Youtube Video Downloader Chrome

Youtube Video Downloader Chrome

Whenever we want to watch any video, we usually search on YouTube. On the other hand, for browsing, we use Chrome. To make a connection between watching videos and browsing, we often try to find YouTube video downloader chrome to easily download videos on Chrome.

But the process of merging is not that easy. Usually, Chrome does not allow downloading YouTube videos. As a result, people sometimes feel troubled. This article will present a possible YouTube video downloader, Chrome, for our readers to make this quest a bit easier.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an American online video sharing platform. The founders brought YouTube to light in February 2005. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. The available contents on YouTube include-

  • Video clips
  • Movie trailer
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Short and documentary films
  • Audio recordings
  • Video blogging
  • Live to stream
  • Educational videos

It allows the user to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlist, report, comment, like, and dislike. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google. Moreover, Google bought this site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

What is Chrome?

Chrome, also known as Google Chrome, is a cross-platform web browser of Google. Its first release in 2008. Most of Chrome’s source code comes from Google’s free and open-source software project Chromium, from where we get the name Chrome. We can find any question available on the internet by only using Chrome.


Chrome is one of the most popular web browsing platforms in the world. But it does not allow downloading YouTube videos; that’s where Chrome Extension comes in handy.

What is the Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome extensions are mainly programs that we can install into Chrome to change its functionality. It can add new features to Chrome or modify existing features and make Chrome more user friendly. By using the Google Chrome extension, we can easily-

  • Block ads from displaying.
  • Optimize memory usage to make Chrome more efficient.
  • Add to-do lists to Chrome.
  • Add notes to Chrome
  • Manage password.
  • Easily copy text from any site.
  • Protect our privacy.


Though Google Chrome extension makes our browsing journey smooth, it also faces some trouble while downloading YouTube videos. It is our primary goal to solve this trouble and make browsing more enjoyable.


YouTube Video Downloader Chrome:

If we want to download YouTube videos using Chrome and face trouble doing so with Chrome extension, we need to add some YouTube video downloader Chrome software. Our research team has worked hard to find some useful YouTube video downloader Chrome software. The result provided by the research team is below-

  1. YouTube Chrome: As the name itself suggests, this software is a Chrome extension. This software works on both Mac and Windows. This software has one drawback, and that is the installation process is a complicated one. Despite this, if anyone wants to give this software a try, we have provided the installation process also to make it easier. For this, you need to download the software first. After downloading and extracting the zip file, you need to copy and paste “chrome://extensions” in the URL area of Chrome. After completing this step, you need to check Developer Mode and click Unpacked Load Extension and locate the extracted file to add it in Chrome. By simply following the above steps, one can easily enjoy YouTube Chrome.
  2. Addoncrop: Addoncrop is one of the most popular YouTube video downloader Chrome software in the world. With this plugin, we can download videos from YouTube with a straightforward process and save them to different video qualities such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p. This software never redirects to any third party websites. After downloading this software and installing it, we can easily download YouTube videos on Chrome by simply clicking the download button and selecting a preferable format.
  3. Turbo Download Manager:

Turbo download manager is a download manager that can resume downloads and remote files. This software also suggests videos from various sources besides YouTube. It allows us to save more than one video. It has internal modules that can detect media and merge playlist files like M3U8.

  1. FasTube: It is the short form of faster YouTube. This software allows us to view the video without a refreshing web page. We can stay focus by merely clicking on the light on and light off button. It supports both English and Italian language. This software automatically rotates the player if the clip is in upside-down record mode.
  2. One-Click Video Downloader: As the name suggests, this software provides the simplest way to download videos. This software supports more than 49 languages. The users can download videos in MP4, AVI, MPEG format.
  3. VDP: Best Video Downloader: This tool allows us to save any videos to the PC just by a couple of mouse clicks. This software supports all known video formats such as MP4, FLV, MPEG. This software also saves videos in HD and provides a safe downloading way.
  4. Web Video Downloader: It is a Chrome web browser program that helps us download videos quickly and safely. This program is available in more than 15 languages. We can easily download videos by simply clicking on the Download button.
  5. Video Downloader for Web: This tool supports all popular media formats like MOV, MP4, FLV. This software supports English, Dutch, French languages.
  6. Video Downloader Premium: This tool is available in more than 52 languages. It supports MOV, FLV, MP$, WEBM, AVI, and other media formats. Using this software, we can simultaneously save multiple videos and download videos from any video hosting sites, including YouTube.
  • Flash Video Downloader Plus:

We can use this software in Chrome and all browsers to download any videos and websites. This software supports FLV, MOV, WEBM, MPG, AVI, ASF, MP4 media formats. This software is available in more than 52 languages, and we can download videos from any hosting video site without any hassle.

