Role Of AI Chat Bots In Software Testing

Role Of AI Chat Bots In Software Testing
Role Of AI Chat Bots In Software Testing

Artificially intelligent chatbot
is no longer a popular buzzword in the tech industry, it is a reality, and it
is as much applicable and valid in the software testing field as it is in any
other area. The main objective of software testing is to keep up with the
quality standards for the products and ensure timely delivery to the customers
by following effective testing practices. With the recent adoption of agile and
DevOps development in organizations, the testing has taken a shift left
approach and has made the traditional testing methods redundant; these
progressions in projects also require the development and testing process to be
run concurrently from the initial phases.

Progression Of Artificial
Intelligence In Software Testing

In one of the articles on
artificial intelligent bots, Forbes claimed that we are long past the era where
the release of a product every month or so was considered to be the gold
standard. In today’s’ world, the pace for the development teams is set much
higher as today the market demands release and updates weekly. Artificial
intelligence basically integrates various machines which methodically mimic
human behaviour and thus, the testing teams are able to forgo the traditional
and tedious manual testing measures and gradually move towards continuous and
precision-based software testing processes.

With an artificially intelligent
powered chatbot at their disposal, the independent software testing companies
can detect and observe even the slightest of the issues or changes and make
constant updates to the application.

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Impact Of AI Chat Bots On Software

Considering that most of the
activities of the software application are repetitive and the majority of the
functions need to be tested frequently, AI chatbots prove to be an effective
tool when it comes to software testing. Basically, the AI chatbots are used by
the independent software testing
to simulate the conversation with the users and work mostly like
a human except that the whole process is automated to ensure time and

The Benefits Of Artificially Intelligent Bots In Software Testing

Improved accuracy with an automated testing process and the
reduced involvement of humans in the testing of the application.

Tests can be conducted largely unsupervised and they can be run
automatically whenever there is a major change in the code, and the project
teams can be notified directly if the testing process fails.

The quality of the end product is improved as not only the
overall test coverage is increased but the depth and scope of the tests are
also enhanced because they are not limited by the manual testing controls.

AI-powered chatbot facilities in creating the test cases
automatically and also generates the test codes without any human involvement.

Testing on the whole is made easier and faster, the results are
analyzed more quickly.

Even though the initial costs are high, auto-tuning of tasks at
an advanced level saves a lot of time and effort of the teams and therefore, is

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