How Lawyers Like John Branca Attorney Can Help You

John Branca attorney

Many people need to seek the help of a lawyer to navigate the legal system and make better decisions when facing tough decisions. There are some in the legal field like John Branca attorney who specialize in helping the specific subset of people who work in the entertainment industry. Depending on your unique situation, here are a few different types of attorneys who may be able to help you.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers help those who are experiencing consumer and commercial bankruptcy. Their main job is to help advise through court proceedings, reduce or eliminate debt and guide the client forward through bankruptcy. Clients should provide their bankruptcy lawyer with all financial information, including income, assets, expenses, and debts.

Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers help those in the arts, sport, theater and related professions. A lawyer such as John Branca attorney is a wonderful example of someone who provides advice and legal assistance to those in the entertainment field. One of the more specific tasks performed by entertainment lawyers includes protecting the intellectual property of those who work in the entertainment industry. They also give advice to their clients regarding different contracts and jobs and help with fee negotiation arrangements.

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers deal with cases of divorce, separation of marital assets, child custody and more. Some of the less well-known areas that family lawyers help with include adoption, cases of child welfare and juvenile delinquency issues. More specifically, a family lawyer can:

  • Provide mediation to couples who are seeking a divorce, allowing them to think clearly about how to proceed through the divorce
  • Advise in child custody arrangements, with the goal of doing what is best for the child or children involved
  • Represent a child or parent in cases of suspected parental abuse or neglect
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Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers work to protect the creations of their clients, whether they are authors, inventors, musical artists or businesses. Some professionals such as John Branca attorney work with clients in the entertainment field and are well-versed in the copyright and patent needs of people who work in that industry. Intellectual property lawyers advise during all stages of intellectual property law, from working with clients on ways to protect intellectual property, to helping clients register patents, copyrights and trademarks, and finally to enforcing intellectual copyright laws that protect the work completed by their clients.

If you need any kind of legal advice, know that there are a wide variety of attorneys to assist you.


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