Four Reasons the SIG Sauer Legion P226 Legion Should Be Your Next Handgun

SIG Sauer Legion

Looking for a new SIG Sauer can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many options and add-ons. If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, read on for three reasons why the SIG Sauer Legion P226 should be your next handgun.

Ergonomic Design

Glock owners know that they’ll likely be investing in some grip tape or going for the more permanent stippling, and while you can certainly find all sorts of SIG Sauer factory parts for sale, the fact is that you won’t really need those changes with the Legion. The Legion has checkering under the trigger guard, on the front and the backstrap, along with exceptional grips. Its undercut trigger is a feature that many handgun owners create on their own which will never look as sleek as this intentional design feature that provides a comfortable high grip even for larger hands.

Cerakote Finish

Prior to 2019 SIG used physical vapor deposition as its coating. PVD is a method of applying a micron-thick coating to a metal surface. It is used in everything from industrial applications to medical equipment because of its ability to extend the life of parts used in repetitive motion. For your handgun, it means longer life for your parts. It prevents jamming and sticking on the slide. The PVD doesn’t always wear evenly, so newer models have a Cerakote finish. Cerakote, as an epoxy-based coating, offers even more corrosion resistance in addition to the benefits of the previous coating.

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Excellent Sights

Sights are integral to a good experience with your handgun, so it’s amazing how many handguns don’t have decent sights when you buy them. These day-to-night fixed iron sights allow for fast vertical and horizontal sight alignment and clear sight picture acquisition with a clearly visible green inner circle on the front sight. Small white dots on the rear sight help speed sight alignment.

Top of the Line Trigger

Probably the biggest selling point of the Legion is its trigger. Most reviews rave about the metal trigger that needs no adjustment right out of the box, comparing it to a Colt 1911 single-action trigger. The pull is heavy enough that you won’t accidentally discharge the gun but the action is smooth, allowing for clean shots from the first shot. The reset is also sharp and easily felt.

From the ergonomic design to the high-quality features you would usually need to add to a basic model, the SIG Sauer Legion P226 provides great value combined with attention to detail that makes it a great investment.


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