Tips During Orthodontics Invisalign


Tips During Orthodontics Invisalign
Tips During Orthodontics Invisalign
More and more people choose invisalign by correcting their
smile. This invisible orthodontic treatment allows you to correct your teeth
without others noticing. But, what care should be maintained during
orthodontics with Invisalign?

What Care Must Be Taken During Invisalign

Aesthetic orthodontics has evolved a lot in recent years,
incorporating treatments for all tastes besides Invisalign:
Sapphire aesthetic brackets. It consists of wearing brackets
with the same process as the metal ones. The difference is that the aesthetics
are made of materials such as ceramics and sapphire, which dismulate their
appearance much more. Although they can cause friction and sores, they are a
very popular option to balance aesthetics, price and comfort. You need tips
about which orthodontics treatment is best and affordable for you visit here
orthodontist near Dublin Ohio.
Lingual orthodontics it is currently the most aesthetic
treatment in orthodontics. It consists of wearing metallic braces but on the
inside of the teeth, so that they are totally imperceptible. However, they
require a process of adaptation in the language and usually have a higher cost.
Invisalign is an option that combines aesthetics and
comfort, so it has become one of the most popular options among patients.

But, What Exactly Is Invisalign?

It is an almost invisible technique that allows you to align
your teeth without anyone noticing unless you tell them. The treatment of
invisalign in Barcelona and Madrid that we offer offers comfort and guarantee
of success to all patients of Prop dental Dental Clinics.
The invisalign is transparent, practically invisible,
removable, and comfortable and you can withdraw it to eat, drink or if you have
a social event.
This type of orthodontics consists of wearing invisible
aligners that are made to fit your mouth from previously made molds.
This treatment provides several advantages over the other
options in orthodontics:
Transparent the covers are transparent so that it is very
difficult for others to notice that you are wearing them.
Comfortable. They adapt perfectly to the teeth, and do not
usually generate sores or friction. They are also very comfortable and easy to
put on and take off.
Removable. The great advantage of these devices is that they
can be removed for meals and oral hygiene. These two factors are often greatly
altered in other treatments such as braces, which makes Invisalign one of the
most comfortable options for patients.
Despite all these advantages, Invisalign orthodontics also
requires a series of care and maintenance to guarantee the best results.

Tips For Good Care And Maintenance
Of Orthodontics Invisalign:

These are the basic care during the invisible orthodontic
treatment for the day to day with Invisalign orthodontics. These care will be
key to optimize the treatment and guarantee the best results:
Tips During Orthodontics Invisalign
Tips During Orthodontics Invisalign
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Wash The Aligners:

Although the splints are changed in a short period of time
(usually every 15 days) it is important to keep them clean for several reasons.
On the one hand, it is advisable to avoid traces of food and bacteria in the
devices, as this could facilitate the proliferation of oral biofilm. On the
other hand, if we do not wash the covers they could lose their shine and
transparency, so that the aesthetic and invisible factor is lost. It is
recommended to wash the aligners following these steps:
  • Carefully remove the Invisalign aligner by pressing outwards
    from the ends.
  • Wash it with water and neutral soap, using a specific brush.
  • Or use specific effervescent cleansers.
  • Rinse at room temperature.
  • Check the orthodontic device in case it has debris.
  • Daily constancy

Consistency is the key factor in Invisalign orthodontics. It
is useless to maintain good hygiene and daily care if we are not constant. The
most important thing during this treatment is the daily constancy: it is
recommended to take the aligners 22 hours a day, removing them only for eating
and hygiene routine. The lack of constancy is the main factor by which this
treatment lengthens more than expected, because the covers do not fit well.
Therefore, Invisalign is a treatment that requires commitment and responsibility
on the part of the patient.

Be Natural And Continue With Your

Many patients find it difficult to adapt their lifestyle to
orthodontic treatment. Be for habits, complex. Leave the shame behind and
brag about orthodontics! Invisalign orthodontics is one of the most comfortable
treatments and that respects your lifestyle. Carrying appliances is very common
in all ages and we should not alter our lifestyle or our feeding routine.

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Talk To Your Orthodontist Invisalign

Any orthodontic treatment is a slow process that lasts
several months and requires patience. Talk to your trusted dentist and discuss
all your doubts, ask for advice … And do not forget the routine reviews to
make a good follow-up of orthodontics.
Do you want to get that smile perfectly aligned with the one
you’ve always dreamed of?
You will not notice that you carry it in your mouth. And the
best!!!! … You will not realize that you have it in your mouth, because it
  • Removable!!!!! … And for that reason, 100% compatible with
    the current social and work life!!
  • Easy to clean and use
  • You will not have sores nor will you change your way of
  • You will not affect your dental hygiene by use, because you
    can take it off!!!

With the orthodontists of Prop dental certified in
Invisalign in Madrid, Barcelona and Badalona you can keep the aesthetics intact
throughout the treatment. At the Prop Dental clinics we carry out a
personalized study and adapt our orthodontic techniques to the needs of your
smile. Ask for your first free date, and smile!

The invisalign is an invisible orthodontic technique that
straightens your teeth with transparent aligners so you do not need dental
For this reason, the vast majority of orthodontic patients
of Prop dental choose it to get their most current smile in the safest, most
efficient, practical and invisible way!
The certified invisalign orthodontists of Prop dental plan
your treatment with the clincheck. What allows you to see how your teeth are
going to move before starting your treatment?


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