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How to Contact Microsoft Support Number?

How to Contact Microsoft Support Number?
How to Contact Microsoft Support Number?
Where do you contact if you face problems with your Microsoft products? Generally, Microsoft produces some reliable products which can be used for longer times. But there are instances when users get a few glitches and feel let down. If you are facing such problem with your Microsoft products such as Windows, office, or any other services. Nowadays Microsoft offers a few hardware devices that suffer from occasional glitches too.

In this post, we will list all the resources and useful links like phone numbers and email ID. You can get support for your device from these numbers and resources. Contact Microsoft support number with for extensive support on your device or service.

How To Contact Microsoft Customer Support?

Microsoft offers its support to its consumers for all types of products and the support comes in different forms.
  • Microsoft Customer Service And Support: If you have questions about the Microsoft products and services, you can use the services of Microsoft customer service and support. In this scenario, the executives from the Microsoft team will send your queries to the appropriate team. This type of support is for the general questions about Microsoft products.
  • The Technical Support Team: The technical support team from Microsoft will locate the appropriate member that can resolve the issue for you. This type of support is for self-help support or assist you in the process.

The Chat Support From Microsoft

You can also contact the Microsoft team via the chat option. You can check whether their chat agents are online or not, you will see a message for the chat in the contact us section of the support page.

If the customer support officers are not available online, you can try and revisit that page after some time to see if you can get support from the executives. The support executives also provide remote assistance to users if they need anything.

You could also use the services of the Microsoft help desk, which is a live paid tech executive.

Microsoft Support Email

If you can’t get in touch with support executives via phone numbers and chat, you can email services of Microsoft. You can use the option of email contact option from Microsoft support contact us page. This may seem a slow process for you, but you will get an answer from them in 24 to 48 hours.

Most of the times they are prompt with their replies and don’t need too much time for the reply. But, there can be delays sometimes due to the fact that they receive a lot of emails from users like you.

Other Help And Links From Microsoft

If you want paid support from Microsoft, you can download the ‘Fix It Center Pro’. It is an automated diagnostics tool that helps in resolving the issues with your windows.

You can also tweet to Microsoft helps official twitter account and they will reach out to you with the solution to your problem.

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