How to Digest Protein Supplements Easily?

How to Digest Protein Supplements Easily?
How to Digest Protein Supplements Easily?
Protein supplements can help fill
in for the deficiency of the nutrient in the body. Whether you are a
professional athlete or an active person, these additions are a daily boost to
assist workout recovery, grow, and repair muscles.
The ideal nutritionist
recommendation of everyday protein intake
is 1 to 2 grams depending on the individual body weight. After sorting that,
how would you know the quantity you are taking is supplying enough to your
body? How much protein is your body absorbing? The fact is our system digests
lesser than what we eat. Unfortunately, we absorb only small amounts of protein
Here are a few ways you can boost
protein absorption
and prevent any wastage.

Your Gut Health

We all know how important gut is
for a healthy body. A healthy gut enhances the body’s capacity to absorb
nutrients. The good bacteria in our digestive tract assist in digestion, boost
immunity, and prevent several diseases. Take foods that supply rich sources of
probiotics to enhance the microbiomes for better digestion and immunity. Research on the same
supports the influence of probiotics on protein digestion. It further states
that healthy bacteria can decrease harmful metabolites and protein
Some food sources of probiotics
  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Sour Pickles
  • Kimchi
  • Miso 
  • Soft Cheeses

Choose The
Right Protein Sources

Identify the hard to digest
sources of protein and avoid them. Nutrition experts suggest animal proteins
like eggs, milk, chicken, that offer higher digestibility, thereby increasing
the protein content in the body to absorb and use. These contain complete
proteins, which means you get all the nine amino acids our body cannot produce.
How to Digest Protein Supplements Easily?
How to Digest Protein Supplements Easily?
Also, plant-based protein sources
like wheat gluten and soy protein isolate contain digestible proteins to help
absorption. Even sunflower, flax, hemp, pumpkin seeds that are high in Omega 3
fatty acids, can help aid the process of digestion. Some of the best
plant-based protein powders available on the market are hemp-based, rice-based,
organic, pea protein, and soy. Hemp seeds belonging to the Cannabis Sativa L genus are
the best protein-rich foods available. Make sure you get one of these to
improve protein digestion.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 or
Pyridoxine is essential to metabolize protein, carbohydrates, and fats. These
are water-soluble vitamins and can help control amino acid balance in the body.
These also help aid digestive enzymes to break down proteins and transmit amino
acids to the bloodstream. The deficiency of the vitamin can lead to a weak
immune system that causes poor digestion. If you are not fond of supplements,
potato, avocado, carrots, and hazelnut are some good sources of vitamin B-6.

Carbohydrates Intake

You might be taking a high
protein and low carbohydrate that is causing indigestion, bloating, and gas.
The best way to improve protein digestion is to balance out with equal
carbohydrate in your diet. Since carbohydrate is easier to digest, include more
of it in your protein shakes. Also, carbohydrate and protein can help the body
release insulin. An increase in the levels will further aid the body to absorb
amino acids. Before you go for a high-intensity workout, consume complex
carbohydrate diet to improve digestion. CBD, a chemical compound of cannabis
plants, is a new addition to sports nutrition. There are CBD-based protein
supplements to ensure you receive enough amino acids. Find an online dispensary Canada that provides
quality CBD products to aid your fitness goals.

Protein Frequently

The reason behind not getting
protein absorption
might also be you may not be taking enough. It is
necessary to supply your body with small amounts of protein frequently to increase
digestion. The quantity of consumption will depend on the age and intensity of
the workout. Taking protein supplements before and after the workout aids
muscle growth and repair. But during the day while performing daily activities
be mindful of your protein intake. The International
Society of Sports Nutrition
suggests that you should take limited amounts
uniformly throughout the day.

Water And

Yes, the two substances can also
impede your protein supplement digestion.
Air – When you mix protein powder and milk in a blender, it adds
air into the shake. The air bubbles in your shake that you consume results in
gas and abdominal cramps, leading to indigestion. The best you can do is to get
a shaker bottle, mix the ingredients, and shake it until you see it blend
entirely. That will get you rid of the bubbles.
Water – Avoid drinking water with your meals. Your body requires
stomach acid or hydrochloric acid that activates enzymes to breakdown amino
acids and aid digestive processes. Replace regular water with coconut water,
kefir or orange juice to help absorb more nutrients.


Besides helping in building
muscles, protein also can aid hormone production. Find your daily protein needs
according to your weight and exercise routine for optimal benefits. Consult a
doctor to identify any other digestive complications.

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