Live Mobile Location Tracker Online with Phone Tracker

Live Mobile Location Tracker Online

Once in a lifetime, someone might have mugged you on your way. They might have taken everything, especially your valuable kinds of stuff. Like your wallet, credit card, mobile phone. You did every possible thing to get the items back. But nothing worked. Among all of the, you wanted your phone back as it has too much information about you. But there’s a way you can get your phone back. For that, it’s necessary to track your phone and know the location. In that case, a live mobile location tracker online may help you.

Well, you must be wondering how does that helps you. It’s an application that tends to help you with navigation. It will assist you in finding the exact location of someone who has your phone. Not only that, you can even know where the person is locating you are searching for.

This application is connected with your mobile or computer’s GPS. In my opinion, it’s one of the most significant innovations of the 21st century.

Finding your lost phone or ensuring your kid’s safety, it’s very helpful. You must be wondering how does it work? So the article will give you a notion about this live mobile location tracker online.

What Is a live mobile  location tracker online

We all know, a mobile phone tracker can help us monitor our loved ones with just one click. However, mobile tracking has evolved throughout the years. We can see many different features added by the mobile phone tracker. These ensure we get the most out of their service. Some of the features are GPS Tracking capabilities, text monitoring.

Besides, there are more like photo/video extraction, social media alerts. But a person must need to know what is the live mobile location tracker. Live mobile location tracker online is considered the ever-growing number of navigation tools. It mainly works to assist you in finding your current location and nearby places.

When it comes to the app, it’s very easy to operate; it comes with four tools you can rely on. They are -my location, find address, places near me, and distance calculator.

So, live location tends to help users find their exact current location. But you have to use your mobile app by activating your mobile  GPS.

On the other hand, a live address will help you in looking for a particular address. You have to provide the address you are looking for. On the other hand, places near me can help you if you are looking for an establishment.

The most fantastic feature is the distance calculator. With this, you can just calcite the distance between any two places. It is shown on the map for better navigating.

How Does Live Mobile Location Tracker Online Work?

So, you must be wondering this live mobile location tracker online may be hard to operate. Well, there is nothing to fear about that. Because this app is so easy to use that you will be just in awe.

  • We know, mobile phone tracker tends to work by activating a GPD tracking first. This tends to pinpoint the exact location of the targeted device.
  • It even provides those data on the many devices located around the world. These GPS satellites Now work by sending signals den to the earth.
  • After that, the GPS server will connect to the server. It will even compare the time it was sent and received. The result will turn out very accurate. It will be the distance between the satellite and the physical receiver. Or it may be the targeted phone.
  • However, the data will activate the GPS receiver’s system. So that it can calculate the exact location of the targeted device with much accuracy and proficiency.
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Want to Track someone’s Location On Google Maps

We all know that google maps is that app that is essential on every phone. But do you know the trick to track someone’s mobile phone? So there are some tips you can easily use to do that.

  • Go to the google map on the target device ( smartphone you wish to track). Now you have to tap on the hamburger icon. It is at the left of your screen.
  • Now you have to find out the various options available option. Now from that, tap on the location sharing.
  • So do you want to start your work? Now you have to tap on the get started to further proceed with the phone tracking.
  • You may even select the time for which you want to track the location of that person. If you wish, you may click on the plus icon. To decrease it, tap on the minus icon.
  • By tapping until you turn that off option, you can track the location without the barrier of time.
  • Now select your contact from the targeted device. Then, you may see a pop up saying the contact is not connected to a google account. Now just simply on OK.
  • After that, tap on the send. Finally, you can send the prepared link from the messaging app to yourself.
  • You have to use the link to see the current location of the person.
  • Sending the location is possible from the maps app.
  • After tapping the notification, the maps app will open with the location of that person.

How About Using A WhatsApp for Live Mobile Location Tracker Online

Do you want to track someone’s location by using what’s app? Here’s what you can do.

