Brief Information About The Indian Casting Industry

Brief Information About The Indian Casting Industry
Brief Information About The Indian Casting Industry
The Indian casting industry
manufacturers Metal parts some of them are in the auto casting industry,
tractors, machine tools, pipe fittings, defense, aerospace, textile, power
machinery. Steel
casting manufacturer is the largest industry
work. The casting industry has
almost a turnover Export is approximately 19 billion USD dollars.
However, gray iron has a major
stake in casting, i.e. 68% of the total production.
Many large foundries are modern
and globally competitive. Awareness about the environment is increasing and
many are switching to the foundry induction furnaces and some units are turning
to the Caucus Carole in Agra.

General Economic Scenario:

Government is focusing on
“Working in India”, “ease of doing business”,
Infrastructure and FDI norms, to promote investment in new initiatives and to
cooperate in skill development.

• Forecasting
Of Development By Major Institutions:

According to the forecasts of
leading international institutions, India has become the fastest-growing
economy of 7.5%.


The manpower in the casting
sector is 500,000 direct and 150,00,00 indirectly. The casting sector is highly
labor-intensive and currently produces direct and indirect employment for 2
lakh people of mainly socially and economically weaker sections. It has the
capability to form two million extra jobs over the next ten years.

• Auto Sector:

The auto sector has proper
planning and ambition for Components and Goods Industry to grow high in the
next 10 years, which will increase the demand for metal casting. Industry by
2025 According to the Automotive Mission Plan 2016-26, the Auto Sector
hypothesis will increase from 3.5 to 4 times the current value of US $ 74
billion in Auto Sector to 260 billion to 300 billion US Dollars.
India is focusing on
infrastructure. The construction of roads and rural housing etc., which reduces
the demand, will promote the land and the related equipment. Monsoons are very
important for growth well for agriculture, through which the demand for
tractors will increase.

• Total Production
Of Tractors In India:

The auto industry growth should
be at an average rate of 5.4% in the current year compared to the last year.
Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers Estimate of increasing 7 to 9% in
domestics passenger vehicle sales in upcoming years which is expected to
support the next Pay Commission and also better Rabi output.

Global Scenario:

Modern Castings USA published the
52nd World Casting Census in December 2018, according to which Production of
Global Casting increased by 109.8 million metric tons and also increase of 5.3%
as a comparison to the previous year. China increased its total production by
two million metric tons to 49.4 million, meanwhile, 4% of its tonnage and a
massive increase in gray iron in the US, India increased by 6.2% compared to
the previous year.

• Role In

The new manufacturing policy is
expecting to increase the share of manufacturing in GDP from 15% to 25% and
also generate 100 million more jobs for the next 10 years. Since all
engineering and other fields use metal castings in their construction, the
casting industry’s role is very important to support manufacturing.
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