How To Keep Your Home As Warm As Possible


As energy prices rise, more and more of us are looking for ways to keep our homes warm. The good news is there are ways to help your home to stay warm without paying for energy. 

Here’s how: 

Install A New Thermostat 

One of the best things you can do right now is to install a new thermostat. Ideally, your thermostat will be programmable. Programmable thermostats allow you to adjust the temperatures at different times of the day. 

You could, for example, heat your home slightly first thing in the morning. You could also make sure it’s heated by the time you get home from work. 

Make use of electrician services if you’re unable to install a thermostat yourself. Ask about smart thermostats and consider using them. Smart thermostats are ideal at helping you to save money while heating your home. 

Move Your Furniture 

If and when you switch your radiators on, make sure there’s no furniture in the way. Move your sofa away from the radiator. Do the same with any furniture that’s too close as it could be blocking the heat. 

You should also make sure furniture is away from vents and anything that brings heat into your home. You may be surprised as to how much warmer your room will be. Take a look around your whole home and move any furniture that’s in the way. 

Close The Doors 

Another really good way of keeping your home as warm as possible is by closing doors. Do what you can to cut down on the number of cold spaces in your home. Close as many doors as possible so the heat stays in and the cold stays out. 

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You may also want to consider sealing the gaps under your door. Use a draft excluder and place it there when the day is a cold one. You can help to keep even more of the cold out this way. 

Add a Door Sweep 

Door sweeps are relatively inexpensive and they can help to keep the cold air out. Add some door sweeps to the rooms you tend to spend a lot of time in. You may also want to add a door sweep to your garage’s internal door. This can help to keep the warm in and the cold out. A door sweep is ideal if you heat your garage. 

Seal Your Windows 

Windows don’t always offer as much protection against the cold as you’d think. Windows can easily become draughty and let the cold air in. You can remedy this by sealing your windows. 

Hardware stores typically sell sealants that you can place on your windows. The sealants work to seal the gap between the window and the window frame. If you don’t want to use sealant, you can use plastic film instead. Plastic film can help to seal your windows in the same way as a sealant. 

A third option is to use plastic wrapping, the kind you use to protect food. This kind of wrapping has not been made to keep the cold out. However, it does work surprisingly well. Just be sure to pull the wrapping tight so it fits nicely over the window. 

Use Drapes 

Another really effective method to use is closing drapes. Drapes can help to keep the warm air in. When you don’t use drapes, the warm air is likely to escape. Close your drapes when the sun is about to set. When you do, you’re more likely to keep the warm air in. 

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When you’re shopping for drapes, opt for insulated ones, if you can. Drapes such as this can cost a little more, but they can make a huge difference to your home’s warmth. 

Lower The Temperature Of Your Thermostat

A really good way to warm your home while saving money is by lowering your thermostat’s temperature. Lowering the temperature by just 4 degrees can save you about 10% on your energy bills. It’s likely that you will still stay warm, but you’ll end up spending less on heating your home. 

Stay In One Room 

On those really cold days, you and those you live with can stay in one room. Heat a communal room and nowhere else in the house. When you do, you’re more likely to stay warm. You’ll also be less likely to let the cold air in. just make sure that you keep the door shut as much as possible. 

It is possible for you to keep your home warm in the winter months. The above tips can make a real difference to your home’s temperature. They can also help you to save money on your energy bills. Start using the above tips today so that when the winter comes you’re used to keeping your home warm in new wallet-friendly ways. 


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