  • Online Download Manager: This software has a unique feature. It allows us to sync our downloaded videos to the cloud. This software is available in more than 19 languages. It supports WEBM, MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, ASF, MPG media formats. We can also save audio, image, and documents only just by using this tool.
  • vGet Extension: This tool allows us to download embedded videos as well as YouTube videos. It does not drain the performance of the PC. This tool supports DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)/UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). We can also use this tool for Xbox, MediaCenters, and AllShare devices. This extension supports more than 40 languages, including English, Dutch, French.
  • VLC Video Downloader: This tool is a lightweight one. It supports MP4, FLV, ASF, MPG, MP3, AVI media formats. This software supports English and Polski languages. We can also use it as freeware, and we can easily change the video quality.
  • Stream Video Downloader: This software is a Chrome extension. We can easily download YouTube videos and YouTube streaming simultaneously. We can save videos in WMV, ASF, SWF, MP4 media formats. This tool supports Dutch, English, French languages. We can also download live streaming videos without any hassle.
  • Video Downloader Plus: This software also allows us to download YouTube videos as well as streaming videos. We can store multiple videos simultaneously. This tool supports 3GP, MP4, WMV, FLV formats. It also allows us to download Facebook and Dailymotion videos beside YouTube and record live streams.
  • Video Download Helper:

This is a Chrome extension. It enables us to save videos to a local drive. This program provides support for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). We can play DASH ( Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP ) videos on this program. This app offers a customizable interface as we can convert saved videos to any format.

  • Video Downloader Professional: It is also a Chrome browser extension. We can use this tool for collecting clips in the videos list without even downloading. We can set our preferred resolutions of the videos, and we can also play videos on TV via Google Chromecast. This software supports Dutch, English, French languages and also provides quick access to YouTube videos.
  • By Click Downloader: This software is one of the most popular ones due to its advanced features. It provides subtitles also, and the download is frictionless, and we can complete downloading with just a simple click.
  • iTubeGo: It is a software that helps us to download YouTube videos. It has a built-in YouTube converter that can convert videos to MP3, MP4, 4K, and HD MP4 videos. This software also supports multiple audio and video formats.
  • Video Downloader for Chrome: It is a Google Chrome extension that allows us to save YouTube videos. This software does not have any delay and adds in downloading clips. It can detect more than one format to download. It can simultaneously save multiple videos and support MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, and ASF media formats. This software is easy to use and light.
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FAQs for Youtube Video Downloader Chrome

We have provided a list of the most efficient YouTube video downloader Chrome in the above writings. But even after that, there may be some doubts among the readers. We want to provide our readers with a clear conscience. So, now we will try to eradicate those doubts.

Question 1: Is there any YouTube Downloader on Chrome anymore?

Answer: Since 2014, Google has blocked all the YouTube downloader addons on Chrome. As a result, there is no YouTube downloader extension for Google Chrome. Though there are still few video downloaders for Chrome, they hardly work on YouTube. That’s why we need to use a video downloader that behaves like a Google Chrome extension.

Question 2: What are the video downloaders for Chrome?

Answer: Video downloader for Chrome are extensions which we can use to download videos from any websites. We can save the clips or videos just by clicking on one button.

Question 3: What are the standard video quality supported by video downloader for Chrome?

Answer: Video downloader for Chrome supports a wide range of video qualities that includes-

  • 1080p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • HD

Question 4: What are the common formats supported by video downloader for Chrome?

Answer: Video downloader for Chrome supports the most common video formats such as as-

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • FLV
  • WEBM
  • MPEG as well as
  • MPG

Question 5: What are the general features of a video downloader for Chrome?

Answer: The general features of video downloader for Chrome includes-

  1. We can download multiple videos simultaneously.
  2. It is easy to use and light in size.
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Final wors for Youtube Video Downloader Chrome

YouTube is one of the most established video sharing platforms globally, and Chrome is the most used web browser. The user usually likes package things all in one. But when they switch between Chrome and YouTube, they get irritated and lose the internet’s fun side. This article comes in handy for those people who are trying to get rid of this irritation. In this article, we have demonstrated YouTube video downloader Chrome software and its features. The readers can now quickly determine suitable software and easily build a bridge between YouTube and Chrome surfing.


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