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8 tips to make a good home staging

Home staging is a method that is easy to master once you understand some basics. This enhancement of our interior is essential when the time comes to put a residence up for sale. To support you in your approach, follow our 8 tips to make a good home staging.
Is your house not for sale? You can also put these tips into practice once a season when the time comes to clean up the cottage, condo, or semi-detached. After all, home staging is simply the art of making a home comfortable, beautiful, and inviting.
1. Create an inviting welcome
As in human relationships, the first impression that a residence gives is very important. Take the time to clean the entrance and steps of your house and install colorful flowers there. Shake the mats, empty the gutters, rub the door handle, and make sure the mailbox is in good condition. Do not hesitate to paint it if necessary.
2. Put away and depersonalize
Inside, the first step is to clean and tidy up the house while depersonalizing it as much as possible. Remove the prescriptions lying around in the bathroom, the magnetic discount coupons on the fridge, and the calendars on which you have scribbled your appointments. Visitors must be able to easily imagine living in your home. You can take the opportunity to sort with the Kenmare method and eliminate all the objects that do not bring you joy or that are useless.
3. Do some small improvement work?
Without redoing the kitchen or bathroom, there are several small affordable projects that will have a lot of impacts. Adding a ceramic kitchen backsplash, changing the doorknobs of kitchen cabinets, freshening up the shower curtain, and replacing a broken mirror in the master bedroom are some inexpensive examples. For more details to make your home best staging visit contractors Columbus.
4. Use a virtual tool
Do you want to repaint, but hesitate to choose the color? You do not know how to arrange your rooms to maximize space? There are online home staging tools that will allow you to visualize the changes before taking action. You can also find tips on how to create vignettes in the living areas and give a professional touch to the decor before the visits.
5. Slide the bed into fresh, ironed sheets
Choose your best sheets or buy a new set to create a room with the perfect look. As in a hotel, you have to give the impression to people that if they buy the house, they will be the first to sleep in the room. Iron the sheets, the pillowcases, and the duvet cover well and spray the bed with a soothing mist
6. Clean up the pantry
It is very likely that visitors will spend time opening cupboards and drawers all over the house. If it's a little unrealistic to tidy everything up perfectly, spend time emptying, and cleaning the food in the pantry. Throw out expired food and clean anything that seems sticky or unappetizing.
If you have a spice cabinet, this is also the time to organize it better. Empty it, throw out expired products, clean the containers and the inside of the cabinet, and put everything back in order.
7. Thoroughly clean kitchen and bathroom
Cleanliness is essential throughout the house, and even more so in the bathroom and kitchen. Wash the walls and floor and rub the chrome to make them shine. Also, clean up places that you don't notice at first glance, but that will be a point of interest for visitors, such as the oven hood, electric baseboards, and the sanitary ware shelf that is in the shower.
8. Choose your home fragrance carefully
Forget the cliché stuff of cookies in the oven. Most people prefer to visit a house whose smell suggests cleanliness and tranquility rather than the smell of food. Opt for scents like eucalyptus, basil or lemon. Operate your essential oil diffuser for one hour before the start of the visits.

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