3 Reasons Kids Should Watch Stargirl

watch stargirl

Are you looking for a wholesome show that also captivates? Do you want to feel good about sitting down to enjoy a show with your kids? DC’s Stargirl hit the networks in 2020 and can engage viewers of various ages and interests. From creative stance to depth of themes, it’s a show that parents can feel safe about their watching.

1. Blockbuster Action on the Small Screen

In the past two decades, movie theatres took over so much of the superhero world, showcasing dynamic characters and offering intense action scenes. Geoff Johns, a Stargirl series’s executive producer, has found a way to capture the excitement and energy of the theatre on the television screen, allowing kids to transport into a fictional world full of interest.

2. Emphasis on Female Empowerment

The glass ceiling is breaking this year with significant shifts in female power on and off the screen. The superhero world is following suit by showcasing female strength and girls’ ability to do anything they desire. In the pilot episode, Starman falls. His best friend and sidekick Pat Dugan thinks the transfer of power goes to him; that, though, isn’t what Starman has in mind. Being there isn’t enough. His replacement must be just right. Fast forward a few years, and that calling goes to no other than Courtney Whitmore. She is called to take the position, indicating that gender isn’t a superhero requirement. Stargirl is born, and so too is the understanding that power goes to personality and not gender.

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3. A Focus on Personal Development

Although focused on superhero action, the stories also touch upon current teenage concepts. Courtney faces a blended family. Losing her father early in life impacts her significantly. Viewers see her sadness and emptiness. Having to deal with a new stepfather proves to be simply another challenge. Entrenched in interest, the kids can identify with a normal child, experiencing the personal angst of loss and the struggle to find new happiness.

Discovering the staff and her powers also puts her in a difficult position as she must wrestle with how to handle talent. She must rely on others, find the courage to move forward and remain strong. Today’s youth might find some appreciation for her ability to move forward.

Light-hearted and fun, Stargirl can make viewers laugh while keeping everyone on the edge of the seat. It’s an indulgence you can feel good about giving your kids.


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