  • At first, open the whatsapp of the targeted device. After that, open your chat with that person.
  • Just tap on the attach icon at the bottom. Select the location option.
  • Tap on the live share location. But don’t tap on send your current location instead. Now you will see the site of the place where the phone was in the first place.
  • Select the time you want to trace the location. Tap on the send icon.
  • Now open the WhatsApp chat of the target person. After that, tap view location in the location message.
  • Now tap on their profile icon that you see n the app.
  • Then, tap on the get directions option.
  • Now click the Maps app to see the location of the targeted device on google map.
  • Eventually, you can see the current location of the target device. Besides, you can also get directions to their place.

Want To Track Someone Without Them Knowing

Well, sometimes, you may want to track your loved ones for their safety. But you do want to do this without them knowing. Because you will feel like you do not wish to create any hassle between you both. You want to be sure if they are okay or not. Being a parent, you have the right to do that to ensure our kids’ safety. Sometimes it’s hard to let go and not trace their phone. But you have to know some tips and tricks. So that they cannot see that they are being traced.

  • Now you have to delete the link message from the kid’s phone. It has to be that text that you sent to yourself to track the device. By deleting, the reader will not distort the link. It will work fine as usual. On whats app, you have to long-press the delete icon.
  • Now click on the delete icon and select the delete for option. Do not tap on the delete for everyone instead.
  • After you are done, you don’t even need to track the target cellphone. Now turn off the tracking function.
  • Now go to google maps. Tap on the hamburger option. Tap on the location-sharing option. Now you sell the target person” s name. Now tap on the cross icon at the bottom right side.
  • And the location option will be disabled. Eventually, the link will stop working.
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For Android And IOS

If you are an android user, you have to activate the android device manager. For an iPhone user, you have to use the find my phone function. But there are third-party apps that can help you tracking phone.

Not only can these apps track the phones location, but they can also find other data. The data which are found targeted device as well. Some people call it a spy app. There are many different types of soy ap on the market. But they vary depending on their brand “s quality and features.

On the other hand, the highster mobile is very well known and famous for its fantastic spy techniques. This software can do everything. Like keylogging to retrieving deleted calls, real-time GPS location training.

We got to know that some third-party apps are very lucrative. They can provide you the exact location. On the other hand, you can also get information like text messages, calls, history, social media activity, emails, and more.

But it’s necessary to install these apps on the targeted mobile phone. Then it will be possible for you to monitor them. Suppose the selected device is an android phone. Now you need to have the possession to install the app. But for my phone it’s different. You have to activate the software remotely to know the phone’s id. Also, you need to know about the password too. After everything is done correctly, you can monitor your target person.

Pros And Cons Of Live Mobile Location Tracker Online

Well, you must be wondering about a lot of facts about this live mobile location tracker online. There are certainly some both good and bad facts about it. It’s an excellent extension to your phone’s built-in map app.

But sometimes it’s unreliable enough that you can’t get anything helpful from it. It’s more of an ad generator rather than a GPS locator. It may correctly locate where you are. But you will face trouble to find other locations. But obviously, there are some pros that you can consider.


  • It’s a free app that is very convenient
  • Its very lightweight
  • It comes with a distance calculator


  • It doesn’t offer anything new
  • Sometimes it may provide accurate locations
  • It can be saturated with other apps.
  • This app tends to take most of the screen
  • Every click you make, ads will pop up

Other Issues With Third-Party Apps

The privacy issue is the biggest concern about these third-party apps. You should take permission of the mobile phone owner. As they are invading privacy.

But parents can do it legally if their children are under 18. So, in that case, it’s better to choose a good app for a better purpose. The highster mobile is convenient, and it’s well built. It has even advance tracking features.

On the other hand, you will get even additional necessary information. It both works on IOS and android phones. But it will be best if you ignore all kinds of third-party apps.

Last Few Words on Live Mobile Location Tracker Online

So you got a notion about the live mobile location tracker online. You got to know about other facts about this. Like how does this work, what features does your phone have etc.? On the other hand, you even know the pros and cons of this system. But the advantages are way too many.

If you have somehow lost your phone, don’t worry. Or you may feel worried about your kid’s safety. This app will surely help you to get your phone back. You can easily even get information about your kid’s location. Besides, its uses are way too many. The cops even use this to catch the criminal. So in a word, it’s very beneficial. Once you can operate it properly, Now you don’t even have to worry.


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