Send Fax From Gmail Step By Step

    Send a Fax from Gmail

    To do official work, you may choose faxing for communication. Even many professionals believe faxing is the most confidentiality and safest communication way. Let’s how to send a fax from Gmail.

    A big business owner has a fax machine. If you work with them, you also need to send documents or other files to them through fax. And if you own a fax machine, then it is fine for you. But what if you do not have it. Even if you occasionally fax then buying a fax machine is a waste of money. Besides, in this modern era, everyone wants wireless things. And a fax machine takes up half-space in a room.

    Your headache will be gone when you know; you can send a fax online. And you can do this by using your Gmail.

    Step by step guideline – Send fax from Gmail

    To send a fax from Gmail account, you need a Gmail account and an online fax number. 

    • First, choose a web-based fax company. It will handle your incoming and outgoing faxes.
    • Now, open your Gmail account.
    • Tap on the Compose tab and type the fax number into To
    • Fill up the subject and body field, if you need. Attach the fax file that you want to send.
    • Tap on Send, and it will start transmission right away.

    Your google fax number will be your online fax number. It will forward all your incoming fax to your Gmail. Without a google fax number, you cannot receive any fax. You can get it from an online-based company.

    How to get a Gmail Fax Number?

    In past days, you need to own a fax machine to send and receive documents. But you are lucky that you do not need a fax machine. All you need is a google account and an online fax number to send a fax from Gmail.

    You can get an online fax number from an online fax service provider. There is a lot of websites which provide free fax service in some limitation. You may send a fax but cannot receive any fax. Or, maybe daily you can send one fax. And you might get all this service for a few days.

    An online fax service provider may charge 5$ per month that a business owner can easily afford. And they will also provide you with a specific fax number, without any charge.

    Your google fax number will be your online fax number. It will forward all your incoming fax to your Gmail. Without a google fax number, you cannot receive any fax. You can get it from an online-based company.

    Best Google Fax Services

    Many websites on the internet provide online fax service. And we listed some best websites which will help you to send and receive your fax from Gmail.


    This older online fax service provider offers a lot of faxing options. It offers one single plan, and it is very expensive. It will give you a test drive for a full month, and there is not limited storage. Besides, you can use local numbers in many countries.


    • Fax quality is outstanding.
    • You can share large files.
    • They provide local, international and toll-free fax numbers.
    • You can receive faxes into your multiple accounts.
    • It is a modern mobile app.
    • They provide 24/7 customer supports.
    • You will get OCR features.


    • Their monthly subscription is costly.
    • The web interface and desktop app are outdated.
    • Password security is very lower.
    • The set-up fee is one time.


    RingCentral fax comes with a lot of features, and it also offers very flexible plans. Besides, it offers a one-month free test drive. The best feature about this app is that you are paying according to your faxing needs, as it offers you a flexible plan.

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    • It provides a modern app and web-interface.
    • You can send large files.
    • They offer schedule fax features.
    • You will get a detailed report.
    • You can get a toll-free number.
    • They offer excellent value.
    • It also gives you a PC/iOS application.
    • They offer 24/7 customer support.


    • You will not get any international fax number.
    • Their digital signature tool is very poor.
    • Their security is not strong.


    This younger company is now on top tier fax service providers. They offer 14 days free trial, and after that, they charge 10$ per month. You can share files for more than 170 different formats. For international faxing, they have fix charges. And they allow more than 40 countries for faxing.


    • Their mobile app is excellent.
    • You will get international and toll-free numbers.
    • Their set up is very simple and as well as faxing.
    • Available 170 different formats for faxing.


    • The storage is limited.
    • You cannot receive a massive amount of storage.
    • They do not have two-factor authentications.
    • You cannot see what international numbers are available while singing up.
    • Their pricing format is very restrictive.
    • The web-interface is not updated.
    • Their digital signature is very poor, and the password reset process is very unsecured.


    RapidFAX provides a very flexible plan for the customer. They come with some useful features which are very beneficial for the users. They charge 10$ per month and allow you to receive 300 documents. Even if you receive more than 300 documents, they will charge 0.08$ for extra per page.


    • You can see your faxes from account.
    • For additional pages, they charge 0.08$.
    • They do not charge for setting up your account.
    • The web page faxing is secured.


    • After sending the fax, it may take a few minutes to send you the confirmation message.


    This online fax fee is low, but its web interface is outdated. On the other hand, the mobile app is not like the web version. It is better than the web interface.


