Super Easy And Simple Steps To Make Candy Boxes With Cardboard Packaging

Everyone loves candies. They are a delightful addition to your events and gatherings. The joyous
feelings connected to the sweets are well-appreciated by custom and beautifully made candy boxes.
They can be made from several commonly available materials. One amongst the many is cardboard.
As elegant as they look, they are straightforward to carve in beautiful patterns. They are also very
suitable for food products. You sure can make them on your own for your guests or children or for
carrying the candies to visit your loved ones. They will definitely leave a positive impression of how
much you care about them.

Custom boxes for your candies are a sure way to entertain your guests with sweets in a very adorable
and creative way. They are super convenient to make on your own, and they can be customized to a
considerable extent. You can add anything you like on them; it can be a cheerful note or some event-
related stickers or pictures etc.
Things you need:
There are a few things you need to have before you can start making your own cardboard candy boxes.
You will need reasonably strong cardboard sheets for supporting structure. It should be strong enough
to appear as a rigid packaging when shaped into a box. And after this, you will need a wrapping paper
for the cardboard. There are several designs available in the local market, but you can always get your
own patterns printed on plain paper for wrapping. A small saw or a teeth knife so that you can cut the
cardboard in the desired shapes. A pair of scissors to cut the wrapping paper. An inkjet printer if you
want to get your custom designs printed on the wrapping sheet and also for printing templates. You
will also need some cardboard glue to attach the cardboard pieces, and paper gum sticks to attach the
wrapping paper to the cardboard sheet.
Choose specifications:
There are numerous design templates available online to choose from. You can choose either from
them, or you can also come up with your own design. Just download the selected model and take out a
print on a paper sheet. You will be using this as a reference to cut through the segments on the
cardboard sheet. Your box size varies with the number of candies you want to house in them. A typical
dress shirt packaging sized box can accommodate up to two dozen medium-sized candies. Select the
pattern you want to display on the top of your custom printed box, you can be occasion-specific about
it or you can write a well-wishers note or relate to the person receiving them.
Take the print of the chosen candy boxes template on an everyday white piece of paper; you can also
draw it if you don’t have access to a printer. Now cut each distinct segment with the pair of scissors
and paste them separately on the cardboard sheet. Cut around each of the glued pieces on the cardboard
with the help of the saw or the teeth knife. Attach and fold the cut pieces from the carton as described
by its template. But before you proceed with attaching cardboard pieces, make sure you have your
wrapping paper glued on it. You can also use different fabrics to be fixed on your cardboard in place
of wrapping paper. Attach the wrapping paper with a gum stick only; liquid glue will leave wet marks.
And there you have your very own cardboard candy box.
There are several ideas to decorate your box of candies. A straightforward technique follows tying a
ribbon around the candy case. It is usually accompanied by a beautiful knot on the side of the lid or
the face of the box. Others can have opening notes for the receiver with some wishes and remarks.
Another idea to decorate your table is to make them according to the theme of some on-going event.
For example, if you are making a box to contain candies for the development of Christmas, the relevant
printed candy boxes can be modified to have patterns like Santa Claus and reindeers, etc. This would
add to the flavor of the event and the candies you wish to present to your loved ones. You can also
stitch the meeting ends of the cardboard pieces to give an exotic look to your box.
Adding candy dividers:
You can also introduce dividers inside your custom boxes; each of them can house a candy separately.
The most available material to make them is the kraft paper, which quite readily available and easy to
manage as well. You can find several methods online to make them. Just follow the tutorials, and you
should see them through. But make sure they are big enough for your candies and allow the receiver to
quickly put fingers inside to take the candy out of the box. Otherwise, they will be very troublesome.
They also enhance the beauty of the display.
It cannot get any easier to make your very own box of candies. Just be creative and follow the
instructions available on the online tutorials. You might fail an attempt or two, but with every box you
make, you will get better at it. They are very convenient to make, take very less time, and the raw
material is all readily available.
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