in the partnership in the Men’s Doubles on behalf of the New Zealand team at the Commonwealth Games. They all bring a new chapter to the history of Badminton in New Zealand.

FAQ on New Zealand Badminton team name

There are some questions that people often asked to know. The answers are given below.

  1. How does New Zealand Badminton take its decisions?

New Zealand Badminton has taken its decisions by serving national statistics. It takes opinion from its 27 regional wings and then comes to the probable solution of any raised issue.

  1. What is the symbol of the New Zealand Badminton team?

New Zealand often chooses the Black Cocksas, the symbol of the New Zealand Badminton team. It denotes the concept of “All Black.” Though the name does not sustain long officially, it cut massive attention from all sorts of people.

  1. Why the team was named Black Cocks?

The name Black Cocks is selected to seek the attention of the sponsorers, fans, and patrons. It helps to bring a massive profit and sponsorship to the game in this country.

  1. Why has the name been aborted?

As the name is a bit funny and the world mocks at it, the International Badminton federation decided to make the country’s name abort. Again, The decision was also granted by 27 regional associations of New Zealand Badminton.

  1. What is the achievement of the New Zealand Badminton team?

There are many achievements by the prominent players of the country. Craig Richard Cooper obtains Commonwealth games in 2000 and the Summer Olympic in in2008.

John Gordon competed at the Commonwealth Games in 2002. he won a bronze medal in the mixed team event. There are many more like that.

  1. How many categories are there in a Badminton tournament?

There are five events in a Badminton tournament. The events are:

a) men’s singles

b) men’s doubles

c) women’s singles

d) women’s doubles

e) mixed doubles


The nickname of the New Zealand Badminton team Black Cocks is not only exciting but also market-friendly. Though the federation rejected it, it has a significant influence on the fan and followers. It gives a successful outbreak to the team, and they regained their name and fame by working hard.

The continental Badminton organizations’ parent association is the Badminton World Federation (BWF), which arranges Badminton’s grand tournament plans. The federation opens a vast space of showing excellence. The Badminton New Zealand grasp the opportunity and put one step forward with the passionate and experienced players.

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