Why It’s Important To Opt For A Health Insurance Policy For Women


Why It’s Important To Opt For A Health Insurance Policy For Women
Why It’s Important To Opt For A Health Insurance Policy For Women
Health is of primary concern no matter what. In spite of
that researches conducted depict that around two-third of the women in India
prefer to sit out in case of any illness. On the contrary, women are victims to
several different health problems which men are not. This makes it essential
for every independent lady to avail women health insurance policies.

Why Is Health Insurance For Women

There are several reasons which support the fact that health
insurance specific to women is essential. 
Heart disease is one of the leading causes of fatalities
among women all around the world.  About
one of every four deaths happens due to different heart conditions. It can be
an influencing factor which makes it essential to have a health insurance policy for women.

Some Of The Most Fatal Diseases Are
As Follows:

1. Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous threats to women. It is
not as prevalent in men in comparison to women. Lung cancer and breast cancer
are the two most common types which affect women. There have been approximately
70,000 deaths all around the world over the last year due to these ailments.

2. Stroke

It is responsible for 6% of all deaths among females but is
also one of the leading causes of long term disabilities. According to studies,
around 60% strokes happen only to women. Women health insurance is therefore of
utmost importance and every financial institution should provide such financing

3. Bone Diseases

There are certain bone diseases which are common in women
for example osteoporosis. The symptoms may appear quite suddenly and often
require immediate medical attention to prevent any long term effects.

4. Maternity

It is one of the toughest times in any woman’s life.
Preparing for it beforehand is therefore necessary. Certain intricacies are
involved which make it essential to have maternity health insurance.

Features That Make Health Insurance
For Women A Must Have

Following are some benefits which make it all the more
essential for women –

Maternity-Related Cover

Battling against time, traffic and co-workers, at home and
at work eventually lead to a stressful, less healthy routine. During a vital
phase like maternity, a woman will require assistance and attention across
multiple aspects.
As a woman yourself, you can opt for a Pregnancy Complications Cover from the easy-to-avail Pocket Insurance schemes brought to
you by Bajaj Finserv.

Critical Illness Cover

A modern woman’s lifestyle is packed with home schedules and
challenging job targets, leaving near to no time for fitness. Women are equally
at risk when it comes to critical illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases
other than diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery diseases, etc.
The prevalence of different kinds of cancer which are unique
to women is more of a reason as to why critical illness cover is important for
Bajaj Finserv brings several health Insurance schemes such
as the Critical illness Plan for comprehensive cover in all such situations.

Recovery Benefits

Ailments as such may require an individual irrespective of
the gender to refer to healthcare services including a lengthy spell of
hospitalisation. Such situations apply even more so for women, especially when
it comes to maternity leaves which necessitate a long-term absence from their
professional obligations. Various health policies can cater to the unique
requirements of women such as the Individual Health Insurance from Bajaj

Opting for a health insurance for women can make
sure that the finances are taken care of and the individual can relax without
worries. To combat any medical inflation, any woman should buy a health policy
early in life, preferably before 30. Doing so can help them utilise the health
cover later in their lives when they need it the most. Reviewing between health
policies is therefore indispensable. Opt for one which suits your
pre-requisites and make sure to implement a certain level of foresight.

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