Beautiful Meaning in Hindi

Beautiful Meaning in Hindi

In this world where a machine is running everything, people use a beautiful sound to communicate. You can call it language. Every animal in this living world and existence have their language and humans also have it. You can differentiate languages by their way of talking and use of words. There are 6500 languages all over the world. Within those 6500 languages, there is a special one, named Hindi. It is one of the oldest used languages around the globe. “Sun-dar ta” is the word beautiful meaning in Hindi. 

“Sun-dar ta, Sun-dar” is the word meaning beautiful, and “Bo-hout Sun-dar” means very beautiful. You can find it complicated to pronounce it on your first try. Try to break it into the syllable. The word will be much easier to spell and pronounce.


What is Hindi?

Hindi is a word that comes from Hindustan (Modern day India). The language of the people of Hindustan is Hindi. Hindu Religion is also a primary reason why people named modern-day India Hindustan. The majority of the people are followers of Sanātana dharma which is the current Hindu religion.

You can find it boring by reading those directly. It is fascinating when you connect everything. Unlike some other languages, the Hindi language has its own set of alphabets and letters. The father of this language is Sanskrit.

Around 425 million people speak Hindi as their first language. You can find 120 million people using it as a second language. Even Hindi and Urdu have many similarities, and the Bangla language is also the same. Few words come directly from each language. 


Different sets of Hindi languages 

You can see that Hindi is a diverse language. There are many different sets, and if you separate the entire country, you can find Hindi segments. Here are a few of the locations that you should look into:

  • Western Hindi: There are Braj Bhasha, Haryanvi, Bundeli, Kannakuji. Well all of them are from the western side of India. You can locate these places in India, and the people there speak with these dialects.
  • Eastern Hindi dialects: Awadhi, Bagheli, Chattisgarhi, are the eastern Hindi dialects. They come from the Ardhamagadhi version of Prakrit. Most of the users of these languages are the scholars of Jain.
  • Hyderabad dialects: Hyderabad got divided between Andra Pradesh, Maharastra and Karnataka. These people use two dialects of Urdu. Those are Hyderabadi Urdu and Bangalori Urdu.
  • Haflong Hindi: The people of Asham uses this language. Mostly a part of Hindi language. However, Haflong is a unique one as it uses words from Bengali, Dimasa and Zeme Naga. 
  • Bombay Hindi: Bombay’s official language is Marathi, but you can see that most of the people are speaking Hindi. Don’t think Marathi is a different language as it is also a part of Hindi.

You can see that the segments of the Hindi language are very diverse. These different types sound different. Some of them have different alphabets also. But you can find something that is common, which is Hindi. All of them are the versions of Hindi language.

Modern-day Hindi is from Sanskrit and Sanskrit is an ancient language. It dates thousands of years. So, you can understand that the culture that surrounds Hindi is not small.


More about the language Hindi

Hindi is a beautiful language. Most of the people of the Indian continent or South Asia understand the Hindi language. Especially the people of the west are fond of the language Hindi. The culture of the Indian people is fascinating.

You can see lots of different segments of the same culture within most of the South Asian countries. Specially India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. These countries have language and religion sets, but they have a common culture and racial mixing.

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You can see that all of these countries have their languages. But the ancient language Sanskrit is the father of all. Current Indian language Hindi is the direct descendant of Sanskrit. Beautiful meaning in Hindi is Sun-dar, and the origin of it is Sanskrit. 


Beautiful meaning in Hindi for human

People all over the world use the beautiful term most of the time for describing good looking human. You can find lots of examples such as, “Tina is a beautiful girl.” It is an adjective word that defines good looks and suitable attire.

It is the same for the Hindi language too. Beautiful meaning in Hindi language is the same for human as the English language. Indian people say, ‘Tina sun-dar hai.” Both are same. 

We hope you understood the difference. We may say it repeatedly as the word’s meaning is the same, but the word is different. There are many Indian people worldwide, no matter where you stay. Get in touch with one of them and ask them. We hope they will be delighted to help you. 


Definition of Beautiful In Hindi

Beautiful is a sweet adjective that you can use to describe someone looking pretty. In other words, the attire you are looking at feels right for you and to you. So, you compliment it with an adjective beautiful.

In Hindi language, people use Sun-dar as the term of beautiful. It can be anything that they can say it is Sun-dar. Maybe the sunset at Goa beach. People of India can describe it as Sun-dar sunset, which means beautiful sunset. Most of the time, sun-dar word gets used for expressing a persons beauty.

