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Pakistan Has A Target To Earn The Maximum Amount By Exporting Citrus- Fresh Pakistani Orange

Pakistan Has A Target To Earn The Maximum Amount By Exporting Citrus- Fresh Pakistani Orange

Pakistan Has A Target To Earn The Maximum Amount By Exporting Citrus- Fresh Pakistani Orange
Pakistan Has A Target To Earn The Maximum Amount By Exporting Citrus- Fresh Pakistani Orange
Etrade Pakistan is working hard to provide good quality of mandarin oranges. Pakistan has the highest export profit of USD 222 million by exporting tons of oranges.  We have grown new varieties, good quality and quarantine protocol with major challenges of export. Due to the oranges season, Pakistan has competed in the international market with the Fresh Pakistani Orange and another citrus in Pakistan. Pakistan has set a target of 300,000 metric tons to generate USD 195 revenue. Now, citrus crops are grown on an area of 206,569 hectares in Pakistan with the production of 2.4 million tons. It’s divided into some groups like Mandarin, sweet oranges, lemon; grapefruit and lime are expanded as a commercial product.

Pakistan expects production of 2.2 m tons in this season and will export 20%. Oranges are small in size and a better options for usability and convenience. Oranges are easy options. Punjab supply citrus fruit and 85% of production area are managed by oranges variety by fruiter (4%), Musambi(10%) and red blood (1%). As you know last year, Pakistan has exported 350,000 tons however they have generated USD 222 for Pakistan. They have record earnings in 2018. Oranges are evergreen and semi-tropical trees. It is available in bitter and seed quality. It is cultivated by 95%.

Target is slashed as exporters can manage losses of USD 6 million in the market. Exporters have faced all types of risk and now managed the risk. We can provide extremely good quality for different markets like Europe. Exporters want to introduce new varieties for the last many years. We can develop 3-4 new varieties like seedless citrus with an improved life. Pakistan enhances cultivation as well. Exporters have completed the life cycle. With shelf life and improved quality, we can earn USD 1 billion in the coming years.

We have achieved the target with development and research.  Pakistan was exported 80,000 to 90,000 tons of this fruit to Iran. Punjab has provided 98% of fruit in Sarghoda due to favorable climate. Pakistan uses traditional and latest techniques with practices and passes all stages of growth. In post-harvesting, we are adding importance to this fruit that is with affordable-Juicy Orange Price. Pakistan is the largest producer with new varieties with the agricultural council. Pakistan has faced many challenges. We have also produced quality that is compatible like seedless citrus. Pakistan has faced tough situations and knows how to provide disease or pests free quality-based perishable items.

Pakistan believes in the natural process so plants complete its natural life. Different diseases and insects are killed like white-fly, black fly, lemon butterfly, psylla, peel minor, lead miner, fruit fly, bug, etc. Some diseased are controlled by pest management and sustainable integrated with post-harvest and fields, immediate efforts, and no serious damages. All growers and farmers take immediate action and with efforts by growers, stakeholders, and agriculture departments.  International and Pakistani scientists also check the quality.

The alarming issues are faced by exporters and growers like quality. The mandarin variety is the loss of existing Top Quality Juicy Orange and vigor. This variety is introduced in 1950. Pakistan has checked the quality of breeding center-Sargodha. We also measure the quality of export, it must not decrease. Mandarin and pumpkin are grown all over the world especially in Spain, turkey, China USA, and Egypt. We should develop hybrid varieties. Pakistani fruit is free from scab diseases.

Pakistan also manages and faced challenges that require water in Nov, Dec, Feb, May & June. We don’t increase input costs in a short time that affects trade and production. We have the capacity and our government facilitates all concerned parties. We produce quality output. Trained labor is an important factor that we have perfect fruit with transportation and packaging.  This is due to proper handling, packaging, and transportation. Pakistan fulfills all logistics and transportation costs to improve the opportunities and efficiencies. We have the best -prepared soil and ecological condition for citrus and production of Juicy Orange from Pakistan.

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