Cass County jail roster

Cass County jail roster

The Cass County Jail always alert to provide security and safety for lawfully committed inmates or detainees. With full respect to the North Dakota Administrative Jail Rules, it ensures Cass County jail roster citizens’ safety by detaining executed inmates most efficiently and cost-effectively. The prison will be directed to encourage a conducive environment between the staff and the inmates. As a result, mutual respect will always be displayed between both sides.

It maintains a safe and secure physical plant by employing trained and motivated staff. Prisoner programs will be accomplished through the provision of opportunities to assist in their preparation.

Prisoners will be held accountable for their works. Encouragement for good behaviour is provided through a classification system to reward positive behaviour. We will work towards that goal. Prisoners will be left in the same for the better condition when this facility arrives.

Location of Cass County jail roster

Currently, the Cass County Jail provides a 60-bed facility. Both male and female inmates stay for one year in these jail houses. The contract between Housing and the Crow Wing County built based on providing 60 beds serving. All inmates of Jail have got programming to use and work out.

The opportunity of working is also available in this county. Here the qualifying inmates can work inside or outside the Jail. Or they can serve the staff of the Jail according to order. Moreover, The Jail also takes care of prisoner transports and courtroom security besides supervising the Cass County Jail inmates.

Location of Cass County jail

Cass County has started its journey on October 27, 1873. It is situated in the east of North Dakota, USA. The total population of North Dakota is 162,829.

The Cass County of Fargo is the most populous in North Dakota. The area of the county is about 1,768 square miles. This county covers 28 Postal Service codes of the United States. The zip codes are: 58104, 58002, 58107, 58005, 58004, 58007, 58006, 58012, 58011, 58021, 58029, 58027, 58031, 58036, 58035, 58038, 58042, 58047, 58048, 58052, 58051, 58059, 58064, 58071, 58078, 58079, 58103, and 58102.

The Policies and Procedures of Cass County jail:

There are many rules and regulations of Cass county jail. It is not easy to visit an inmate suddenly. You must have registered before. If you complete the pre-registration previously, you wanted to meet at least 24 hours before the time. The jail authority allows you to visit their inmate.

All the procedures of visitation are well organized and systematic. The process is going through in a controlled online method. To fix your visit’s schedule, the link “Cass County Jail Visitation.” her you have to fill up a form and submit the form online.

Again there is an alternative option for visitation. There is a front desk of the Cass County Jail for your convenience that provides the form. You can collect the visitation from here and call at (701) 271-2957 to fix the schedule of your meeting an inmate.

Visiting session of Cass County jail roster

It is mandatory to mention that an inmate can meet a maximum of two visitors once. All of the visitors must submit their valid photo I.D. to get permission to visit. The parents or legal guardian can accompany their children. There are also some strict rules and regulations for Visitors.

You can keep money under the central control of the prison for the inmates of custody. Without the prison administration’s permission, prisoners cannot get any personal properties like books, notes, letters, newspapers, magazines from the visitors.

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They cannot carry or bring any phone, cigarette, or lighters into the prison. All calls about visitation are taken from 1:30 pm-2:30 pm from Monday to Friday. It would be best if you went through the rules given below to visit an inmate:

  • Monday: You can visit a prisoner on Monday evening.
  • Tuesday: Visitation appointments are not taken on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: On the appointment, you can visit on Wednesday evening.
  • Thursday: Calls are taken but only for a visit on Friday morning
  • Friday: You can call to visit in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday.


Visiting Schedule:


The visiting session will be only 15 minutes, and it is fixed for all. If time permits, visits can be longer. There is also a fixed timing of the visit. You can visit in three different ways. These are:

  •  Minimum Visitation Schedule
  • Medium Visitation Schedule
  • Maximum Visitation Schedule
  1. If you want to visit any inmate in Minimum Visitation Schedule, you can meet between 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm on Monday and Wednesday. The time is 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Saturday, 8:30 am – 10:30 am on Friday, and on Sunday, it is 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.
  2. In Medium Visitation Schedule, the timing is slightly different. The time will 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm on Monday and Wednesday. For Friday, the visiting hour is 8:30 am – 10:30 am, and for Saturday, it is 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.
  3. Maximum Visitation Schedule listed on Friday between 8:30 am-10:30 am, and on Saturday, it is between 1:00 pm-3:00 pm.

Mailing System of Cass County jail roster

There is also a communication opportunity for the inmate. To communicate with the prisoner, you have to send Mail or letter via U.S. mail. but, the most important thing you have to keep in mind that you must include the mail address like the below:

to: Name of the Inmate

Cass County Jail

1612 23rd Ave. N.

