Modern Solutions For Healthy Textile Maintenance



 Humans deal with
textiles every day in some form. We wear textiles every day in the form of
clothes. Basically, a textile is a woven network of fibres, either natural or
artificial. As we use textiles daily, these textiles also need some degree of
care and maintenance. Usually, we do not use a cloth and then throw it away.
There are a few exceptions, but dirty clothes are usually washed clean and worn
again. There have been many traditional ways of washing clothes, but many of
them have been proved harmful to the quality of textile. Modern and healthier
ways of using oxygen for giving a fresh feel to fabrics are taking over
Modern Solutions For Healthy Textile Maintenance
Modern Solutions For Healthy Textile Maintenance

Modern Textile Cleaning With Ozone:

Oxygen is used in different ways to clean and freshen up the
clothes in the healthiest way possible. It eliminates the use of traditional
heavy chemicals like bleach. It is often used in the form of Ozone (O3) for
either complete cleaning of textiles (especially linen) or targeted odor
removal. Ozone acts as a Laundry Oxidizer. It is healthy yet a powerful
oxidizing element which when used with cold water can even match the cleaning
abilities of bleach and other harmful chemicals. Cold water is another
important element for maintaining the health of fabrics. So, it implies that we
now have Ozone which enables us to use cold water for washing clothes and
delivers better results than the harmful laundry oxidizers. It is a double win
condition for fabrics. There are Ozone laundry system being set up for
extensively cleaning a large amount of laundry in an environmentally friendly
way. As ozone cleaning does not require hot water, it leads to high energy
conservation and thus reduced fossil fuel burning. This also reduces
electricity bills.

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Textile Odour Elimination With Ozone:

Up until here, we saw the cleaning ability of Oxygen as a
laundry oxidizer, but there is a more specific application of ozone in modern
cleaning systems too. Scent crusher products are available which are mainly
aimed at bacteria killing and odor remover. Odor removing reduces the need to
wash clothes again and again considerably, which increases the lifespan of
fabrics. As the name suggests, Scent crusher removes foul, pungent smell in
clothes caused by bacteria and fungus. They can also be used for on the go
sanitizing. There are Scent crusher bags available which you can carry around
anywhere. Just put your clothes in the bag for 5-10 minutes, start the ozone
flow and the odor-causing bacteria will be eliminated.  Ozone works as an independent force when it
comes to bacteria killing and odor elimination. It does not require water,
detergent and or other external help for this purpose. So Ozone has a great
standalone application in the form of Scent Crushers in modern unconventional
textile cleaning systems.

Some Other Laundry Deodorizers:

Along with scent crushers, there are other domestic ways of
odor removal used widely in households. But not all of them are fabric
friendly. One of the methods is just leaving them out in the open sunlight.
Sunlight works as a laundry deodorizer and gives a fresh smell to clothes, but
it does not necessarily kill all the bacteria. There are other laundry
deodorizer agents namely Vodka, Baking powder, Fresh Coffee grounds, and Lemon.
Vodka leaves on smell after drying and takes away any
pre-existing smell with it. Just mix it with water in 7:3 ratio and spray on
clothes for a quick sanitization. After ozone, it can be considered the safest
and most efficient deodorizing method. Coffee powder is the next best
alternative. It works fast but does not take care of all the bacteria. These
mentioned agents work well for removing any type of odor on clothes or parts of
clothes (like any smelly patches formed). These natural remedies do not harm
the clothes in any major way. But on comparing with Ozone, they are less

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Some Other Laundry Deodorizers
Some Other Laundry Deodorizers


Conventional methods of textile cleaning are proved very
harsh for our clothes. With the advancement in technology and a better
understanding of science, Ozone laundry has been proven to be an effective
cleaner. It has unmatched bacteria-killing abilities and Textile cleaning
abilities. It also keeps the fabric quality perfect even after several washes.
Not only does it provide better results than conventional methods, but it also
proves to be very environmentally friendly. The reduced use of chemicals and
other alkalise in Ozone cleaning causes less water contamination. And the use
of cold water leads to energy savings. Today, we have every reason to move on
to Modern ways of textile maintenance using natural Laundry deodorizers and
oxidizers. Ozone Cleaning and other modern ways of laundry are getting adopted
around the world, and the word needs to be spread to remaining portions of the



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