How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

A few people are lucky enough to have a pool in their home.
A swimming pool is amazing to swim and relax. However, pool owners need to pay
special care and attention to maintain their pools. The rains, winds, debris,
and pets make the pool water unhygienic for swimming.
You need to clean the pool regularly of the debris, algae,
and also add chemicals to maintain the water chemistry. Some things like
skimming the surface of the water can be done easily, while the processes like
adding chemicals need professional assistance. This post shares the steps to
clean a swimming pool.

Monitor Your Pool:

The first step in cleaning is to monitor your pool
regularly. You need to check your pool for deposits, algae, debris, oils, and
haziness. In addition to the debris and contaminants, you should also check the
levels of chemicals in the water.

Skim The Surface:

Everything such as dirt, bugs, and debris enter the water at
the surface. You can skim the pool surface using a manual skimmer. Use the
skimmer to remove the leaves and other debris that floats on the surface.
However, it cannot clean the waste that has already entered the water.
How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean
How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean – Skim The Surface

Clean The Skimmer Basket:

A skimmer basket is a device that removes the debris from
the surface of a pool. It is usually located at the side of the pool. Open the
skimmer basket and clean it with a brush under running water. You can use a
garden hose to clean the skimmer basket. First, remove the leaves with hand,
and then clean the debris with a brush and running water.

Clean The Pool Filter:

The filter of your pool is the main component that keeps
your pool clean. You need to clean the filter every four to six months under
standard conditions. However, filters must be cleaned after a heavy storm or
You can easily clean a cartridge filter by removing the
cartridge and use a garden hose to pressure wash the filter on both sides. If
your pool has a sand or D.E. filter, you should backwash them periodically to
remove the dirt and debris from them. If you don’t know the type of your filter
and process of cleaning, you should call a professional to do the same.

Scrub The Tiles:

The debris and algae get deposited on the surface of tiles
if not cleaned regularly. You can clean the tiles with a long-handled brush, but
you need to use a skimmer simultaneously to collect the debris from the water.
It is best to hire a pool cleaner to perform the cleaning of tiles as they have
the experience.
How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean
How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean – Scrub The Tiles
Any debris falling in the water can sink to the bottom that
you will need to clean with a vacuum cleaner. It is best to wipe or clean the
tile line once a week to prevent the deposits. Also, maintain the pH level
below at 7.2 as high levels of pH can lead to deposits on the sides.

Add Chlorine To Your Pool:

Chlorine is essential for the killing of bacteria and other
microorganisms in the pool water. Check the chlorine level every week and add
the required amount to maintain the optimal levels. The salt water pools do not
require the addition of chlorine as it produces the same from salt. It is
essential to check the chlorine levels after a pool party and add the amount
needed to maintain the optimal level.

Water Chemistry:

There are many chemicals in pool water. The levels of
chemicals increase or decrease with the usage of the pool and the environmental
conditions. To maintain the optimal levels, you need to check and add chemicals
in the water.
The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8, and the alkalinity
should be between 80 and 120 ppm. Also, the calcium hardness, Cyanuric acid and
chlorine residual need to be maintained. It is difficult to add the right
amounts of chemicals. So it is best to call a pool professional like pool builders Perth to add chemicals in the water.

Vacuum Cleaning:

A skimmer net and basket can clean the debris from the
surface of the water. But some debris sinks to the bottom of the pool. To clean
the debris from the bottom of a pool, you need to use a vacuum cleaner. You can
hire a pool vacuum cleaner or hire a professional to clean the bottom of your
How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean
How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean – Vacuum Cleaning
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Shock Treatment:

Sometimes the pool water becomes hazy with a greenish tint.
It usually happens after a pool party or high regular usage of the pool. The
chlorine levels of water dip quickly if the usage is high and the increase in
contaminants lead to murky water.
A shock treatment is required to clean such a pool which
involves the addition of chlorine in high amount. Pool owners should not try to
shock their pool themselves and call a professional to do the same. You should
not use the pool immediately after shock treatment as high amounts of chlorine
can lead to irritation of skin and eyes.

Final Words:

The above-given tips are the steps to clean a swimming pool.
You can use them to clean your pool. It is essential to collect the tools like
a long telescopic pole, leaf skimmer, vacuum cleaner, garden hose before you
begin with the cleaning. People who don’t have enough time can call a
professional to perform periodic cleaning and maintain the chemical levels in
their pool.


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