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The Basic Ingredients For A Perfect Makeup

With age, the skin tends to become drier so wrinkles and sagging appear. External agents, such as sun, dust and wind, only make the situation worse. In addition to them makeup can also be a great villain if some care is not taken. However, if applied correctly, it can be a great ally to reduce and disguise the effects of time. Learn the steps for healthy and well-made skin.

The Basic Ingredients For A Perfect Makeup
The Basic Ingredients For A Perfect Makeup
1st Hydration: Before starting makeup, the first step is to moisturize the skin. In addition to avoiding that dry and desquamated effect the moisturizers create a protective layer. Even those who have oily skin should use them. In that case, prefer those that are oil-free, suitable for oily skin, a lotion or anti-aging serum.

2nd Primer: The product is not yet well known by many people but it is worth investing in it. Must be applied before base. It is rich in silicone and forms a protective layer on the skin, which is left with a velvety touch. It also helps soften imperfections by hiding lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne marks. Be careful not to overdo it because too much it can take away the natural shine of the skin. After the primer, it is good to apply the sunscreen factor 30 if the makeup is done during the day. The product enhances the effect of the protector. If the moisturizer and base have a higher protection factor, they can replace it.

3th Net Basis: The liquid base is softer and has a more natural effect than the others. The cream or powder can accumulate in the expression lines, highlighting them even more. The ideal is to apply it with a flat and wide brush, suitable for this. The HD bases successful in the cosmetic market should be avoided since they are thicker and heavier.

4th Corrective: Should be used in the eye region to disguise dark circles and bags, and somewhere that the base and primer have not completely corrected. You have to be careful because if it is used in excess it can also cause the opposite effect. It accumulates between the wrinkles, highlighting them. Avoid sticky, compact or creamy concealers. For mature skins, the best option is the liquid correctives, which give a more natural appearance.

5th Compact Powder: This product is less and less used. This is because it leaves the skin with that cracked, heavy and lifeless effect. The best options are loose powders, applied only to the forehead, nose and chin to remove excess oiliness. If your skin is dry, you do not need to use anything over the base and concealer.

6th Blush: For a rejuvenating effect, it is best to apply the blush on the cheekbones that’s what the professional makeup expert do. It is indispensable because it gives that air of health. There are several options in the market. Those who have dry skin can enjoy them all, but oily skins should stay away from the cream versions.

7th Shadow: It is important to be very careful about the texture of the shadows. The creamy ones usually accumulate in the wrinkles of the eyes. Sparkles can highlight the lines. The best to disguise the signs of age are the opaques of more neutral colors, such as earthy, coppery hues and burnt gold.

8th Brown Pencil For The Eyes: Of course it depends on the preference of each one, but the brown pencils are more discreet than the black ones. These get better at parties. During the day, the best for a younger air is to apply the brown pencil from the middle of the eyelid outwards, on the top and bottom and then to smoke them.

9th Mouth: The lipsticks help to define the mouth, which with age begins to lose some of the contour and help to fix the lipstick. Just be careful not to become artificial. As for lipsticks, matte are good options, since they do not run. The sparkles give the impression of larger lips, as well as light colors such as pink, golds and orange.

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