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Next Generation Bottle Warmer

Among the nursery items you must have, the bottle warmer is certainly at the top of the list. Whether you breastfeed or bottle your baby, this innovative accessory will bring you satisfaction, but you still have to know how to make the right choice of model according to your needs. Today there are a multitude of bottle warmers and it is not always easy to find the one that will suit you the most. This comprehensive buying guide will make it easier for you.

Comparison of the best bottle warmers
By going to a shop specializing in the sale of maternity items, you will inevitably see many models of bottle warmers. The brands, sizes, designs, colors and prices are extremely varied and so is the quality. However, even if a good number of parameters can influence your choice, it is essential to choose a qualitative product which will heat the milk of your little one at the right temperature. We have therefore preselected for you the best electric and autonomous models on the market. You can then choose according to your preferences and your budget.

The NUK bottle warmer:
Here is a versatile universal bottle warmer that directly attracts by its sober and elegant design as well as its tender colors. Measuring 14 cm x 14 cm x 17.5 cm, it is easy to handle and can heat not only all types of baby bottles but also small jars. Very practical, it has a double power supply allowing connection to the mains for home use and connection to a cigarette lighter thanks to a removable cable for traveling by car. Get more list at saim deals about the bottle warmer.

The NUK heats a bottle in just 90 seconds at home and in 10 minutes by car. Its speed is therefore one of its best assets. This device, both electric and mobile, benefits from a steam heating system. How to use it? By first pouring the right amount of water into the pod (follow the instructions). The amount of water depends on the volume of milk to be heated. For a bottle filled with 120 ml of milk, for example, 8 ml of water sufficient to heat it to 35 ° C.

When you are sure you have the right amount of water, pour it into the appliance bowl. Then put the bottle and the heating accelerator ring and start the small machine. The automatic shutdown after evaporation of all the water is reassuring. One of the advantages of this bottle warmer is that it adapts to all types of bottles. You can therefore use it from birth until your child's weaning, or even afterwards to reheat their small pots. Sold between 28 and 45 €, the NUK offers excellent value for money.

The Bib'Expresso bottle warmer

The Bib'Expresso is undoubtedly the top of the range bottle warmer par excellence. It is a latest generation 3 in 1 model allowing you to prepare a bottle, heat it and sterilize it. Ultra practical, this device from the BĂ©aba brand will make life easier for parents while ensuring nutritious and healthy food for the baby. Measuring 22 cm x 34 cm x 26 cm and weighing 1.195 kg, the device sports a modern design combining red and white.

To prepare infant milk with the Bib'Expresso, pour the right amount of water into the tank and turn on the bottle warmer. 30 seconds will be enough to heat it to room temperature (37 ° C) . A signal will alert you that the water is ready. You will just have to place the bottle with the powder on the grid of the receptacle. The heated water will flow by itself into the bottle by finger pressure. The water flow has been well calculated to homogenize the temperature and texture of the milk. But you can shake it a little to mix everything well if you want.

In addition, the Bib'Expresso has a double boiler mode for heating a bottle, whether it is filled with infant milk or breast milk. To do this, put the bottle in the unit filled with water, adjust the setting according to the quantity of milk to be heated and switch on the appliance. The heating time is also 30 seconds. The "clean" button is used to activate the cleaning and sterilization of the bottle. Costing between 60 and 75 €, it is surely the most expensive bottle warmer but also the most practical and the most elaborate there is . Namely, it can also heat small pots.

The Babymoov bottle warmer

Babymoov is a brand of reference childcare articles. Its bottle warmer is one of the favorites of young mothers for many reasons. It is also a portable device usable by sector at home and via a removable plug compatible with the cigarette lighter of your car. Quite fast and efficient, it is able to heat a bottle containing up to 240 ml of milk in 3 minutes 30 at home and in 10 minutes by car.
Delivered with an adapter ring, the Babymoov is suitable for all types of baby bottles as well as for small jars. If you use a silicone bottle, this bottle warmer has a special basket to isolate it from the heating unit. A pod is also integrated to facilitate the dosing of water for the water bath. When the bottle is ready, a backlit ring lights up in red to alert you. At the same time, it will stop automatically. This model measures 15 cm x 16 cm x 13.4 cm and weighs only 730 g. It costs between € 39 and € 55, so you could say that it is affordable.

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