Google Play Store is Dropping its US Ban on Sports Betting


In a policy change that takes effect on March 1, 2021, Google’s Play Store will allow US customers to access mobile sports wagering and casino apps. Developers and existing companies are thrilled by the move and looking forward to a surge in online gambling and betting.

Policy changes

Google will now permit real-money gambling and sports betting app options in its Play Store, in addition to fantasy sports betting apps. Prior to this change, gambling apps were only available in a few countries, such as Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom.

Fifteen countries are being added to this list, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. App developers in these countries may now submit their apps for approval by Google before appearing on the platform’s Play Store in Android format. Mobile apps are an essential component of driving the transition to online sports betting as they are convenient for users.

Good news

Google’s new policy is great news for sports fans in 2021, many of whom have become accustomed to online betting in US states where it is permitted, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Nevada.

In all its formats, sports betting saw a sharp decline in trade in 2020 once leagues canceled or postponed games and tournaments due to COVID-19. Now that many sports disciplines have reopened, albeit differently from before, people are taking advantage of sports betting since many cannot attend matches because of public health protocols and restrictions.

Responsible gambling

While Google appears keen to embrace the notion of online gambling and sports betting, it wants to do so in a manner that promotes responsible gambling. Therefore, app developers must comply with stringent regulations before their apps are launched on the Play Store.

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These include preventing underage use, not charging any money for apps, and eliminating access and use from countries not covered by their gambling license. Obtaining gambling licenses from state authorities is also a rigorous process, requiring compliance with multiple regulations and being subjected to regular monitoring and evaluation.

App developers will need investors to help them cover such costs while creating their products to submit to Google for approval. Such apps’ money-making potential makes this a lucrative opportunity for financial backers, making this one top investments for you in 2021. Stocks in existing publicly traded gambling giants saw a sharp price increase and attention from investors upon Google’s announcement.


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