    • The mobile app is solid.
    • Fax quality is very good.
    • They provide excellent value.


    • The web interface is not updated.
    • You cannot get international fax numbers.
    • You might face a problem while setting up the account.
    • They have a lack of advanced features.


    FaxZero is best for free faxing. If you need to send some faxes, you can use it. But you cannot receive faxes for free. If you do not care about high features, then FaxZERO is the best option for you.


    • You can do international faxing, but it is for a fee.
    • The interface is straightforward.


    • This is very expensive.
    • They do not have a mobile app or an email-to-fax ability.


    Though mFax is a well-designed online fax service provider, they do not have the digital signature capability. Even you will not find a dedicated mobile app.


    • The web interface is very excellent.
    • You will find a team management feature.
    • If you need fax scheduling, you can do with it.
    • Their fax quality is outstanding.


    • They do not have a dedicated mobile app.
    • Their charge is very pricy.
    • Neither they have digital signature tool nor two-factor authentication.

    Nextiva vFAX

    Nextiva vFAX has very affordable plans. But you will face international faxing limitation. Even they do not have a mobile app.


    • Their charge is a low overage.
    • You will get a flexible option.
    • The fax quality is good.


    • You will not find a mobile app.
    • Their web interface is very slow.

    Gmail Fax Number Advantages and Features


    Gmail fax number has some features and advantages. It allows you to send and receive faxes in your any device. The communication process is very secure and fast. Gmail fax number save your money, and you do not need to depend on a physical line. Even a fax machine installation is very costly, and it takes a lot of space. But Gmail fax number do not need all of this. All you need is your smartphone or a PC. They hold signature, so the document is legally binding. Even with Gmail fax number, you can work with Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

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    Features of Send Fax from Gmail

    Sending a fax from Gmail make faxing very easier. Without a fax machine, now you can fax from your any device through your Gmail account. Gmail fax number features include

    • Cloud Storage: This feature enables you to use cloud-based service, for example, Dropbox and Google Drive. It means when you send fax; you are using cloud storage.
    • Mobile Faxing: You can send a fax from your mobile. It means wherever you are; if you have a mobile with you, you can send the fax. The mobile device includes an iOS device and all Android device.
    • Fax Scheduling: If you want to send a fax later, you can set up a time and date. On that date and time, the fax will be automatically delivered. After that, you will get a confirmation message. If the fax is not delivered, they will send you an error message with a reason.
    • Electronic Signature: If your company is big, then you need the documents legally binding. So, you need to add your signature to the documents. Gmail fax number allows you to add your electronic signature. So, your documents will be legal.
    • Multiple Recipients: This feature allows you to send your same fax to multiple recipients. So you do not need to do this one by one.
    • Detailed Reports: For the detailed report, you need to access your log fax from your Gmail account dashboard and browse any fax you sent or receive no time. Even you can do it from your Google Fax service provider.

    Fax from Multiple Gmail Account

    You can send a fax from your multiple Gmail account. Some online fax service provider allows to do it. One of them is eFax. eFax allows you to send and receive fax from five different email address. So, if you need to send a fax from multiple accounts you can do it with eFax.


    Does a fax provider only work with Gmail?

    We prefer to use the Gmail account for faxing because of the security and additional features, such as your integration with Google Drive Google Docs. But you can use any email address for faxing online. Whatever email address you use, just make sure that you use it only of doing faxes. So, you can send fax from multiple email address.

    Do I need a fax number to fax from Gmail?

    Of course, you have to need an online fax number. Because the number is your link to the fax server. Even if you want to receive a fax, then you must have a fax number. Because if someone needs to send a fax to you, you have to give him your fax number. And when you buy a subscription from an online service provider, they will give you a specific fax number. And luckily those online fax service providers give the number for no extra charge.

    You can send a fax from your smartphone easily. Wherever you are if you have the internet on your smartphone and log in to your Gmail account, you can send and receive the fax.

    Does my line stay on at all times?

    Yes, your online fax number will always stay on. And you can send and receive a fax at any time. People need to operate it manually in the past days, but online faxing makes it easy for us.

    Is Online Faxing the Best Option?

    Since Google has no direct option to transmit fax, you have to use an online fax service. And there are many online fax service providers out on the internet. And compared to using a fax machine, online fax service costs it much lower. To use a fax machine, you need to install it with an extra phone line. And the phone line charge is much higher than online fax charge. Even there are other expenses for the machine, such as paper and ink cost.



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