How To Deal With Your Laundry Effectively


Managing your laundry is not always easy. If you live with at least 1 other person, laundry can soon mount up.

If you’re used to seeing piles of clean and dirty laundry around your home, you may be frustrated. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to help you deal with your laundry effectively. 

Below, you can find some tips that can prove to be very useful. 

Choose A Day To Do Laundry 

A really good way to deal with your laundry is by choosing a day to do it. When you choose a day, such as Monday, for example, it gives you time to get it all done. 

Additionally, choosing a particular day means you can get the rest of your house cleaning done. It also means that you need to have all of your laundry sorted by that particular day. 

If you cannot spend all day doing laundry, spread the task over a few days. This can instantly make laundry more manageable. 

Don’t Over-Wash Your Clothes 

Try to avoid over-washing your clothes if you can. You may not want to wear that shirt tomorrow, but does it need to be washed? 

If the shirt is not stained and it still smells clean you could put it back in your closet. When you take a look at your clothes you could find that you have less to wash. 

Ask those you live with to do the same if they are able. You never know, you could end up with half the usual amount of laundry to do. 

Use Multiple Hampers 

Consider using multiple hampers when you’re getting clothes ready to be washed. Use one hamper for dark-colored clothes and another for light. You could even have a hamper for delicate clothes such as lingerie. 

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When your dirty laundry has already been separated it could save you time. All that you need to do is stick the dirty laundry in the washing machine. 

Deal With Stains Right Away 

If any of your clothes become stained you should deal with the stains right away. Try to avoid putting the clothes in the laundry hamper and leaving them. When you do, it’s likely that the stains will be harder to remove. 

Some stains can easily be removed with water and some gentle detergent. Simply rub the detergent into the stain and leave the garment to soak in some water. 

When you deal with stains right away, it makes doing the laundry a breeze. 

Fold Your Clothes Right Away 

Whether you like to dry your clothes in a dryer or on a washing line be sure to fold them right away. When you do, you’ll avoid having piles of clean laundry mount up. 

Folding clothes not only means you have less to do, but it also helps to prevent your clothes from wrinkling. What this means is you won’t have to spend quite so much time ironing. 

Do Other Tasks While Waiting For Your Clothes To Wash/Dry

Consider doing other tasks while you wait for your clothes to wash or dry. Clean a few areas of your home, wash the dishes, vacuum the floors, or do other jobs. 

When you get other tasks done you can potentially achieve a lot. Laundry can take a long time. Rather than hang around and wait for it you could do something more productive. 

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Get Help With The Laundry 

If you live with more than one other person, get help with the laundry. Ask someone to help  you wash and dry clothes. Perhaps you could take turns to iron your clothes or put them away. Getting more people involved shows that you don’t expect to do all the tasks yourself. 

A helping hand can also make laundry so much easier. It also means you can spend more time doing other important tasks. 

Always Wash Your Clothes Correctly 

Be sure to follow the instructions on every garment’s label. Some items will need to be washed at a lower temperature than others. Some may even need to be hand washed. 

The good news is that these days washing machines can wash just about anything. Some washing machines come with a built-in hand washing option. Just make sure you know which clothes need to be hand washed and which ones don’t.

Read the labels and make sure you know which garments you can throw in the machine together. When you follow the instructions you’re less likely to shrink anything. 

Not many people enjoy doing their laundry. However, it’s something that everyone needs to deal with. Use the above tips to help you to deal with your laundry more effectively. Sooner or later you could find that dealing with your laundry is a breeze. Start dealing with your laundry more effectively today.


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