Five Best PC Games For Build City Simulations


Best PC Games For Build City Simulations

How many hours, or months have we spent stomping virtual
cities off the ground, balancing layers of the population, stabilizing economic
fabric and controlling industrial growth.
Good games of this kind are characterized, among other
things, by the fact that there is always something to do, that large cities are
possible, that a credible simulation calculation stands behind the graphical
representation. Not least because of the Sim City of 2013 or the brazen game
recycling with Cities XXL, the genre but got deep scratches in the otherwise
pretty paint missed.
Five Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Five Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
It’s time again to remember the pearls of the genre, those
games that cost us whole school and semester breaks, complete holidays and lots
of sleep. Below, we have compiled a selection of the best urban design

1. Anno 2070:

The Anno series has always stood for extensive, complex and
ingenious construction simulation with business circles, trade routes and –
mostly thin – military options. With Anno 2070 Publisher Ubisoft put on the
most complex series part and moved him promptly from the usual medieval setting
into the future.
Communicators and other technology tools now want to be
produced and three factions compete for attention and satisfaction: Eco’s,
Tycoons and Techs belong to different groups that represent different
lifestyles – from environmentally conscious green to profitable members of the
Anno 2070 - Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Anno 2070 – Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
In Anno 2070 we not only conquer the islands, we also dive
and build underwater facilities and habitats for very special goods that can
only be produced in the deep sea. All this makes this representative of the
bodywork simulation the most extensive of its kind, which can be endlessly fun,
especially with the endless game.

2. Tropico 4 & 5:

Tropico 5 got a slightly better rating. It offers a smoother
learning curve and new eras than its predecessor. But it also simplified the
game play.
Property Inheritance has been canceled, the salary system has
been replaced by a budget, and all in all, many little things have been removed
that have brought game depth in the fourth part.
Tropico 5 - Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Tropico 5 – Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Nevertheless, both parts are undeniably excellent
representatives of their genre. Where else can we raise our own dictatorial
realm with such a wink, let the subjects be arrested or detained, pour massive
propaganda from television towers over the poor citizens and do witty (banana)
missions for our banana republic? Otherwise, we build our world classic –
including the original problem of all city builders: traffic infarction. Great!

3. Sim City 4 Deluxe:

Yes, we know it: Sim City 2000 has a great reputation in the
Sim City community. And rightly so. But even the slightly more up-to-date Sim
City 4 has a stone in the board of many players in its deluxe version – after
all, even water pipes can be laid by hand here. Real men work just.
Sim City Deluxe includes the basic game and the Rush Hour
expansion. In addition to comfort functions such as automatic road construction
on usable land or also automatic power connection, the game impresses with its
complexity in the administration of the population strata with their different
Sim City 4 - Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Sim City 4 – Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
In addition, we are allowed to drive around from an
isometric perspective with cars and do missions. This creates variety and makes
Sim City 4 one of the most entertaining city-builders.

4. Banished:

A man programmed to humiliate them all: Luke Hodorowicz
brought with the construction and survival simulation Banished the
headline-cluttered team around Sim City a wound that will never heal. He proved
that you can simulate every single sim if you want it.
In Banished, we have to bring a group of settlers into their
new home over their first winter and then build a thriving medieval city. We
pay attention to the well-being of the citizens as well as to the age of our
population: If we have only old people, our town dies out.
Banished - Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Banished – Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Cities with more than a thousand individually simulated
citizens are possible and make the game an organizational and logistical
challenge. All caution: Although the graphics are not as pretty as the Maxis
game or the Annos, Hodorowicz was still creating a convincing, atmospheric and
beautiful environment.

5. Train Fever:

Train Fever falls a bit out of the ordinary of urban
simulations, but it also fits in very well due to the diverse possibilities of
influencing dynamic urban growth.
Train Fever is a project of the four-man team of Urban Games
and something like the virtual model train from Dad’s hobby cellar. In addition
to the comprehensive transport and passenger simulation, which, as in Banished,
represents each Sim permanently and individually, our cities are growing with
the expansion of the transport network.
Train Fever - Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
Train Fever – Best PC Games For Build City Simulations
We can also designate roads where the game builds new
houses, but we can also rework entire neighborhoods. In addition, the streets
can almost always be easily upgraded with an upgrade tool – unless the houses
are just too close to each other.
In addition to the exceptionally pretty cities and vehicle
models that span several eras and range from the steam locomotive to the French
high-speed train TGV, we also find a well-understandable resource system.
Although the economy might like to be a bit more complex and multi-level, Train
Fever is also a real alternative for any start-up.
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