India is a place of culture where woman traditionally wears saree and kurta. Sun-dar term or word is popular based on describing their attire. You will find people complimenting Indian women as Sun-dar auwrat or Bohut Sun-dar beti. It means a very beautiful lady or a very beautiful girl in English.

Literature of India

India is well known for its literature all over the world. There were lots of great poets and writers from India who gifted everyone with beautiful stories and poems. You all have heard the name of Rabindranath Tagore. One of the world’s most well-known writers, poets, music composers. 

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. He was the first non-European ever to win a Nobel prize in literature. One of his best pieces of literature is Gitanjali. You can find many examples of Sun-dar or the description of Sun-dar or beautiful in his creations. 

You can find a lot of other writers who are very popular all over the world. They always write in Hindi, but the fun fact is we read them in English. You will understand if you read. There is no doubt that you can appreciate the beautiful meaning in Hindi if you study their literature.

However, don’t think that only the old guys knew how to write as there are many other writers now in India who are popular worldwide for their creation. You don’t need to visit India to study on their papers. You can reach your nearest library, and we are sure you will find good literature on the Hindi language.


Beautiful Meaning in Hindi

You can already understand how the Hindi language is. Now. Let us stop being formal and talk about the word Beauty or Beautiful. 

When you think about the word beautiful, the first thing that comes to your mind is something that looks good or something you like. People use the beautiful word as an adjective to describe the positive and good looks. 

You can find the description of beauty in any place as it is something people use for their everyday lives. From horror stories to sad stories, real-life examples to make up everything have a term mixed called beautiful from literature to romance. 

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The beautiful meaning in Hindi is the same as it is in English. Beautiful is a word that is common in all the languages in this world. You can find it in any language, and Hindi is no different. You may find it curious to see Hindi, but India or those who speak Hindi can find English interesting. 

Hindi is a very diversified language. You have already seen all the details of how diversified it is. But most of the words came from Sanskrit so, if you want to dig deep into Hindi, you can study Sanskrit.

There are no doubts about you finding the information about beauty in Sanskrit. There are many works of literature available in Sanskrit for you to research. We already did the digging and glad to tell you that you will find it interesting.


Beautiful in English

English is a vibrant language, and you can say an easy language. If you ought to learn English versus Hindi, you will find English easier. 

You can find a significant amount of literature in English. Many people worldwide speak the English language, and it is one of the most used languages across the globe. There are lots of great writers who made beautiful literature. 

Mentioning names would not be enough. You can see established English literature for more than 1000 years. But Hindi is not far behind as it comes from an ancient language called Sanskrit. Beautiful meaning in Hindi is the same as beautiful meaning in English.

You can find lots of examples describing beautiful or beauty. Most of the romantic literature comes with a lovely term. Beautiful is an adjective in the English language. You can find people describing the attire and the profile of anything by using the adjective beautiful. 


FAQs Beautiful Meaning in Hindi

You can find a lot of questions about beautiful meaning in Hindi. As it is a different language, you can find rather complicated problems. That is why we came up with a few FAQ for you to understand better:

  1. What does Beautiful mean in Hindi?

= Beautiful in the Hindi language is a different word. It is Sun-dar, also known as beautiful in Hindi. You can learn more from the article up above. There we described the origin of the Sun-dar word. 

  1. Is beautiful in Hindi and beautiful in English the same word?

= Yes, the word beautiful is the same in both Hindi and English language. Though the meaning is the same, the word is not. The word Sun-dar is the word we prefer as beautiful. However, despite the difference, both are adjectives in their respected languages.

  1. What is the origin place of the Hindi language?

= The origin of the Hindi language in India. It came from an ancient language called Sanskrit. It is the primary origin of the Hindi language. You can find more information where we described what Hindi is. 

  1. How many people talk in Hindi Language?

= More than 425 million people talks in the Hindi language. There are 120 million people who use Hindi as a second language. You will be amazed to learn that various Hindi versions that India’s people use every day. 


You can already understand that Beautiful meaning in Hindi is the same as in English. But the word is different in the Hindi language. It is Sun-dar, to be exact. You can see we already mentioned how sun-dar gets used in the Hindi language.

There are also details of literature about Hindi and English language. We mentioned both so that you can figure out the initial meaning. It is simple, so you don’t have to sweat. But the thing you should keep in mind is Hindi is a rich language the same as English. You can find many people who praised Hindi as one of the oldest versions of a language and letters.



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