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How To Properly Do Your Sideburns

How To Properly Do Your Sideburns
How To Properly Do Your Sideburns
A good haircut and a newly trimmed or groomed beard look great but among all those there is one thing that is so noticeable that can ruin all you your hair cut and even a groomed beard.

Focusing on how to do your sideburns while you don’t need any haircut and to perfectly match your sideburns with your beard, you need to see these easy steps. If you have money to spend on your barber for getting done with sideburns then it’s OK, but for those who just want to lose bunch of sideburns hair at home then it might get them off the road of expense.

Pick A Right Trimmer:

Picking a right trimmer is as important as doing sideburns because if you slip a lightly you may ruin your hair style or beard style. Having a suitable trimmer that can trim your sideburns the way you want is essential.

Every trimmer has own adjusted comb or sizer that enable the user to trim the beard or hair at specific size. Pick the either with adjustment roller or separate adjusted comb and trim your side burn with that.

Never use the trimmer blades without the sizer if you want to have longer sideburns and, first you need to compare the beard size with sideburns or you can even do them separate size. After picking the right trimmer, the next job is about to less tricky if you follow the right procedure to do the sideburns.

Comb Your Sideburns In Hair Growing Direction:

Before trimming or cutting the sideburns, all you need to assemble your sideburns hairs in the direction where the beard grows. Normally its upside down and always put some water on it so that they could be properly be combed in the direction as dry hair may not be well combed or easily.

Never mixed up over ear hairs with sideburns as they should be kept separate but if you want to adjust them also then it’s your choice but always make sure that you didn’t mixed up the hair they are over your forehead or ear.

Combing the hair will give you an idea about the length and thickness of your sideburns and also it makes an easy for those who have curly hair or sideburns.

Choose The Adjusted Comb Or Clipper For Trimming:

Now there are two approaches that can be useful for you to learn about the sideburns trimming which are, Adjust the sideburns hair size with beard or you want to look different and make them double the size of your beard.

Choose the clipper for the trimmer if you trim you beard with 4 then you can might use 4 or 8 but that would be too higher. If you trim your beard with 2 then 4 might do the job well and for those who have long beard adjust the sideburns with your beard.

Trim For Down To Up:

The most important for sideburns is either blending with your beard or you want to have keep them the double of your beard. In both cases go from down to up for better blending and better difference.

More, from down to up the chance of getting or trimming the forehead or over hairs became less and do it repeatedly that you don’t miss anything and they should look even. Always separate your hairs above sideburns with comb or one hand and trimming the sideburns with other so that you couldn’t ruin your hair style.

Depending upon your choice, if you want short, long or tapered sideburns that can be done in the end after you have balanced the sideburns hair level.

Final Touch:

At the end giving a nice touch of cleaning the hair out of the sideburns, at the sides of sideburns and style of the sideburns. The first two should be done by everyone and the giving the style is depending upon your preference and you beard.

First clean the right and left sides of the sideburns so that there would be no hair falling out of the line and then keeping them differ from the beard is the styles which are short, long and tapered sideburns.

Those who have long beard with small haircut they should go for the short side burn while those who shave their beard can go either for long or tapered sideburns (Inclined sideburns). Cleaning and giving the stylish finish to your side burn should be done with the trimmer without clipper.

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