Fargo, ND 58102

The Mail has to go through in different checking process. The jail authority reserves all the rights. They check all incoming or outgoing Mail for contraband. The administration rejects your Mail if it contains any of the following issues:


  • Any sentence that violates the law of court.
  • Contents contain any foreign substance like a stain, oil, grease, bodily fluid, or scent.
  • Mail that contains glue, glitter, gel, paint, or any sorts of electronic components.
  • the paper or card stock of more than one layer.


Privileged Mail allows licensed attorneys, judges, and clerks of any federal, state, local, or tribal court. Mail that is marked privileged is verified and is inspected n the inmate’s presence for contraband. If

any mail marked as confidential but failed to meet any of the criteria above will be processed as regular Mail.

Sending Money:

An inmate can avail himself to buy products or services from the commissary store using commissary funds. Visitors can deposit funds into an inmate’s commissary account by using a credit card. And inmates can use the money from that fund.

There is a kiosk machine inside the Jail. You can use that to deposit money. You also can deposit if you visit the inmate canteen website:

There is no calling system between the outsider and the prisoner. Unfortunately, you can’t call any prisoner in the  Cass County Jail. But you may leave messages for your acquaintances. The inmate message line number is 218-547-0665. The calling rates vary on Per-minute talking, the number being called, and the payment method being used.

Huber Law opportunity:

The Cass county jail allows “Huber Law” for their prisoner. It is also known as a work release that will enable prisoners to work at their regular employment place. They can regularly work during normal working hours. After that, they must return to the Jail and stay their non-working hours in Jail.

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Courts and sheriff’s offices allow people in prisons to do their regular jobs while incarcerated in Jail. in advance. They are paid Cost $140.00 per week. They can work a maximum of 50 hours of their whole working period and for a maximum of 6 consecutive days.

Cass County Jail roster:

Cass County Jail strictly arranged an online inmate roster list for their prisoner. Here you can search the name of the detainees and the whole list of the inmates. The jail administration rechecks the list regularly. The update ensures the inmates are listed accordingly.

Search Offender and Lookup:

By accessing national or state-based sex offender databases, you will find all sorts of relevant information about all registered sex offenders. The list contains all of the inmates who have been accused of sexual offences against minors or victims. Usually, sex prisoners have convicted of sexual crimes, including rape, statutory rape, indecency, child pornography, and sex trafficking. Any sort of sex crime is illegal. The offence refers to violent sexual behaviour against a victim.

Anyone can trace out any sex offender by going through the link of

North Dakota Sex Offender Registry. But the website only shows you the incomplete address and the block of the offender you are searching for. But, keep in mind that you need to receive a release to access information from the database.

Bail and Bondsman:

After taking into custody, the offender is about to plead for a bail hearing. A bail hearing fixed The bail hearings. The court determined the bail by analyzing the severity of the crime committed.

During the trial, the criminal must appear before a magistrate. He will provide a release order to apply personal recognition or cash bonds or property bonds.

The court will not grant the bail if the magistrate claims that unconditional release will not ensure the offender’s future presence. To know more, you can consult with an attorney or visit the Supreme Court website link:

Statistics of Cass County Jail

The statistical data of the Cass County Jail are given bellow:

Number of Persons Confined233
Avg Daily Population229
Name of the new facilitynot applicable
Full-time payroll77
Full-time total employees82
Total salaries and wages3636937
Other operating expenditures1942322
Total construction costs0
Equipment, furnishings, etc.21875
Year of original construction2002
Year of major renovationnot applicable


Income list of the Cass County Unemployment and Median Household:

Civilian Labor Force Annual Average2016100,569


Number Employed Annual Average201698,286


Number Unemployed Annual Average20162,283
Unemployment Rate20162.3
Median Household Income Annual Average201555,946


The estimate of People of All Ages In Poverty201417,733
Estimate Percentage of People of All Ages In Poverty201510.7


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any calling system in the Cass County Jail?

No. There is not any direct calling system in the jail. But, a person can leave a voice mail to the familiar inmate through the jail’s phone.

How much time can a visitor stay to meet an inmate?

a Visitors can stay for a minimum of 15 minutes with the inmates. The time can be longer if the authority permits us to stay.

Is the Cass jail follow county “Huber Law”?

Yes, the jail allows Huber Law so that the inmates can earn from the prison. But after finishing the job, the prisoner has to return to jail.

What are the restricted things you cant carry in jail?

You can’t carry any books, notes, letters, newspapers or magazines. You can’t bring any other personal property without the permission of the Jail Administration.


The jail ensures the safety of the population as well as the inmates. They serve, mailing, job, and visiting opportunity to the prisoner. The prisoner can save their money by working inside or outside the jail. Additionally, The Cass County jail enforces a zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of crimes, especially sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

They also provide the inmates’ many correctional facilities. Employees, volunteers, Contractors, and inmates all have the training to establish PREA Standards in jail.



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