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3 Easy To Prepare Healthy Winter Vegetable

3 Easy To Prepare Healthy Winter Vegetable
3 Easy To Prepare Healthy Winter Vegetable
Winters comes with its own perks, you like hot chocolates more than ever, oversized clothes and comfortable warmth that you get when you enter your house. But the thing about winters is, it leaves little choice among vegetable to eat, with a trend of being vegan hiking up, we suggest you some of delicious easy to cook winter vegetable so you can keep up with the trend without losing taste.

Winter season our demands for spicy dishes which help it to keep warm and enhance taste for our buds, that’s a reason why we prefer hot and spicy food during winters and cold and light food during winters. Using seasonal ingredients and warm flavors can make you cook deliciously warm food for chilly days. Contrary to what we believe, farmers market give us a variety of option, you just need to know how such seasonal vegetable can be cooked deliciously. You can easily order these vegetables using Grofers Coupon Code with great deals.


Winter gives us with this really healthy option and of course if cooked right very delicious too. Beets are packed with fibers which have immense health benefits.  Beets are packed with potassium and magnesium which are particularly healthy for the skin. Eating beets will make your face glowing. It also helps to anti oxidize your skin and make it is fairer and glowing. To make it tastier to eat you can cook it with green leafy vegetable or if cooking is not your thing to go for bread with salad beets and leafy vegetable.

Beets can be used as roasted along with tangy oranges to make it. This way beets are not only a healthy alternative but also a tastier one. If you are a fan of smoothies and juices beetroot provide you with excellent winter morning juices. To make it more tasty pair your smoothies with tangy raspberries which makes healthy food fun.


Cauliflower is a vegetable that is thought as boring vegetable and is definitely not preferred by children. However one must know cauliflower can be cooked into a very tasty vegetable with a number of spices, which enhanced its taste and flower. You can also go with roasted cauliflower along with sweet potatoes to make a healthy salad which can be paired with yogurt for a full meal. Winter is timings when your body needs extra care and energy to keep it warm and healthy. All these vegetables give your body a healthy and full diet.

Another tasty dish you can make with cauliflower is Shingara, which is Bangladeshi style samosa. It can be filled with cauliflower and potato filling for a crispy and spicy taste.  Cauliflower can also be used to make a cheesy pie with extra bread crumbs and crisp. Baking pie is always fun and if it is healthy, it makes it even tastier.


Another vegetable that is healthy and is a winter vegetable is a carrot. While carrot, in particular, is famous for its use in salad, many do not know it makes very tasty vegetable too. Carrot has a high amount of vitamin A, which is very necessary and good for eyes. Some of carrot centric are very tasty to eating, we can prepare it using maple sauce.  Maple sauce and roasted carrot make a delicious dish and you can easily order this dish online using Paytm Offers with great discount.

Carrot vegetable can also be prepared with sweet potatoes which gives it a sweet taste. If you are a person who likes to drink warm soup during winters, go for carrot soup. Carrot soup is prepared with extra spice and coconut, gives it extra taste and flavour. Another dish which can be attributed to India is carrot pickle. Carrot pickle can be made by fermenting them with extra spice, this dish can also last for a little longer.  Another simple with carrot is using oriental spices and fenugreek leaves. These give carrots a rustic flavour which gives it mouth-watering taste and flavour. Carrot fries are also healthy substitute to potato fries. These fries can be paired up with pea and mint dip for extra taste and flavour. It is gluten free and with low fat which gives good result along with your daily workouts.


Winter may seem to be a season of boring and leafy vegetables. We believe they can be cooked tasty and make you fall in love with them. After trying these dishes you may want to cook them in every season. If cooked right, winter vegetable can spoil you with choices and make you drool for more. Make most of these dishes while the season lasts, as these provide numerous health benefits to your eyes, skin and overall body functioning. If you are still confused, a pro tip would be to make delicious mixed vegetable using all the winter vegetables. Winter calls you for healthy vegetable and warm soup, make most of it while winter lasts.

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