Have A Bad Back? Here’s How To Sit At Your Desk


Anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk will tell you they occasionally have a bad back. The stress of work and the way a person sits can have a huge impact on their back. 

If you have a bad back, don’t worry, making a few adjustments can potentially help. 

Work On Your Posture 

There’s a real chance that the way you sit at your desk could be the culprit. It’s all too easy to slump in a chair and fail to support your back. However, knowing how to sit and making sure you have good posture can resolve the problem. 

Try to avoid overreaching when you sit at your desk. A lot of people do this because they’re not close enough to the desk. Another reason may be because their monitor is too far away. Consider moving your monitor closer to you. 

You may also want to consider moving your mouse and keyboard closer too. Finally, if you use a chair that has wheels, try to stay in the same place when you work. It can be tempting to roll the chair from time to time. However, your local chiropractor will tell you this is not always a good idea. 

Roll your chair back into the correct position whenever you remember. 

Choose A Supportive Chair 

Sitting in a supportive chair as opposed to a hard plastic one can make a world of difference. An ergonomic chair can help to support your back, neck, and shoulders. The right chair can help you to keep your back straight and your shoulders back while you work. 

Choose a chair that has an adjustable height, a back rest, arm rests, is comfortable, and offers lumbar support. Any chair that offers all of these things is likely to be more supportive than a regular office chair. 

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A supportive chair should also be a comfortable one. The seat of the chair should be nice and soft, and spending hours sat in it should be no problem. 

Do Not Cross Your Legs 

Many people cross their legs when sitting in a chair. However, this is not ideal when you’re working. When you cross your legs you put pressure on your lower back and pelvis. As a result, you are likely to feel a lot of discomfort. 

Instead of crossing your legs when sitting at your desk keep your feet flat on the floor. This will add more support to your lower back and pelvis. You may also find that it’s a relatively comfortable position to sit in. 

Move Correctly 

Oftentimes, back pain can be caused by making jarring movements at your desk. For example, you may twist your body awkwardly. Alternatively, you may choose to lift something incorrectly. When you do, you may feel back pain shortly after you have made these movements.

Do yourself a favor and move correctly. You may have to keep a close eye on your movements at first. However, moving correctly will come naturally to you eventually. Here’s how to move correctly when you’re sitting in a chair:

– Never hold your phone between your shoulder and head. Instead, use a hands-free device or a headset. If you cannot use a headset or a hands-free device, switch between hands during the call.

– Keep all of your movements relaxed. This is so important to do, particularly when you’re stressed.

Take Breaks From Time To Time 

Taking a break from your desk from time to time can help. You do not have to take a long break to benefit from not being at your desk. 

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If you can, get up and stretch your legs at least once an hour. Stretch your back, arms, and neck if you can. Not everyone will be able to get up at least once an hour. This is OK. Just make sure that you stretch your legs, back, arms, and neck at least three times in the day. When you do, you’re likely to loosen up and feel a little better. 

Think About Your Breathing 

Did you know that when you take deep breaths you can relieve stress? Breathing from your stomach can help you to relax even more. When you breathe in, try to draw your navel (your belly button) toward your spine. This can help you to feel much more relaxed. 

Of course, you won’t be able to breathe this way every minute of the day. Simply control your breathing every now and again. You may be surprised by how much better it makes you feel. 

Sometimes there is nothing worse than having a bad back. However, if you spend a lot of time at a desk you could find you frequently have back pain. Use the above tips to help you to reduce incidences of back pain. Doing so can help you to be more comfortable when you work.


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