Is It A Good Idea To Use Crypto Trading Simulator?


As the cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly and numerous new earning opportunities arise, many people strive to join this field and try themselves in crypto trading. However, it should not be taken as something elementary – trading is not a casino game, and those treating it as a game lose funds and get deeply disappointed. 

To not dive into crypto trading into the deep end and get hurt at the first failed trade, we recommend to:

  • Learn the crypto market thoroughly. 
  • Try to understand what affects crypto prices.
  • Learn to read crypto charts and find historical price indicators and patterns.
  • Investigate different trading strategies.
  • Start with small trades and get as much practice as possible.

Different investment resources offer lessons on digital currencies and trading. But where to get crypto trade practice? The answer is simple – crypto demo trading. This option is unavailable on all crypto platforms, but the WhiteBIT exchange offers it.

The Benefits of Crypto Demo Trading on WhiteBIT

First and foremost, before making your first trade, you should handle trading strategies. It does not make sense to trade without keeping any strategy in your head. The crypto trading simulator allows practicing every strategy step by step. It is valuable to both novice traders and advanced investors. Beginners can understand how it actually works, starting from the easier strategies. An experienced trader who comes up with advanced strategies can test the strategy and make it ideal, find all the pitfalls and weaknesses during crypto demo trading, or maybe, on the contrary, make sure the strategy does not work and refuse it.

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Another benefit of crypto demo trading is control over emotions. It’s not a secret that trading is quite a tense activity that causes anxiety, eventually affecting the decision-making process. So when practicing on demo tokens, you do not worry that you can lose your money. Instead, you are focused on learning the details of your trade and finding earning options and pitfalls. However, it is crucial not to get into a habit of reckless trading and bring it to real market trading. So be cautious and keep your head cool.


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