How Car Accident Attorneys Help You Through the Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claim

The stakes are high when it comes to car accidents. If you are injured in a car accident, it may not be easy to receive fair compensation. Several steps need to be taken after an accident to achieve a successful claim. Getting a good outcome after a car accident requires more than just financial support from the insurance companies; it also requires actions by the parties involved. Regardless of whether you have a good claim or not, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can make all the difference. 

A Car injury attorney can help you with the following:

1. Investigate the incident

Whether it was a fender-bender or a head-on collision, you need someone on your side who will listen to you and take care of everything for you. A lawyer’s role in a car crash case is to gather as much information as possible about how the other driver acted and to determine what, if any, blame should be assigned. A good lawyer will look at numerous factors, including the driver’s record, the severity of the accident, whether anyone else was at fault, and whether there were any extenuating circumstances. With a car accident lawyer in your corner, you’ll have the experience, expertise, and resources to get the results you deserve. 

2. Determine the fault in the accident

If you are injured in an accident, it can be challenging to determine whose fault it is. If you were at fault for the accident, but the other driver was at fault as well (meaning you were partially at fault), then you will likely receive only partial compensation. However, if you are entirely at fault, no matter how much you are hurt, you will get no compensation. Fault rules can be complicated. If you’ve experienced a car accident, you need experienced representation to help you get the maximum compensation for your damages. 

3. Gather evidence

In order to win compensation for your injuries, even if they occurred in a minor car accident, you need to provide evidence that the other party, or parties, caused the collision. Documentary evidence, such as photos and 911 emergency calls that confirm your account of what happened, may help prove the other party’s conduct is to blame. Your attorney can collect the relevant evidence for you and assemble it into a compelling narrative that gets your point across. 

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4. Handle insurance claims

When you are in an auto accident, the insurance claims process can be long and intimidating. Thus, there are several reasons why you should hire a lawyer from the start of the claims process. First, you need to know what is covered under your policy. There may be some coverage that you didn’t think was applicable in your case. Second, you need to know what is going to happen next. You don’t want to accept lowball offers without a good reason for doing so. This is why it is essential to confer with an attorney prior to signing anything or accepting any form of compensation.

5. Protect your rights

Car accidents can lead to disputes of all kinds – car repairs and medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress – and your lawyer should be able to assess your situation and guide you through the process. By working closely with an attorney who knows the law and how the insurance companies operate, you have an advocate working on your behalf who understands your rights. 

6. Represents you in court

In some car accident cases, simply filing an insurance claim may not be enough to resolve your situation thoroughly. Victims may need the assistance of a personal injury attorney to file suit and help recover compensation. You can put your personal injury claim into the hands of an attorney who will handle all of the complicated paperwork and court proceedings on your time. In addition, they can help you with the administration work and attend court with you while you heal. 

7. Negotiate with the Insurance Company

There is a process after filing your insurance claim. Insurance companies like to make lowball offers in order to try to get you into a settlement that is acceptable to them, even if it means paying less than what they would have paid if their estimate was correct. After all, it is cheaper for them to settle a claim quickly and avoid going through the headache of going through a lengthy arbitration process. Never accept an insurance company’s lowball offer. Instead, get the money you deserve for your damages by hiring a lawyer who knows how to negotiate a fair outcome for your claim.

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8. Calculate the amount of compensation

If you have sustained personal injury as a result of a car accident, then an experienced car accident attorney can help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation. The general rule of thumb is that if you were seriously injured but not killed or injured, you probably should be compensated a reasonably large amount.

Many factors determine the amount of compensation you will receive. First, of course, there is medical cost. Then there are lost wages due to missed time at work due to injuries sustained in the accident. Suppose you were unable to work during your recovery process, or you recovered slowly and required more time off than the average person would. In that case, you should expect to receive any unpaid wages from that period as well. You are also entitled to receive compensation for the pain & suffering that you have to endure. A qualified personal injury attorney considers all these factors and can determine an appropriate amount you should be paid to cover expenses caused by another party’s negligence. 

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