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How To Use Facebook For Business Marketplace

How To Use Facebook For Business Marketplace
How To Use Facebook For Business Marketplace
Earlier Facebook platforms were just used to connect friends, families, and colleagues but from recent years, the scenario has changed a lot. Now, the platform is not just used by families, friends and colleagues but by individual buyers and sellers. This makes the Facebook platform not just a social platform but a “Marketplace”. This concept of Facebook Marketplace has grown a lot in popularity and is now used by 70 different countries every month by over 800+ million people.

What Exactly Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook launched Marketplace in 2016, and it has been quite successful since then. As the name says it all! Facebook Marketplace is a place on Facebook for the public and businesses to buy and sell new and pre-owned items (listed on Facebook) to other users.

What You Can Do With Facebook Marketplace?

  • You can gain access to a local audience by listing products and services for sale on Facebook Marketplace.
  • To buy products and services from Facebook Marketplace, you can browse the whole marketplace from various categories.
  • Facebook Marketplace is built as a peer-to-peer platform, and you can make a purchase also through Messenger.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

  • To sell something through The Facebook platform, you simply need to go to ‘Facebook Marketplace’ to click the blue button “+sell something” on the left.
  • Then a popup window will show up that lets you select from the options of ‘what kind of items you want to sell’.
  • After selecting the items, in the popup on the next screen, there is a dropdown to select whom you want to list it by and this can be one of your business pages or personal profile.

And, while common people can list items for sale in any condition, businesses can also use Facebook Marketplace too as it is a free option that even allows selling of products and services. Here’s how you can use your Business Facebook Page:
  • If you’re running a business you can advertise your store items on Facebook Marketplace business page to reach more and more people.
  • You can use this Facebook business page to build brand awareness, in order to increase your sales.
  • From time to time, remember to test the market to determine the most optimum way to increase your product’s position in the market.
  • Also, try to establish yourself as a trustworthy Seller, so that in future it will help you to build your community online.
  • On Facebook Marketplace you can show a lot of inventory for retail items, vehicles, home rentals and event tickets by working with a Marketplace listing partner.
  • Instead of limited only to few eligible merchants, you can list new and refurbished items on your Facebook Marketplace totally free of cost that lets customers purchase items without leaving Facebook.

Tips For Facebook Business Page:

  • It is advisable to provide a brief and clear description of what your business is selling.
  • Remember to post clear and sharp detailed photos of products and items.
  • Not to forget to choose the correct category to list items, products and services for sale.
  • Ensure to not sell items that you aren’t allowed to sell.
  • Include free Shipping or free home delivery in your items’ prices.
  • Always respond as fast as you canto people’s queries.

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