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Brief guidance - Graphic Style for Children Books

Writing a book is not everything, you need to make it look beautiful for the kids to read. It is important that kids read books as well as understand the concept of book reading. In addition, that can be explained well in illustrated books. These illustrations are done on the software that is used for graphics. This artistic work has fed our eyes for a long-time. Children books and advertisement uses colors, designs and the techniques for attracting readers and consumers respectively. It has been part of our business industry as well as education. In Education Sector, we can see children’s book illustrations, which attract kids to read and perform in their behavior. Here below, we are going to explore graphic design style that everyone has been looking for his or her books.

The three – Dimensional: 

The three –D graphics are generated and displayed in 2-D space. An artist design in such a way that it looks life-like accents in this style. When artists design this, it offers a lightening effect on art. Sometimes, you may have to compromise on a single color shade. It may have a gradient effect but the color may remain one. The main purpose of this design is to give depth and illusion of volume in the image.

You can use this technique in the books to give an idea of a 3-D image to the kids. Parents will feel easy to explain the picture or the story that surrounds it. Moreover, kids will love to explore more about the image that is illustrated in the book. 

Retro/ Vintage: 

If you like to show your feeling, then you will love this design. Retro does not only convey the feelings but also the particular connection with the reader. The reader will feel as if it is his or her image and will feel comfortable around it. This design is simple but energetic that reminds you of the past and memories. When designers start illustrating they take full, the advantage of every targeted audience who has loved the original retro designs sometimes.

The Victorian Era inspires this style of design. You can find this form of design in the music theme and its visual elements. You may its usage in the decorating walls, hand-drawn typeface, and sometimes in the letterpress. This is the style that everyone loves it. 


This is an independent piece of the art, look real when it uses colors and shapes based on the single concept of the designer or the client or sometimes both. Any design that includes random line, shape, print or patterns is the part of the abstract. They are made perfect through random shapes, lines, and patterns. This design represents the personal opinion and undefined, unclear representation of the objects. 


This design style includes letters and fonts. In this design, you can easily redefine the designs or the writing style. This type of graphic design is also used in the logo making as well as books like children and novels. It attracts the audience in different curiosity to understand the typography. 
When you create to write a book, you generally choose a font and font size for writing. Just like that, when designers design the cover page of the book or illustrate the image according to the story then they use particular typography to explain the dialogues of the characters. Each font has its different characteristics and meaning. 


Minimalism is a conceptual ideology that is never trendy. It was around 60 years ago and it is still important today. Through minimalist design, the primary aim is to tell more by revealing little. Simple, smooth and timeless, modern style. The drawing board includes needless artifacts and flourishes. Only the appropriate item is included for transmitting the post.

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