All You Need To Know About Reel Mowers With Pros And Cons

All You Need To Know About Reel Mowers With Pros And Cons
All You Need To Know About Reel Mowers With Pros And Cons

Golf course mowing requires experience,
patience and some good quality equipment. It is not like a lawn or garden
maintenance because the area covered by a golf course is around 70 hectares. If
we consider the maintained area only, it will also cover half of the golf course.
For maintaining such a large area, both real and rotary mowers are necessary.
However, reel mowers are more important in various aspects. In this article, we
are going to cover complete information about mowing equipment supporting the reel
blade extensions.

What Are
Reel Mowers?

The grass cutting mechanism of a
mowing machine decides whether it is a reel or rotary mower. Reels are the
oldest turf maintenance equipment available in the market. From manual
operating to the motor mechanism, these mowers are available in all models.
Reels are basically the cylindrically shaped helical structure of blades. The
blades are smartly adjusted in a manner to give a close cut to your turf. As
the reel mower moves forward, the blades trim away grass with an even length.
Nowadays, brands like Toro
golf course mowers
are selling equipment capable of operating 5 reels at a
time. These machines are meant for finishing the work faster and with more
precision. Although we need reel mowers for golf course maintenance they are
also available for domestic use in manual settings. Scroll down to gain more
information from its pros and cons.

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1. Precise
Trimming Ability

Superior cutting ability is the
biggest advantage of mowers equipped with a reel mechanism. Reel mowers have a
combination of multiple blades that revolve horizontally to trim the grass.
Consider it like a razor having multiple blades to give you to close shaving
experience. The blades are adjustable at multiple heights according to the
different areas of a golf course. Generally, we need to reel mowers in that tee
box and fairway areas.

2. No Damage
To Roots

While trimming the grass with
high-quality precision, reel mowers also take care of roots. Superior Toro golf course mowers cause no
damage to the roots even at the lowest height of trimming. Moreover, it also
provides adequate space for aeration.

3. Safe To

When it comes to safety concerns,
reel mowers are the best options to choose from. Rotary mowers work faster with
the help of their chopping blades but they are not safe. While moving forward,
reel mowers stop wherever a rock or Derby blocks the path rather than throwing
it away.

4. Suitable
For Both Small And Big Areas

Reel mowers are suitable for use
on all types of turfs. Whether you are going to maintain a golf course or small
lawn, reel mowers serve both purposes perfectly. Even with manual operating
reel mowers, we can get perfect turf height.


1. Works Slower

Reel mowers are known for their
perfection in grass trimming but they work slower than rotary mowers. In order
to attain a precise trimming experience, we need to invest a lot of time in the
tees and fairway areas.

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2. Not Suitable
For Uneven Surface

Reels are not suitable to operate
in uneven space. The blades of these golf course mowers cannot
work even where small gravels are present. There is a risk of damaging blades
while running a reel mower on an uneven space.

3. High Maintenance

The maintenance cost of the reels
is huge. If you roll them over and uneven space, misalignment occurs in the
blades. You need professional help to realign the blades and sharpen them accordingly.

Those who are going to purchase a
reel golf course mower should understand these points before placing the order.
Reel mowers are among the integral equipment for golf course maintenance but
you need to handle them with utmost care.


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