Tips for buying children’s furniture

Tips for buying children's furniture

Normally, children are considered to be those individuals who go through the first instance of life known as prior to puberty or preadolescence, they are usually understood as such until twelve to fourteen years, in general terms.

One of the aspects that can be used to understand what a child is is the fact that they are not considered adults and therefore must be protected and cared for, consequently, it is of the utmost importance to provide them with a pleasant environment adapted to their age and to the degree of maturity.

To design spaces dedicated to them, it is essential to understand and understand them, we know that they are inexhaustible, and they are always eager to learn for themselves.

Each child will have a particular development depending on the environment in which they develop, their family and the culture that surrounds them, in addition to biological aspects.

Tips for buying children’s furniture


Children are always changing physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. They follow a general rule of growth and development. Some children may develop faster or slower than others their age. For example, a six-year-old might act like a five-year-old or a seven-year-old.

The dimensions of the child change rapidly, however, their relationship with their surroundings is an important part of their first experiences, which will mark their future development. Mydeal Reviews


The concept of space, together with that of time, is a cognitive achievement that is acquired throughout development and is essential to know who we are and where we are in the world.

When a person loses consciousness, the first thing they ask is: “where am I?”, Because knowing who we are, where we are and what stage of our existence we live are the three basic and determining notions to be located in our reality.

Space should be an important element of reflection when planning, but when designing for children it is essential to consider it as a facilitating element of learning. As you expose him to new sights, sounds and sensations, you open his mind to a bigger and more exciting world.


The perception of colors in child development is not limited only to the distinction between primary colors, the child must be perfectly capable of distinguishing between the rest of the colors that correspond to the wide range of colors best known.

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Colors are an essential element as a means of identifying the environment that surrounds us, we cannot forget that colors are part of our communication system, if the child has a normal perception he will be able to distinguish between numerous combinations of the 6 basic colors: red, yellow, blue and green, plus two shades without hue: black and white.

Asking children their favorite color, or what is the color of the objects that surround it, will stimulate them to learn to differentiate them and they will learn to enjoy the subtlety of the different chromatic nuances.


Imagination is one of the great treasures of childhood. Promoting the development of children’s creativity is essential for them, since this significant capacity that we relate to children helps them to express themselves, to develop their abstract thinking and, also, will be essential when solving problems and to interact better with others throughout your life.

It is important to start as soon as possible, because in the first moments, months and years of life; every contact, every movement and every emotion involves immense electrical and chemical activity in the brain, as billions of neurons are organizing themselves in networks that establish billions of synapses between them.

Developing a child’s imagination helps strengthen his abilities. To enhance the creativity of children it is necessary to play, through play the imagination develops and emotions flow, it is necessary to allow children to express themselves. It is important to let the children explore and try all the possibilities, they will surely surprise us.

Tips for decorating a children’s bedroom


To achieve good child development it is essential that children are away from danger, taking the necessary measures to keep them safe is a great responsibility.

Designing healthy environments, spaces without risks or dangers should be the priority. However, it will have to be focused on the child being able to trust himself. Belief is more important than power. He who believes in himself does not give up and worries about looking for alternatives that lead him to achieve his goals. Confidence is the key not to give up and to achieve personal goals.

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A person who does not trust himself, on the other hand, will not be sure of his abilities, and will not have the strength to continue and learn from his mistakes. You will find it more difficult to achieve your goals, even if you have high abilities, master skills and have the proper preparation.

Confidence, therefore, is one of the bases of an education aimed at happiness, well-being and personal development.


There are many types of specific furniture for  children’s spaces . How to find the right one? In this regard, I believe that a piece of furniture will be suitable when the person who uses it is comfortable, functional, practical, safe … It is also important to look at the type of material, the color, the proportions and of course the aesthetics.

Children absorb everything and the relationship they have with the objects around them will largely define their perception of the world. The development of creativity is a skill that needs practice, the child must feel able to perform activities freely to feel safe.

I would like to finish with the words of a person who greatly influenced and shaped my childhood and, consequently, my life with his example and his words; John Paul II, who said:

Children are “spring” … They refer us to the horizon of life, colors, light and song, typical of the spring season. They are the hope that continues to flourish, a project that starts continuously, the future that opens without ceasing. They represent the flowering of conjugal love, which is reflected and consolidated in them. When they come to light, they bring a message of life that, ultimately, refers to the Author of life himself.

And I conclude: yes, children reflect the message of life for which every day we wake up to continue working, we strive to improve ourselves, we risk taking flight to build the Mexico we dream of. It is in this way that, through our proposal of  authentic MC  with children, we contribute to the creation of a better world.


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